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Auction Catalogue – July 29th 2021

Selected Antiques, Art, Silver & Jewellery

July 29th 2021 – 10.30am start

Viewing welcome Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th August 2021 10am-4pm. Bids can be taken through our Website Internet Bidding Platform, email, phone, written commission or in the room on the day.

Obviously, please don’t attend viewing or the sale if feeling unwell. If you choose to wear a face covering, you can. Come what may, Clarks will never partake in any form of discrimination implemented by any ‘government’ against the people. All will always remain welcome.

This auction is now over.

Thank you to everyone who took part. Please see our Auction Dates page for details of the next sale.

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  • LOT 1

    An early 20thC. S. Blanckensee & Sons Ltd. 9ct gold cigarette case, personal inscription to inside, 132.7g £1400-1600

  • LOT 2

    An 18ct gold charm bracelet set with 16 charms, nine of which stamped 9ct gold & one George III 22ct guinea, 42.6g total £400-600

  • LOT 3

    A pair of 21ct gold middle eastern Jambiya dagger cufflinks, 5.5g £130-150

  • LOT 4

    A 9ct gold chain, 30.75in long, 28.7g £300-400

  • LOT 5

    A yellow metal "bark like" bracelet, electronically tests as 9ct gold, 7.25in long, 26.7g £300-350

  • LOT 6

    A 16in long 9ct gold chain with back & front gold plated locket, chain weight only, 4.6g £40-60

  • LOT 7

    A 9ct gold box chain, 17.5in long & one other 9ct gold chain (knotted a/f), total weight 5.9g £60-80

  • LOT 8

    A 9ct gold double ended Albert chain, 20.3g, 17.5in long, some wear to links £200-300

  • LOT 9

    An attractive 9ct gold necklace, 18.8g, 16.5in long £200-250

  • LOT 10

    A 19thC. 9ct gold Albert, links quite worn at contact, 38.7g, 17in long £400-500

  • LOT 11

    A 9ct gold bracelet with padlock clasp, 25.5g, 8in long £250-300

  • LOT 12

    A pair of 9ct rose gold cuff links initialed F E, with box, 9.4g £100-120

  • LOT 13

    A 9ct gold enamelled 25 year service Fattorini badge, inscribed A. L to verso, 7.1g inclusive £60-80

  • LOT 14

    A pair of 9ct gold cuff links, monogrammed, with box, 7g £70-90

  • LOT 15

    A yellow metal bangle, tests electronically as 9ct gold, evidence of old repair, 10.8g £100-150

  • LOT 16

    A ladies 9ct gold Martyns of Looe wrist watch & strap, 17g inclusive £60-80

  • LOT 17

    A 1913 full gold sovereign, 7.9g £200-300

  • LOT 18

    A 1931 full gold sovereign set in 9ct gold mount, 9.7g £200-300

  • LOT 19

    A 1925 full gold sovereign set in 9ct gold mount, 9.6g £200-300

  • LOT 20

    A 1911 full gold sovereign, 8g £280-320

  • LOT 21

    A gold Iranian half Pahlavi coin, 4.2g £140-160

  • LOT 22

    An 1887 Victorian half gold sovereign with pierced mounting, 3.9g £100-150

  • LOT 23

    A 1900 Victorian half gold sovereign, 3.9g £100-150

  • LOT 24

    A yellow metal pendant, tests as 9ct gold, inscribed to verso, 5.4g £50-60

  • LOT 25

    A 1790 mounted George III 22ct gold guinea, 9.6g £200-300

  • LOT 26

    A 1793 George III 22ct gold guinea with pierced mounting, 8.7g £200-300

  • LOT 27

    A 1788 George III 22ct gold guinea, 8.4g £300-400

  • LOT 28

    A Victorian 9ct gold extending pencil, 12.6g £100-150

  • LOT 29

    A pair of 9ct gold earrings (tested) & a part of a 9ct chain, both a/f 2.7g £30-40

  • LOT 30

    A pair of 9ct gold drop earrings, 1.6g £20-30

  • LOT 31

    A pair of decorative 18ct gold earrings, 5g £180-200

  • LOT 32

    A 9ct gold necklace with cross set with 0.25ct diamonds, 16in long, cross 1.5in high, 6.6g £100-150

  • LOT 33

    A pair of 14ct gold drop earrings set with CZ, 1.5g £30-40

  • LOT 34

    A 9ct gold pendant set with ruby, lacking one stone, 2.7g £30-50

  • LOT 35

    A 9ct gold necklace with cross set with ruby & diamond, 18in chain, 1.25in high cross, 7g £80-100

  • LOT 36

    A late Victorian 1899 22ct gold wedding band, 5g, size K/L £140-160

  • LOT 37

    A 9ct gold watch strap twinned with a pair of silver mounted carnelian earrings, one with 9ct gold screw fitting, gold weight approx. 5.5g £50-60

  • LOT 38

    A 9ct gold bracelet set with marquise cut red, yellow, amber & pink sapphires, evidence of repair to link hinge, 7.5in long, 14.2g £180-220

  • LOT 39

    A 9ct gold bracelet set with twenty one Madagascan rubies, 7.75in long, 21g £200-300

  • LOT 40

    A Victorian yellow metal mourning brooch, a/f, set with diamond & ruby, tests as 15ct gold, 7.3g £120-140

  • LOT 41

    A yellow metal tiepin set with pearl & turquoise twinned with a 9ct gold bar brooch with horseshoe, 1.9g inclusive £20-30

  • LOT 42

    A 10ct white gold pendant set with black & white diamonds, 1g £40-60

  • LOT 43

    A 9ct gold pendant set with lemon, cinnamon & blue diamonds, 1.4g £80-100

  • LOT 44

    A gents 9ct gold Omega automatic wrist watch with box & some paperwork, running order £100-200

  • LOT 45

    A gents Bulova wrist watch with expanding strap £30-40

  • LOT 46

    A ladies 9ct gold Rotary wrist watch with box, total weight 14.2g £80-100

  • LOT 47

    A vintage Jaegar LeCoultre 564-51 gents automatic wrist watch with expanding strap, running £200-300

  • LOT 48

    A gents vintage 9ct gold cased Tudor wrist watch with expanding strap, winder missing £100-200

  • LOT 49

    A ladies Chopard 18ct gold Happy Diamonds wrist watch with leather strap £600-800

  • LOT 50

    An antique 18ct gold pocket watch, case 40.2mm diameter, 51.6g with ornate 9ct gold chatelaine 7.8g £300-400

  • LOT 51

    A Diss & Sons Dewsbury 9ct gold top wind antique pocket watch, rubbed monogram to verso, runs when wound, 92.5g, 49mm £200-300

  • LOT 52

    A Trojan 18ct gold top wind antique pocket watch 93.7g, runs when wound, 50mm wide £400-600

  • LOT 53

    A Waltham 18ct gold top wind antique pocket watch 93.7g, runs when wound, 49mm £400-600

  • LOT 54

    A Waltham 9ct gold top wind antique full hunter pocket watch 96.7g, not running £300-400

  • LOT 55

    An antique silver key wind pocket watch, 53mm diameter, 126g £30-40

  • LOT 56

    An antique Waltham silver key wind pocket watch, 56.5mm diameter, 154,4g £30-40

  • LOT 57

    An antique Waltham Airedale silver key wind pocket watch, 52.2mm diameter, 113g £30-40

  • LOT 58

    Two ladies silver pocket watches, largest 38.75mm wide, smallest 36mm wide, 88.1g total £20-30

  • LOT 59

    A 9ct gold sapphire & white stone ring, size L, weight 1.9g, twinned with a silver & rose gold brooch & a yellow metal pendant £20-30

  • LOT 60

    A horseshoe tie pin set with pearl on 14ct & mounted on 9ct pin, 2.2g, 2.5in long £20-30

  • LOT 61

    A 19thC. yellow metal brooch, tests electronically as 10ct gold, set with pearl & moonstone, small centre stone missing, 4.3g £50-60

  • LOT 62

    A 9ct gold pearl ring, 2.7g, size J £30-40

  • LOT 63

    An 1885 Deakin & Francis 18ct Chester gold ring set with approx. 0.13ct diamond, 2.3g, size K/L £50-60

