Professional knowledge helps yield dividends for sellers

Over the last six years or so Clarks’ have developed a fine reputation for marketing lots very well. Our auctioneer Paul Clark is fully versed in professional marketing & he holds a good understanding of how it works.

He says “We offer professional & specialist service . Time & time again our methods have paid great dividends & it is all about placing faith & trust in our advice & also the auction process” adding “Desirable lots take care of themselves & low guide prices can help yield far higher returns”. 

The bowl pictured was placed into auction at just £300-500 yet made £8000. Paul Clark says “It was instantly recognisable to me as a good piece. Whilst it was not quite museum quality I knew it would do well if marketed at a low price as proven by the its end result & its comparable performance against similar at a major London saleroom” adding “Low guide prices on sought after items can help generate far greater interest enabling lots to gain momentum during the sale”.

Similar lots have also done well at the hand of Clarks’ marketing methods. A Chinese polychrome bowl made twice London prices when selling at £4000 despite its £100-150 guide price & a rare Southern Hemisphere marine ivory collectable sold for £8600 when guided at a mere £50-60. Our auctioneer Paul Clark adds “To be honest I won’t too much credit for that. I promoted it well but in truth I thought that it would make £800-1200 so £8600 exceeded all expectations”.

On balance it shows that vendors who place faith in the auction process tend to find that the right lots make the right money. Clarks’ superb marketing ensures all lots get the correct exposure – live internet bidding alone is not enough to get the top prices.  Auctioneer Paul Clark mentions “When I get the vendors support & trust in the auction process I can indeed help maximise returns on sales – working as a team yields greater dividends for all.”