  • LOT 64

    A 9ct gold garnet ring, 3.8g size O/P £40-50

  • LOT 65

    An antique 18ct gold diamond ring set with old cut stone of approx. 0.4ct, 2.3g, size N £100-200

  • LOT 66

    A yellow metal ring, tests as gold, set with white stones & topaz, 2.4g, size K £30-50

  • LOT 67

    An 18ct gold ring set with ruby & small diamond, 5.1g, size M £100-150

  • LOT 68

    A 9ct gold band, 2.3g, size W £20-30

  • LOT 69

    A 9ct gold ring set with amethyst & ten small diamonds, 2g, size S £30-50

  • LOT 70

    An 18ct gold ring set with approx. 0.5ct diamond & centre ruby of 6.25mm diameter, 4.1g, size L £200-300

  • LOT 71

    An Edwardian 18ct Chester gold ring set with five diamonds, 2.7g, size I £80-100

  • LOT 72

    An antique 9ct gold crossover ring with platinum mounted illusion set diamonds, 1.7g, size K £30-40

  • LOT 73

    A 9ct gold ring set with approx. 0.5ct diamond, 2.2g, size K £100-150

  • LOT 74

    An 1895 Samuel Hope 22ct gypsy style ring set with approx. 0.25ct of diamond, 6.9g, size T/U £200-300

  • LOT 75

    A 9ct gold ring, signed within band, set with intaglio Symbol of Life etched into crystal, 3.5g, size T £50-60

  • LOT 76

    A 1905 Edward Vaughton 18ct gypsy style ring set with approx. 0.35ct of diamond, 4.7g, size S £150-200

  • LOT 77

    A 9ct gold topaz ring with four illusion set diamonds, 1.5g, size K £30-40

  • LOT 78

    An 18ct gold ring set with sapphire & diamond, 5.1g, size K/L £120-140

  • LOT 79

    A 9ct ring set with sapphire, one loss, 2.8g, size N £20-30

  • LOT 80

    An 18ct gold solitaire ring, diamond approx. 0.75ct, estimated H colour, some small inclusions to mention visible through 10x loupe, otherwise good clarity, 3.9g, size J £600-800

  • LOT 81

    An antique 18ct gold ring set with approx. 0.2ct old cut diamond, 2.4g, size J £60-80

  • LOT 82

    A 19thC. yellow metal seal ring, electronically tests as 10ct gold, an antique knot ring & a silver chatelaine clip, two gold rings weight 6.7g £60-80

  • LOT 83

    A 9ct gold gents signet ring with diamond, 3.4g, size O £30-50

  • LOT 84

    An 18ct gold five stone diamond ring of 0.32ct, 2.8g, size K £80-100

  • LOT 85

    A 9ct white gold ring set with tanzanite & white stones, 1.9g, size X £30-40

  • LOT 86

    An 18ct gold ring set with rose cut ruby & diamond, date letter for 1872, 2.2g, size I £60-80

  • LOT 87

    A 9ct gold ring set with opal within a decorative mount, 2.4g, size N £50-60

  • LOT 88

    A 18ct white gold ring set with tanzanite & diamond, 2.5g, size L £80-100

  • LOT 89

    An 18ct gold sapphire & diamond ring, 5.5g, size N/O £140-160

  • LOT 90

    An 18ct solitaire ring with approx. 0.5ct diamond in Tiffany style mount, 2g, size P £250-300

  • LOT 91

    A platinum ring set with approx. 0.39ct pear cut diamond of estimated I colour & eighteen smaller diamonds, approx. 0.69ct total, 3.5g, size L/M £300-400

  • LOT 92

    A ladies art deco period 18ct gold ring with platinum set diamond of approx. 0.27ct, colour estimated I/J, 3g, size R £200-250

  • LOT 93

    An antique 18ct three stone trilogy ring set with approx. 0.25ct diamonds, rubbed marks, 1.8g, size K £60-80

  • LOT 94

    An 18ct yellow gold half eternity ring set with approx. 0.7ct diamonds, estimated I colour, 4.7g, size P £300-400

  • LOT 95

    A 14ct gold ring set with ruby coloured paste stone, 3.9g, size N/O £60-80

  • LOT 96

    A 9ct white gold ring set with ruby & approx. 0.13ct diamonds, ruby size approx. 0.5ct £80-100

  • LOT 97

    An 18ct gold platinum mounted five stone, illusion set diamond ring, approx. 0.33ct, estimated J, colour, 2.5g, size K £100-150

  • LOT 98

    A platinum, three stone trilogy ring with 0.33ct of diamond, estimated colour I, 4.8g, size J £100-150

  • LOT 99

    A 1960's 9ct gold garnet & pearl ring, 3.9g, size P/Q £40-60

  • LOT 100

    An early Victorian 22ct gold ring with date mark for 1850, set with aquamarine stone, of approx. 3.1ct, 5.3g, size W £600-800

  • LOT 101

    An antique 18ct gold solitaire ring set with approx. 0.80ct old cut diamond, some inclusions using a 10x loupe, estimated K/L colour, 2.4g, size L £400-500

  • LOT 102

    An antique 18ct gold ring, platinum set with twenty small diamonds around a 7.5mm round faceted zircon of approx. 2.75ct, 3.4g, size L/M £200-300

  • LOT 103

    A 19thC. 18ct gold, rubbed mark, carved half hoop ring set with five old cut diamonds of approx. 1.2ct, estimated colour I, 3.8g, size M £500-600

  • LOT 104

    An antique 15ct gold brooch set with small diamond, 52mm wide, 3.2g £50-60

  • LOT 105

    An early 20thC. platinum ring set with cushion cut sapphire of approx. 0/.65ct & ten lively diamonds of approx. 0.5ct & estimated I/J colour, 3g, , setting 12mm x 11mm, size P £200-300

  • LOT 106

    An Edwardian 15ct gold pendant/brooch set with natural pearl & aquamarine, 52mm total drop, 5g £150-250

  • LOT 107

    An antique ring, electronically tests as platinum, set with four lively diamonds of approx. 0.9ct, estimated colour H/I, 2.8g, size O £300-500

  • LOT 108

    A 9ct gold daisy style ring set with white stones, 2.6g, size M/N £30-40

  • LOT 109

    A Victorian 15ct yellow gold & platinum 54mm wide bar brooch set with 24 small rose cut diamonds & a central zircon of approx. 5ct, 4.8g £100-200

  • LOT 110

    An antique 18ct gold three stone cross over ring set with three old cut diamonds of approx. 0.9ct, centre stone 0.5ct, estimated colour H/I, 2.7g, size K £300-500

  • LOT 111

    An Edwardian, 18ct white & yellow gold with platinum (tested electronically) necklace & pendant set with aquamarine & old cut diamond suspended from a Figaro chain, pendant drop 45mm, total carat weight of aquamarine approx. 3.5ct £200-300

  • LOT 112

    An antique, white metal, electronically tests as 18ct gold, diamond ring with baguette cut shoulders, lively centre stone approx. 4ct, estimated colour K, clarity very good, 3.8g, size O £10000-15000

  • LOT 113

    A 9ct Edwardian pendant with 16in chain set with amethyst & natural pearl, drop of pendant, 58mm, 3.4g £60-80

  • LOT 114

    An antique style yellow metal pendant with 28mm drop, tests electronically as 18ct gold, set with diamond & pear shaped faceted emerald of approx. 1ct on a 9ct gold chain of 18in long, 2.7g £100-150

  • LOT 115

    A stylised white metal (tests as silver) Brett & Leni retro style necklace set with amber £100-150

  • LOT 116

    An 18ct gold ring set with 2.27ct of Colombian emerald with certificate & 0.12ct diamond, 4.6g, size S/T £600-800

  • LOT 117

    An 18ct white gold necklace with cross set with approx. 1.3ct diamonds, 17in long, 6.6g £500-600

  • LOT 118

    An 18ct gold tennis bracelet set with approx. 2.08ct diamonds, 7.5in long, 9.6g £400-600

  • LOT 119

    An 18ct gold ladies wristwatch by Bucherer set with thirty small diamonds & seven sapphires, 17 jewelled movement, 35.9g £1000-1500

  • LOT 120

    A William IV 1835 Birmingham silver vinaigrette by Thomas Shaw with butterfly grille, 28x20x10mm, 16.1g £50-60

  • LOT 121

    An early Victorian c.1840 Birmingham silver vinaigrette by Francis Clark with gilded grille, 20x16x6mm, 8.1g £50-60

  • LOT 122

    A Georgian 1806 Birmingham silver vinaigrette by Samuel Pemberton with gilded grille, 21x15x6mm, 5.9g £50-60

  • LOT 123

    A George IV 1828 Birmingham silver vinaigrette by Thomas Shaw with gilded grille, 34x23x9mm, 17.9g £50-60

  • LOT 124

    An early Victorian 1857 Birmingham silver vinaigrette by Matthew Linwood with gilded grille, 30x25x10mm, 18.2g, inscribed "Souvenir" £50-60

  • LOT 125

    A Georgian 1815 Birmingham silver vinaigrette by Mattehw Linwood with gilded grille, 38x29x9mm, 20.3g, inscribed "Georgiana" £50-60

  • LOT 126

    An early Victorian 1839 London silver vinaigrette by Edward Edwards II with gilded grille, 40x28x10mm, 28.9g £50-60

  • LOT 127

    An Edwardian 1907 Birmingham silver card case by Joseph Gloster, 95x42x6mm, 32.6g £50-60

  • LOT 128

    An early Victorian 1856 London silver match case by John Harris, inscribed "Mary", 47x25x7mm, 28.5g £30-50

  • LOT 129

    An Edwardian 1902 Birmingham silver vesta case by Arthur Cook, 56x39x10, 39.4g £20-30

  • LOT 130

    An 1870 Victorian Birmingham silver card case, 100x70x6mm, monogrammed, rubbed maker mark, chased decor, 60.7g £60-80

  • LOT 131

    A decorative Victorian 1885 Birmingham silver card case by George Unite featuring birds & foliates one side & kingfisher above pond the other, 100x70x6mm, 61.5g £100-150

  • LOT 132

    A 1914 Sheffield silver mother of pearl handled fruit knife by John Yeomans Cowlishaw, 13g £20-30

  • LOT 133

    An 1865 Sheffield silver mother of pearl handled fruit knife by James Fenton, 14.2g £20-30

  • LOT 134

    A 1909 Birmingham silver mother of pearl handled fruit knife by Victor Luxenburg, 9.5g £20-30

  • LOT 135

    An 1865 Birmingham silver mother of pearl handled fruit knife by George Unite, 20.8g, monogrammed EAG £20-30

  • LOT 136

    An 1888 Sheffield silver mother of pearl handled fruit knife by Thomas Prime & Son, 37.7g £20-30

  • LOT 137

    An 1845 Sheffield silver mother of pearl handled fruit knife by John Oxley, 21.7g £20-30

  • LOT 138

    An 1887 Birmingham silver ivory handled fruit knife by Deakin & Francis, 37.3g £20-30

  • LOT 139

    A 1914 Sheffield silver mother of pearl fruit knife by William Needham, 17.9g £20-30

  • LOT 140

    An 1852 Birmingham silver mother of pearl fruit knife with original case by George Unite, 13.9g £20-30

  • LOT 141

    An 1850 Birmingham silver mother of pearl fruit knife with original case by George Unite, 20.4g £20-30

  • LOT 142

    An 1852 Birmingham silver mother of pearl fruit knife with original case by George Unite, 13.4g £20-30

  • LOT 143

    A Georgian silver mother of pearl fruit knife, 22.4g £20-30

  • LOT 144

    An early 20thC. white metal paste costume necklace, 16in long, 2.5in drop, 9.1g £20-30

  • LOT 145

    A 19thC. carved volcanic rock cameo part bracelet in yellow metal, a/f £30-40

  • LOT 146

    A 9ct gold St. Christopher pendant, 27mm diameter, 3.8g £30-50

  • LOT 147

    Two 19thC. silver cased verge watches, both movements a/f £50-80

  • LOT 148

    Seven pocket watches including gold plated & silver a/f £30-50

  • LOT 149

    A 9ct gold masonic seal on a 23in 9ct gold chain, 18.2g £200-300

  • LOT 150

    A cased 1885 London silver christening set inscribed "Doris", 77g £30-40

  • LOT 151

    An .800 silver ladle, 12in long, 199g £50-80

  • LOT 152

    A Georgian 1770 London silver table spoon by William Prinder, 8in long, 63g £20-30

  • LOT 153

    Three Georgian, John Zeigler, Edinburgh silver toddies, 6.25in long, 76g £50-60

  • LOT 154

    A Georgian London silver tablespoon by Thomas Wilkes Barker, 1807 twinned with an early Victorian, 1838, table spoon by Benjamin Stapleton, 1838, 127g £40-50

  • LOT 155

    An 1823 Exeter silver table spoon by Joseph Hicks twinned with three Exeter silver teaspoons by William Welch II 1824, 139g £50-70

  • LOT 156

    A pair of William IV 1836 London silver spoons, rubbed maker marks, monogrammed JWEC, 131g £50-60

  • LOT 157

    A pair of Georgian 1812 London silver tongs by Peter & William Bateman, 31.1g £20-30

  • LOT 158

    A pair of William IV 1837 London silver spoons, Samuel Haye Dudley Cater, monogrammed JWEC, 166g £50-60

  • LOT 159

    Three pairs of silver tongs including James Deakin & Sons, Sheffield 1900, 107.7g £30-50

  • LOT 160

    Six matched silver teaspoons, lion engraved on each, 71.1g £20-30

  • LOT 161

    A quantity of eleven silver spoons, 177.3g £50-60

  • LOT 162

    A pair of Georgian 1815 London silver sugar tongs by Thomas Wallis II & Jonathan Hayne, 37.9g £20-30

  • LOT 163

    A 19thC. baleen & white metal toddy, tests as silver, 12.75in long, initialled "I.S", 31.3g £40-60

  • LOT 164

    A 19thC. baleen & white metal toddy, tests as silver, 14.25in long £40-60

  • LOT 165

    A Georgian 1805 London silver sifter with gilded bowl by Thomas Wallis II, 7in long, 49.3g £30-50

  • LOT 166

    Eight 1931 Birmingham silver coffee bean spoons by Barker Bros. 41.8g £20-30

  • LOT 167

    A 19thC. baleen & white metal toddy, tests as silver, 14.75in long, engraved J. Burt 1886, 33.5g £40-60

  • LOT 168

    An 18/19thC. baleen & white metal toddy, tests as silver, 13in long, set with 1746 coin, 42.7g £40-60

  • LOT 169

    An 18/19thC. baleen & white metal toddy, tests as silver, 12in long, set with 1758 coin, 46g £40-60

  • LOT 170

    A 19thC. baleen & silver toddy with silver thistle finial by Chawner & Co. 1863, 7in long, 13.1g £20-30

  • LOT 171

    An 18/19thC. hardwood & white metal toddy, tests as silver, 12.75in long, set with 1723 coin, 43.2g £40-60

  • LOT 172

    An 18/19thC. baleen & white metal toddy, tests as silver, 14.75in long, set with 1758 coin, engraved "R.O", 47g £40-60

  • LOT 173

    An 18/19thC. baleen & white metal toddy, tests as silver, 13in long, set with 1763 coin, 52.9g £40-60

  • LOT 174

    An 18/19thC. baleen & white metal toddy, tests as silver, 13in long, set with 1758 coin, 45.6g £40-60

  • LOT 175

    An 18/19thC. baleen & white metal toddy, tests as silver, 13in long, set with 1763 coin, engraved "HNM" 41.1g £40-60

  • LOT 176

    An 1886 Dutch 0.833 silver caddy spoon 12.9g, 4.5in long £20-30

  • LOT 177

    A cased 1936, Sheffield silver 'tennis racket' spoon by Gladwin Ltd. inscribed to verso 'W.L.T.A Div II 1936', 25.3g £30-40

  • LOT 178

    An art deco silver coffee & water pot by A E Poston & Co Ltd. date letter for 1940, 6.75in tall, 896g £300-500

  • LOT 179

    A W. Spurrier & Co. 1912 Birmingham silver tankard inscribed "Eric 7.11.18", 256g £80-100

  • LOT 180

    A Cooper Bros. Sheffield 1942 silver tankard, inscribed "Christopher 15 Dec 46", 323g £100-150

  • LOT 181

    A Birmingham silver drinks tray, 11.25in x 8in, 379g £130-150

  • LOT 182

    An 1893 ornate Sheffield silver creamer by James Dixon & Sons, 139g £50-60

  • LOT 183

    A cased set of four heavy gauge 1954 Sheffield silver napkin rings of faceted design, numbered 1 to 4, by Robert Belks, 178g £60-80

  • LOT 184

    A 1903 Birmingham silver sugar bowl & creamer with embossed decor by William Aitken, 240g £80-120

  • LOT 185

    A small silver scalloped dish, Barker Bros. Birmingham 1905, 38.7g £20-30

  • LOT 186

    A Birmingham 1910 silver sugar bowl with gadrooned sides by Jones & Crompton, 86g £30-40

  • LOT 187

    A 1906 London silver sifter by William Comyns & Sons Ltd. 83g £30-40

  • LOT 188

    A pair of decorative lead loaded silver posy vases by William Comyns & Sons Ltd. London 1903, 359g inclusive £30-40

  • LOT 189

    A Norwegian silver "Lapper Nord-Norge" 50g £20-30

  • LOT 190

    Seven mixed silver spoons, 98g £30-40

  • LOT 191

    A 19thC. silver caddy spoon by H. J. Lias, London 1875 21g £20-30

  • LOT 192

    A 19thC. silver caddy spoon by William Gallimore & Sons, Sheffield 1900 23g £20-30

  • LOT 193

    A silver thimble, silver button hook & shoe horn & a silver salt, 156g inclusive £20-30

  • LOT 194

    A pair of embossed Victorian 1895 Sheffield silver bonbons by Fenton Bros. 43g £20-30

  • LOT 195

    A William IV 1837 London silver claret decanter tag by Charles Riley & George Storer, 22g £20-30

  • LOT 196

    A 1996 Birmingham silver whisky decanter tag by Ray Hall, 14g £20-30

  • LOT 197

    A Georgian c.1800, London silver pair of gin & brandy decanter labels by Peter, Ann & William Bateman & Peter & William Bateman, 20g total £30-40

  • LOT 198

    A pair of Georgian 1810 London silver Charles Riley & George Storer decanter tags, 47g £30-40

  • LOT 199

    A Birmingham silver sauceboat, Deykins & Harrison, 1936, a silver pusher & a silver napkin ring, 93g £30-40

  • LOT 200

    A pair of Charles Green, 1977 Birmingham silver napkin rings & two silver tongs 46g £20-30

  • LOT 201

    A 1911 Horton & Allday silver cigarette case twinned with a 1916 silver Walker & Hall ashtray, 250g £80-100

  • LOT 202

    An Edwardian 1908 Birmingham silver mustard pot with gadrooned decor to sides with 1909 Birmingham silver spoon, 77.8g, lacking liner £20-30

  • LOT 203

    A pair of antique silver plated hunting related knife rests featuring a riding crop on sighthounds £30-50

  • LOT 204

    A 1909 Birmingham silver capstan inkwell by Spooner, Clowes & Co. 225g inclusive £30-50

  • LOT 205

    A 1947 London silver pencil by Johnson Mathey & Co. 24g £20-30

  • LOT 206

    A London silver capstan inkwell, rubbed 232g inclusive, some light bumps £30-40

  • LOT 207

    A cased set of art deco silver coffee bean teaspoons by Marson & Jones, Birmingham 1933, 34g £20-30

  • LOT 208

    An 1886 Sampson Mordan & Co. London silver topped scent bottle, 5.75in £20-30

  • LOT 209

    A vaseline glass sifter with silver top by Alexander Clark & Co. Ltd. 1925, 6.5in tall £50-60

  • LOT 210

    A pair of silver handled glove stretchers twinned with two silver topped dressing table tidies £20-30

  • LOT 211

    Three silver topped dressing table items, powder glass by W. I. Broadway & Co. 1950 £20-30

  • LOT 212

    Four silver backed grooming items, some bumps & monogrammed £30-40

  • LOT 213

    Five silver backed grooming items a/f, some bumps & monogrammed £30-40

  • LOT 214

    A 1919 London silver capstan inkwell with inlaid tortoiseshell top, 3in high £50-60

  • LOT 215

    An art deco cased 1937 London sliver cruet set by Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd, 284g excluding liners £100-150

  • LOT 216

    An 1895 Victorian silver topped waisted decanter, silver work attributed to Henry Matthews (indistinct mark), 11in tall £60-80

  • LOT 217

    A Madoura Pablo Picasso earthenware bowl with heavy relief face decor & glazed outer body, maker mark impressed to underside with "Empreinte Originale De Picasso", evidence of very faint & high quality restoration, approx. 7in diameter & 2.5in deep £60-80

  • LOT 218

    A pair of Chinese enamelled cloisonne vases of hexagonal design with carved hardwood stands, 13.75in tall £60-80

  • LOT 219

    A pair of c.1900 floral Japanese satsuma vases, 7.5in tall £40-50

  • LOT 220

    A Egyptian themed Huntley & Palmer biscuit tin, 8.75in tall £20-30

  • LOT 221

    A continental porcelain ink well with cover, Carl Thieme style mark to base, 3.5in tall £20-30

  • LOT 222

    Three early 19thC. hand painted ribbon plates, possibly Swansea, 8in wide £50-60

  • LOT 223

    A Royal Doulton figure - The Master HN2325, 6in tall £20-30

  • LOT 224

    A Susan Searle enamelled copper panel depicting sea nymphs, 9.75in high x 7in wide £20-30

  • LOT 225

    A David Leach Lowerdown Pottery pot & cover, approx. 4.25in tall £20-30

  • LOT 226

    A Royal Doulton figure - Lambing Time HN1890, 8.5in tall £20-30

  • LOT 227

    A c.1800 Chinese porcelain plate hand decorated with dogs, 8.25in diameter, (small crack to edge) twinned with a c.1900 Oriental imari colour bowl, 9.5in wide £50-60

  • LOT 228

    A Royal Doulton figure - The Master HN1975, 8in tall £20-30

  • LOT 229

    A pair of good quality 19thC. Oriental cloisonne enamelled vases with birds & trees on celadon ground, minor losses, 6.75in tall £100-200

  • LOT 230

    A blue & white with gilding Spode tea set for two, tray measures 13.5in wide £20-30

  • LOT 231

    An art deco Wedgwood Keith Murray bowl in green, three small chips, 9.5in diameter £20-30

  • LOT 232

    Two antique bronze figures, a pair of antique brass guards, a sienna marble cube & a 19thC. carved ivory parasol handle £20-30

  • LOT 233

    Two marble mounted spelter figures, 7in tall £20-30

  • LOT 234

    A Cantonese porcelain plate, 7.25in diameter, twinned with a Chinese porcelain famile rose teapot, 4.5in high £30-50

  • LOT 235

    A small Chinese porcelain "egg shell" scalloped bowl bearing Qianlong tribute marks to underside, 4.75in diameter £30-40

  • LOT 236

    A pair of early 20thC. Swiss folk art Huggler Wyss of Brienz carved wood figures, 5.5in tall £20-30

  • LOT 237

    A Victorian bronze Basset hound dog, 3in long x 1.5in high £20-30

  • LOT 238

    A Gama toys friction operated German tinplate Pan American World Airways toy plane, 14.75in long x 20in wide £50-60

  • LOT 239

    A TP Robin Hood boxed sports car, a boxed Britains "Lilliput world" saloon car, a Britains style log carrier & a Britains style tractor £50-60

  • LOT 240

    A Morestone series RAC motorcycle & sidecar with box £20-30

  • LOT 241

    A vintage scale model Charbens fire engine & accessories with box £20-30

  • LOT 242

    An original English Peter Pan Crazy Express clockwork tin plate train toy with box £50-60

  • LOT 243

    Book: William the Bold by Richard Crompton, first edition with dust cover £20-30

  • LOT 244

    Book: Vols I & II Robertson's America - The History of America by William Robertson, Dublin, dated 1777 £60-80

  • LOT 245

    A c.1800 Chinese porcelain plate, 9in diameter £20-30

  • LOT 246

    A large Oriental charger with heron among reeds, 14in diameter £30-40

  • LOT 247

    Two gilt bronze plaques depicting famous thorough bred racehorses, each approx. 8in tall & 10.5in wide £50-60

  • LOT 248

    A Dalton rosewood writing box, 10.75in wide £60-80

  • LOT 249

    A pair of Rauenstein style continental porcelain figures, man 10in tall £20-30

  • LOT 250

    Two bronze stick figure groups in the manner of Alberto Giacometti, tallest 9.75in £100-150

  • LOT 251

    Three scrimshaw kitchen implements £20-30

  • LOT 252

    A pair of Royal Dux stylised cats, each 7.5in long x high £20-30

  • LOT 253

    A pair of art deco Cornish polished stone bookends, each 5in high £20-30

  • LOT 254

    An early Victorian sampler by Susan Carter, 8yrs old 1856, 15.75in high x 12.25in wide £20-30

  • LOT 255

    A Chinese cloisonne vase decorated with bats & other, small "repair" on shoulder, 12in tall £20-30

  • LOT 256

    A Victorian opaline glass biscuit barrel of hexagonal form with floral & butterfly enamelled decor, 9.5in tall inc. handle £20-30

  • LOT 257

    A pair of Tibetan carved pink quartz foo dogs with ornate stands, 7.5in tall inc. stand, minor chips £50-60

  • LOT 258

    Two hand painted earthenware burial pots, possibly Greek, bottle type urn 13in long, two handled vase 7.25in tall £60-80

  • LOT 259

    A pair of German Sitzendorf porcelain ornamental spills, one with repair to arm, 7in tall £30-40

  • LOT 260

    A c.1810 Regency period Chinoserie tea caddy, 7.5in wide x 6.25in high x 4.5in deep £60-80

  • LOT 261

    A Isle of Wight glass bowl by Jonathan Harris, 9.5in wide, twinned with an Isle of Wight scent bottle £20-30

  • LOT 262

    A pair of 19thC. continental porcelain vases on fixed plinths with hand painted decor, 10.25in tall £20-30

  • LOT 263

    A pair of early 20thC. Chinese stoneware wall pockets depicting Mahakala, one loss to tip of head dress on one, 9.25in high £80-100

  • LOT 264

    A 19thC. apprentice piece Regency style chest of drawers, 18.5in high x 20.5in wide x 8in deep £80-120

  • LOT 265

    A 19thC. apprentice piece tilt top breakfast table, 9in diameter x 6.5in high £20-30

  • LOT 266

    A mother of pearl inlaid Islamic frame, 13in x 10.5in outside measurement £20-30

  • LOT 267

    A boxed Asprey of London Sir Winston Churchill commemorative porcelain dessert plate featuring black swans at Chartwell by L. Bernardaud, Limoges £50-60

  • LOT 268

    A silver tipped & collared gents walking cane, 35in long £20-30

  • LOT 269

    An ebonised military swagger stick stamped NDV with silver collar & tip, 22in long £20-30

  • LOT 270

    An antique cast iron French money box, 9in tall £60-80

  • LOT 271

    Twenty pieces of floral Paragon tea wares £30-40

  • LOT 272

    A c.1900 Newlyn style copper arts & crafts mirror with galleon decor, 15.5in tall x 13in wide £100-150

  • LOT 273

    A Kum Kwan-Chong gold crown replica, 24ct gold plated and decorated with green jade like hard stone in presentation case, 12in tall £60-80

  • LOT 274

    An antique shagreen cased silver topped flask, 6.5in long £30-40

  • LOT 275

    Barton's Childrens Pictures - Child's Own Book of Animals, inscription Francis Elizabeth Steele, July 4th 1850, 15in x 11in £20-30

  • LOT 276

    Book: An 18thC. Compendious History of Old & New Testament extracted from the Holy Bible - Thomas Caslon, eight edition, 120 plates £20-30

  • LOT 277

    Fifty five French postcards, many depicting ladies in swimwear £20-30

  • LOT 278

    Approx. 338 postcards & cards including numerous Tucks sporting card sets, some repeated £30-40

  • LOT 279

    A cased Waterman, Paris fountain pen £20-30

  • LOT 280

    Three vintage Parker fountain pens including Parker 61 £20-30

  • LOT 281

    A Swan fountain pen & other vintage pens £20-30

  • LOT 282

    Six Parker pens including three fountain, a Waterman fountain pen & other pens £20-30

  • LOT 283

    A Conway Stewart fountain pen, two Parker biros & one Parker pencil £20-30

  • LOT 284

    Three boxed cut throat razors, one badly a/f £20-30

  • LOT 285

    An antique silver Albert chain with fob, 15.5in long, 60.4g £20-30

  • LOT 286

    A St. John's Ambulance silver medal, two thimbles, a Charles Horner Dorcas thimble & a needle case £20-30

  • LOT 287

    Two Elkington & Co. silver plated items relating to Japanese Oriental steam shipping line Toyo Kisen Kaisha, a Japanese white metal vesta case & two Japanese ladies satsuma porcelain hair needles £20-30

  • LOT 288

    Medals: F42803 L. W. West AC2 RNAS; DM2-117825 A SST. J. Morton ASc& four other medals inc. WW2 £30-40

  • LOT 289

    Victorian New Zealand medal awarded to 292 David Elliott 68th Foot £100-200

  • LOT 290

    A Victorian Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, second class bronze medal awarded to Pooley & Son for their rule joint, 1891, 45mm diameter, 37.9g £20-30

  • LOT 291

    An HMS Association coin with provenance from the Sotheby sale July 14th 1969 £30-50

  • LOT 292

    Of motoring interest - a 1930's Glover & Uglow Ltd. Kelly Bray, Callington St. Christopher enamel & chrome badge, 2.25in high x 2in wide £30-40

  • LOT 293

    WW1 medal: 260033 Pte. J Whittles Leic. R £20-30

  • LOT 294

    A mounted silver Thaler twinned with an 1872 US dime & an 1800 George III three pence piece £20-30

  • LOT 295

    A Roman silver coin & two others in bronze £50-60

  • LOT 296

    A small collection of mixed bank notes & coinage £20-30

  • LOT 297

    A small collection of six coin sets £20-30

  • LOT 298

    A collection of mixed bank notes including a number of USA bank notes - thirteen one dollar bills, nine five dollar, four ten dollar, five twenty dollar & ten UK one pound notes, numerous notes within this lot in very good condition £100-150

  • LOT 299

    A fully restored mid 19thC. 9lb HMS Cambridge cannonball, 4.5in diameter £50-60

  • LOT 300

    A fully restored mid 19thC. 32lb HMS Cambridge cannonball, 6.25in diameter £120-140

  • LOT 301

    A large c.1920's art deco Katzhutte porcelain figure group depicting flamenco dancers, 17.75in tall, no faults or repairs £100-200

  • LOT 302

    A c.1900 Austrian porcelain footed vase & cover with decorative panels, one signed Kaufmann, beehive mark to base, 21.5in tall £60-80

  • LOT 303

    A c.1920's Chinese porcelain vase decorated with eight figures on an Oriental hardwood stand, vase alone is 8.625in tall £60-80

  • LOT 304

    A pair of large, heavy, bronze African tribal art busts, tallest 22in £200-300

  • LOT 305

    A 20thC. taxidermied fox, 37.5in long £100-150

  • LOT 306

    A large 19thC. porcelain plate with hand painted decor of Jackdaw by Nellie Hadden, most of original exhibition label to verso "....Howell & James art pottery exhibition 1883, title Jackdaw", monogrammed by artist to front & signed to rear, dated December 6th 1882, 16.375in diameter, recent vendor damage/repair £100-150

  • LOT 307

    Four framed hand coloured Georgian lithographs of birds, dated c.1823, published by E. Donovan & Messrs. Simkin & Marshall, frame size 14.5in high x 10.875in wide £50-60

  • LOT 308

    An early/mid 20thC. cased collection of butterflies, case size 15in wide x 11.5in wide £30-50

  • LOT 309

    A Victorian brass oil lamp with frosted, cranberry tipped shade & cast iron base, 26in tall £30-40

  • LOT 310

    A brass Victorian oil lamp with Duplex burner, fluted column & etched glass shade, 28.25in tall £30-50

  • LOT 311

    A brass Victorian oil lamp with Messenger burner, Corinthian column stand & etched shade, 30.5in tall £50-60

  • LOT 312

    A Victorian brass oil lamp with three winged sphinx feet at base of Corinthian column & decorative etched shade, 31.25in tall £60-80

  • LOT 313

    An arts & crafts Tudric (Liberty & Co.) hammered pewter fruit bowl, 11in diameter x 3.25in high £30-40

  • LOT 314

    A 19thC. rosewood tea caddy with lion head handles & covers in situ, 12in wide x 6.5in high x 6.25in deep £40-60

  • LOT 315

    A Georgian mahogany tea caddy, brass handles & covers in situ, feet damaged a/f, 12in wide x 6.25in high x 6in deep £20-30

  • LOT 316

    A 19thC. walnut & coromandel wood writing slope with brass internal fittings & inlaid with white metal name plaque & escutcheon, name plaque being monogrammed, inkwells in situ as is original key, 16in wide x 10.25in deep x 6.625in high when closed £100-150

  • LOT 317

    A 1930's art deco glass lamp featuring amber nymph holding mottled green shade, 15.5in tall £30-50

  • LOT 318

    A vintage mahogany Slazenger tennis racket press, 15.25in £20-30

  • LOT 319

    An oak cased Walker & Hall silver plated cutlery set, some losses, case 18in wide x 12in deep x 5.25in high £30-50

  • LOT 320

    An oak James Dixon & Sons 24 piece silver plated fish knife & fork set £20-30

  • LOT 321

    A pair of David Linley stained walnut candlesticks with fluted column & square base, 12in tall £50-60

  • LOT 322

    A French spelter figure depicting a miner, small hole in base, 18.75in tall £20-30

  • LOT 323

    An art deco marble clock with garnitures, main clock 11.625in wide x 7.125in high x 3.25in deep £30-50

  • LOT 324

    A large studio pottery bowl by Zell Osborne, 12.5in diameter & 8.5in deep, twinned with two other pieces, a long bowl, small chip & a shell type bowl, with repairs & small losses £50-60

  • LOT 325

    A very large polished fossil containing numerous Orthoceras, measures 31.5in x 28in at widest points, very heavy £300-500

  • LOT 326

    A 19thC. middle eastern flint lock rifle, 56in long £80-100

  • LOT 327

    A Tibetan double sword & scabbard a/f, 39in long £60-80

  • LOT 328

    A Tibetan sabre with shagreen scabbard, 32.25in long £60-80

  • LOT 329

    A Tibetan sword with scabbard, 39.75in long, a/f £60-80

  • LOT 330

    A kukri knife with leather scabbard & wooden handle, 17.25in long, a/f £20-30

  • LOT 331

    A kukri knife with leather scabbard & horn handle with lion mask finial, 17.75in long, a/f £20-30

  • LOT 332

    A Nepalese kukri knife with leather scabbard & wooden handle, 16in long £20-30

  • LOT 333

    An antique ivory handled sabre, brought back from Tibet by vendor, 20in long £20-30

  • LOT 334

    An antique ivory handled short sword, brought back from Tibet by vendor, 16in long £20-30

  • LOT 335

    A kukri knife with leather scabbard, 17.125in long £20-30

  • LOT 336

    A middle eastern Jambiya with decorative white & yellow metal scabbard, 11in high £50-60

  • LOT 337

    A 19thC French style bayonet, 28in long £20-30

  • LOT 338

    A 19thC. Victorian William Buckmaster sword with leather scabbard & shagreen handle, 41in long £80-100

  • LOT 339

    A selection of knives including divers, smokers knife, Gerber, Laguiole & a Cunney lockspike, nine in total £30-40

  • LOT 340

    A Spanish 0.177 air pistol, H31064 £30-40

  • LOT 341

    A Webley MkII 0.177 air pistol £30-40

  • LOT 342

    A German Baron Solingen knife, an army knife, possibly a gamekeepers pocket knife, a Naval divers knife & a rosewood Laguiole £30-40

  • LOT 343

    A Diana Model 2 air pistol, a/f £20-30

  • LOT 344

    A vintage BSA Meteor .177 calibre air rifle £40-50

  • LOT 345

    A 1926 oil of river scene by W. Best, image size 11.5in x 8.625in twinned with a similarly gilt framed Victorian oil on board of landscape £30-40

  • LOT 346

    A later framed watercolour still life of game, image size 11.25in x 10in £30-40

  • LOT 347

    A Gordon King framed watercolour of a girl on wall at Polperro, image size 14.5in x 10.375in £80-120

  • LOT 348

    A pair of oak framed Newlyn School Garstin Cox signed oil on panels depicting Kynance Cove, Cornwall, image size 11.625in x 9.625in £200-400

  • LOT 349

    A framed Newlyn School watercolour of Praa Sands, Cornwall attributed to Thomas Cooper-Gotch, originally sold & attributed to said artist by auctioneers, Phillips, original auction catalogue page to rear along with painting label, image size 14.75in x 11in £600-800

  • LOT 350

    A naive style 1930's painting depicting Clovelly harbour scene, unsigned, part visible label to verso signed "Brown, St. Ives 1935", image size 19.25in x 12.75in £80-100

  • LOT 351

    A well executed oil on panel depicting a Scandinavian skiers hut at Mjolfjell, Norway, image size 13.25in x 9.25in, price of 6 guineas & indistinct artist name to verso £50-60

  • LOT 352

    An original study of face by Anca Ionescu, monogrammed & dated '83, image size 10.875in x 7.75in £50-60

  • LOT 353

    A detailed French street scene watercolour in swept gilt frame, unsigned, image size 18in x 13in £60-80

  • LOT 354

    A 1930's oil on panel titled "Misty Day in Mousehole" by William Turner, image size 13.25in x 9.375in £50-60

  • LOT 355

    A framed oil of River Wye scene by George Willis-Pryce, image size 11.5in x 8.625in £50-60

  • LOT 356

    A pair of later framed Maria Gianni watercolours both depicting the Bay of Naples, image size 19in x 11.375in £200-300

  • LOT 357

    A pair of later framed Maria Gianni watercolours both depicting the Italian street scenes, image size 19in x 11.5in £200-300

  • LOT 358

    An antique gilt framed oil on canvas depicting man on fiddle signed Becker to bottom left £100-150

  • LOT 359

    Two framed & mounted limited edition signed plastograph prints by Bruce Onobrakpeya, 55/95 Emephara 1988, image size 11.75in x 9.5in & Ogbesia Vayeroge 1989, image size 9.25in x 7.5in £200-300

  • LOT 360

    A large framed pencil study of deer by C. F. Tunnicliffe, image size 26.25in x 17.75in £80-100

  • LOT 361

    A 1970's naive style oil on canvas of leopard in tree, signed Packer '70, image size 31in x 21in £30-40

  • LOT 362

    A Karl Kaufmann (signed H. Carnier) oil on panel of Cairo street scene, 12.5in x 7.5in £100-150

  • LOT 363

    A c.1800 rosewood framed oil on panel, inscribed to verso "The Greenwich Pensioner, Sir. D. Wilkin", image size 7.375in x 5.875" £200-300

  • LOT 364

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, a quantity of mixed photos, prints & film stills relating to film & actors (approx. 50) £50-60

  • LOT 365

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, eight photographs relating to actor James Dean £20-30

  • LOT 366

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, a quantity of photos & prints relating to mostly John Wayne but including Lee Marvin, Betty Davis & Maureen O'Hara (approx. 75) £50-60

  • LOT 367

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, a quantity of ephemera, hand written letters, prints, film stills & photos relating to Max Steiner Music Society, John Wayne, Audrey Christie (letters), Jim Steinback & a signed Patricia Neal photo £50-60

  • LOT 368

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, a quantity of hand signed photos & correspondence from celebrated US 1930's/40's actor, Frederic March £50-60

  • LOT 369

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, a quantity of mostly film stills & photos relating to Charles Laughton including letters/correspondence between Burrows & Tom Laughton £50-60

  • LOT 370

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, a quantity of mostly film stills & photos relating to Gene Kelly including letters/correspondence between Burrows & Kelly £100-150

  • LOT 371

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, including Mickey Rooney autograph, photographs, ephemera, personal hand written Simon Callow postcard to Burrows & items relating to Judy Garland £30-50

  • LOT 372

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, items relating to Mario Lanza including photos, letters & Christmas cards to Burrows £50-60

  • LOT 373

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, 2014 first edition book Boris Johnson, The Churchill Factor, hand signed by Johnson £100-150

  • LOT 374

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, a signed photograph, personalised to Burrows & his family, hand signed by Richard Nixon, a letter to Burrows from Nixon & other supportive correspondence from Noble Mellencamp, assistant to Nixon £100-150

  • LOT 375

    A 19thC. carved walnut wall bracket with winged cherub decor, one wing detached, 15.75in high x 14in wide x 8in deep £150-200

  • LOT 376

    An early 20thC. brass fitted oak dormitory letter rack, 20in high x 10in wide £30-40

  • LOT 377

    A 19thC. barley twist wine table with rosewood pedestal & mahogany top, 23in tall x 14.25in diameter £30-50

  • LOT 378

    A Victorian upholstered nursing chair £20-30

  • LOT 379

    A pair of Victorian barley twist oak candlesticks, 12.375in high £20-30

  • LOT 380

    An early 20thC. two piece carved rosewood cobra, 10in tall £20-30

  • LOT 381

    A c.1900 Balinese tribal art carved stand featuring crocodile & turtle, 18.75in tall £50-60

  • LOT 382

    An oak rustic milking stool, 13in tall £20-30

  • LOT 383

    A child's mahogany rocking chair, 34.5in high to top of back £20-30

  • LOT 384

    A Victorian mahogany hall chair £20-30

  • LOT 385

    An early 20thC. oak wall cabinet with shelves, 33in high x 22.5in wide x 10.75in deep £20-30

  • LOT 386

    A large decorative oval gilt framed watercolour portrait of Edwardian lady, image size 28.375in x 21in £50-60

  • LOT 387

    A rivetted copper & brass log bucket, 15in high x 12in opening at top £20-30

  • LOT 388

    An arts & crafts stained oak dresser with leaded glass door, 66in high x 54.25in wide x 21.625in deep £100-150

  • LOT 389

    An antique elm seated antique Windsor style rocking chair, 38in high to back £30-40

  • LOT 390

    An antique elm seated antique Windsor style chair, 42in high to back £30-40

  • LOT 391

    A 19thC. elm seated antique Windsor style chair, 42in high to back £50-60

  • LOT 392

    An 18thC. oak bible box with stand, 41.75in high x 28.25in wide x 16.5in deep £200-300

  • LOT 393

    An upholstered blond Ercol chair with original labels, 42in high to back £60-80

  • LOT 394

    A pair of 1930's art deco bucket chairs with walnut veneered decor, reupholstered in recent years, 36in high x 32.5in at widest £300-500

  • LOT 395

    A Regency walnut work table with contents, 27.5in high x 23.75in wide x 15.75in deep £100-200

  • LOT 396

    A 19thC. mahogany tilt top table, 27.75in high x 23in diameter £20-30

  • LOT 397

    A c.1900 carved oak high backed hall chair, 44.5in tall £20-30

  • LOT 398

    A vintage stained oak bar stool, 30.5in high x 14.625in wide £20-30

  • LOT 399

    A Victorian upholstered walnut nursing chair, 35.5in high to back £30-50

  • LOT 400

    An oval shaped, coopered oak stick stand with brass fittings & coat of arms to front, 24.5in high x 13.25in wide x 10.25in deep £50-60

  • LOT 401

    A quantity of eleven various walking canes, one with silver collar & horn handle & a shooting stick, £30-40

  • LOT 402

    A Regency style mahogany card table with brass claw feet, baize faded, 29.5in high x 33.375in square £30-50

  • LOT 403

    A Victorian mahogany tilt top breakfast table, 29.75in high x 42.5in diameter £30-40

  • LOT 404

    A small carved oak monks bench, 33.5in wide £30-50

  • LOT 405

    A 20thC. oak sideboard with three cupboards & three drawers, 62in wide x 29.125in high x 18.375in deep £50-60

  • LOT 406

    An antique light oak knee hole desk with nine drawers, 50in wide x 28in high x 21.5in £60-80

  • LOT 407

    An Edwardian mahogany glazed display cabinet, 51.75in high x 26.5in wide x 14in deep £30-40

  • LOT 408

    An oak blanket box with linenfold & coat of arms decor with two drawers under, 38.75in wide x 28in high x 17.625in deep £30-50

  • LOT 409

    An ex-MOD mahogany card table, 36in square x 28.875in high £20-30

  • LOT 410

    A Victorian mahogany dressing table top set with seven drawers, a/f £30-40

  • LOT 411

    An inlaid Regency style upholstered three piece bedroom suite, two seater 42.25in wide (see 412 for further images) £100-150

  • LOT 412

    Part of lot 411

  • LOT 413

    An 18thC. inlaid oak coffer, 50in wide x 27in high x 22.5in deep £100-150

  • LOT 414

    A 1920's ladies oak bureau with barley twist legs, later stripped & lime waxed, 42.75in high x 25.25in wide 13.5in deep £20-30

  • LOT 415

    An oak case longcase clock by John Belling Jnr. Bodmin, case a/f, 87in tall £100-150

  • LOT 416

    A Cookes of Finsbury Road oak four tier glazed bookcase, 65in high x 34in wide x 13.5in deep £100-150

  • LOT 417

    A c.1900 mahogany display cabinet, 67in high x 35.75in wide x 13in deep £60-80

  • LOT 418

    A 19thC. Victorian oak armchair, 39.5in high to back £50-80

  • LOT 419

    A 19thC. Victorian walnut armchair, 41.5in high to back £50-80

  • LOT 420

    A 19thC. ornate, carved walnut chaise longue, 81in long, 36in at highest £200-300

  • LOT 421

    Three retro Arkana chairs by Maurice Burke finished in black leather & teak, see lot 422 for third chair, a/f £100-200

  • LOT 422

    Part of lot 421

  • LOT 423

    A leather oxblood red leather Chesterfield wing back chair, 39.5in high at back £50-60

  • LOT 424

    A Victorian upholstered walnut arm chair, 41in high to back £50-80

  • LOT 425

    An antique pine dresser, later painted, 43.5in wide x 18.5in deep x 78in high £50-60

  • LOT 426

    A brown leather Chesterfield style three piece suite, sofa 77in wide £100-150

  • LOT 427

    An Edwardian mahogany book trough with shelf over, 33in wide x 33.75in high x 15in deep £50-60

  • LOT 428

    A 19thC. pitch pine painted kitchen dresser with glazed drawers, loose handle in drawer, 80in high x 60.75in wide x 21in deep £100-200

  • LOT 429

    A large English oak extending table with inserts, extending mechanism a/f, lacking wheels with two sets of six 19thC. dining chairs, some with faults, 111.5in long x 54in wide £300-500

  • LOT 430

    A 18th/19thC. Dutch oak buffet, 46.5in wide x 21.25in deep x 40in high £60-80

  • LOT 431

    General Furniture & Furnishings to follow

  • LOT 432

    A large antique pitch pine dresser with two cupboards, four drawers & three shelves, 84in wide x 21.5in deep x 86in high £100-200

  • LOT 433

    A Edwardian style mahogany sideboard, 54in wide x 36in high x 21.5in deep £50-60

  • LOT 434

    A decorative oak standard lamp £20-30

  • LOT 435

    A 19thC. screen with silk decor, frame a/f, 57in high £20-30

  • LOT 436

    A set of four brass inlaid Regency style mahogany chairs £20-30

  • LOT 437

    An Edwardian style mahogany folding child's rocking chair, 30in high to back £20-30

  • LOT 438

    A stained rocking chair, 40.5in high to back £10-15

  • LOT 439

    A stained wooden trunk with decorative handles, 31.5in wide x 18in deep x 17.5in high £20-30

  • LOT 440

    A reproduction hallstand with porcelain stick stands, one a/f, 89in high x 37in wide x 17in deep £20-30

  • LOT 441

    An oak storage box, 33in wide x 23in high x 17.5in deep £20-30

  • LOT 442

    A hardwood, glass fronted, low level haberdashery style cabinet, 58in wide x 33in high x 18.5in wide £80-120

  • LOT 443

    A Victorian stained pine chest of drawers with porcelain handles, 42.5in wide x 36.5in high x 21.5in deep £30-50

  • LOT 444

    A Victorian upholstered footstool, one foot damaged, 14in wide x 13in deep x 7.5in high £5-10

  • LOT 445

    A Regency period mahogany dining chair £10-15

  • LOT 446

    An antique elm seated arm chair, one arm loose £5-10

  • LOT 447

    A Victorian bookcase with cupboards under, 48.5in wide x 74in x 21in deep £50-60

  • LOT 448

    A Victorian oak framed nursing chair, one leg lacking wheel, twinned with two early 20thC. arm chairs £10-15

  • LOT 449

    An open oak bookcase with later added back, 36.75in wide x 39in high x 12in deep £10-15

  • LOT 450

    A 19thC. walnut Davenport a/f, 34in high x 23.5in wide x 23in deep £20-30

  • LOT 451

    Four antique rush seated dining chairs, 40.75in high to back £20-30

  • LOT 452

    A Victorian pine chest of drawers, 32.75in wide x 34.25in high x 17.25in deep £50-60

  • LOT 453

    A mid 20thC. retro oak book case with two drawers & sliding glass doors, 38in wide x 37.75in high x 13in deep £20-30

  • LOT 454

    A Stressless style leather armchair & stool £30-50

  • LOT 455

    A mid 20thC. retro Vesper dressing table with mirror, 42.25in wide x 52.5in tall x 19.75in deep £30-50

  • LOT 456

    A c.1900 wash stand with marble back & top, 36in wide x 49.5in high x 18in deep £20-30

  • LOT 457

    A reproduction hardwood Scottish style chest of drawers, 47.75in high x 37.5in wide x 18in deep £60-80

  • LOT 458

    A corner pine tv cabinet, 36in wide x 23.5in high x 19.5in deep £20-30

  • LOT 459

    A corner pine tv cabinet, 36in wide x 25in high x 21.5in deep £20-30

  • LOT 460

    A pine chest with five drawers, 36in wide x 35.5in high x 17.75in deep £50-60

  • LOT 461

    A Victorian, low level pine chest of drawers, 36in wide x 30.25in high x 17.75in deep £30-50

  • LOT 462

    An antique scrub top farmhouse table with drawer, 43in wide x 31in deep x 29in high £30-50

  • LOT 463

    A modern painted pine cupboard 41.5in wide x 33.75in high x 17.75in deep, twinned with a colour matching book case, 26.5in wide x 42.5in high x 11.5in deep £30-50

  • LOT 464

    A matching pair of pine bedside cabinets, 26.5in high £20-30

  • LOT 465

    A stained oak table, 30in wide x 21.5in deep x 30.25in high £20-30

  • LOT 466

    A stripped pine low level coffee table 36in wide x 23.5in wide x 19in high £20-30

  • LOT 467

    A matching pair of pine bedside cabinets 26.5in high £20-30

  • LOT 468

    Three matching pine bedside cabinets, 25in high £20-30

  • LOT 469

    A pair of matching pine bedside cabinets, 25in high £20-30

  • LOT 470

    An Edwardian pine dressing table, 60in high x 42in wide x 20.5in deep £30-40

  • LOT 471

    A matching pair of pine bedside cabinets, 25in high £20-30

  • LOT 472

    A matching pair of pine bedside cabinets 25in high £20-30

  • LOT 473

    An Edwardian pine dressing table chest 61.5in high x 36in wide x 18in deep £50-60

  • LOT 474

    A pine chest with five drawers, 35.5in high x 30.25in wide x 16in deep £30-40

  • LOT 475

    An antique Middleton low level pine chest, 42in wide x 28.75in high x 19in deep £30-40

  • LOT 476

    A stained pine coffee table, 36in wide x 22in deep x 18in high £10-20

  • LOT 477

    A low level pine chest with four drawers, 33.75in wide x 28in high x 17.75in deep £30-50

  • LOT 478

    A low level pine chest with four drawers, 33.75in wide x 28in high x 17.75in deep £30-50

  • LOT 479

    A modern beech Windsor style armchair, 44.25in high at back £30-40

  • LOT 480

    An oak blanket box, 42.25in wide x 19in high x 16.25in deep £20-30

  • LOT 481

    A pine wardrobe, 68in high x 32in wide x 22.75in deep £50-60

  • LOT 482

    A painted Oriental style fretwork casket, 19.75in wide x 12in high x 9.75in £20-30

  • LOT 483

    A modern oak milking stool, 11.75in high £5-10

  • LOT 484

    Four Myers teak folding tables, largest 33.25in wide x 17.75in deep x 14in high £20-30

  • LOT 485

    A vintage folding butlers tea trolley, 29.25in high x 26in wide x 17in deep £20-30

  • LOT 486

    A small oak table with drawer, 22in wide x 14.75in deep x 19in high £10-20

  • LOT 487

    An antique mahogany table, 29in high x 24in diameter £10-20

  • LOT 488

    A mahogany tilt top table & two other occasion tables £20-30

  • LOT 489

    A nest of four tables, largest 23in wide x 15.5in deep x 23.5in high, £20-30

  • LOT 490

    An oak hall table, 37in wide x 18.5in deep x 28.75in high £20-30

  • LOT 491

    A magazine rack with table top over, 21.75in wide x 10in x 18in high £5-10

  • LOT 492

    A varnished nest with glazed top, one glass with small crack, 30in wide x 16.5in deep x 17in high, marked "The Australian Furniture Trade Convention" £10-20

  • LOT 493

    A modern cheval mirror, 58.5in high £5-10

  • LOT 494

    An antique upholstered stool, 36in wide x 20in deep x 16in high £20-30

  • LOT 495

    A Victorian bow fronted mahogany chest of drawers, loose drawer pull inside drawer, 44in wide x 44in high x 20.75in deep £50-60

  • LOT 496

    A Victorian bow fronted mahogany veneered chest of drawers, two loose drawer pulls within drawer, 44in wide x 44in high x 19in deep £30-50

  • LOT 497

    A modern longcase clock by Richard Broad of Bodmin, Cornwall, 74in tall £50-60

  • LOT 498

    An oak free standing plate rack (could be mounted to wall) 31.5in wide x 19.25in high x 13.625 in deep £20-30

  • LOT 499

    An antique mahogany three tier folding cake stand, 35in high, repair to one foot £5-10

  • LOT 500

    A modern standard lamp twinned with small low level table & retro mirror £5-10

  • LOT 501

    Two farmhouse type carvers & three matching dining chairs £20-30

  • LOT 502

    One farmhouse type carver matched with four similar dining chairs £30-40

  • LOT 503

    Two pine bedside chest of drawers, one pine bookcase & one chair £10-15

  • LOT 504

    Seven piece cane conservatory suite £100-150

  • LOT 505

    A Victorian style upholstered stool with ball & claw feet, 23.5in wide x 19in deep x 20in high £20-30

  • LOT 506

    A modern ethnic style hardwood storage seat, 29in wide x 15.75in deep x 18.5in high £20-30

  • LOT 507

    A small child's rocking horse, 32in long x 27.5in high £20-30

  • LOT 508

    A Persian rug, 73in long x 46in wide £30-50

  • LOT 509

    A c.1900 corner chair twinned with a small wine table a/f £20-30

  • LOT 510

    A nest of three tables, one lacking glass a/f £5-10

  • LOT 511

    A circular mirror with mosaic style outer edge, 25.5in diameter £5-10

  • LOT 512

    A pair of pine framed mirrors, 44.5in tall x 17in wide £10-20

  • LOT 513

    A large heavy mirror, with block style decor to outer edge, 55in x 50in £20-30

  • LOT 514

    A modern, lightweight decorative mirror, 50in wide x 36in high £30-40

  • LOT 515

    A Victorian slate mantle clock with marble columns, 12.25in tall £10-20

  • LOT 516

    An Edwardian oak cased clock 14.25in tall & one other £20-30

  • LOT 517

    A Victorian slate mantel clock, 11in tall £10-20

  • LOT 518

    A Victorian mantel clock with marble trim, Searle & Sons, 8.75in tall £10-20

  • LOT 519

    A German made anniversary style mantel clock, 12in tall £10-20

  • LOT 520

    A Comitti of London oak barometer with Spartan Bowling Club presentation plaque to Bernard Wilton, 1st June 1968, 26in high £20-30

  • LOT 521

    A Regency period rosewood barometer by J. Wilson, Stamford, top finial damaged, a/f £30-40

  • LOT 522

    A brass columned lamp base, 21.75in tall £30-40

  • LOT 523

    Two Victorian glass domes, tallest 18in £60-80

  • LOT 524

    Two carboys, one converted to a lamp, the other hand decorated £20-30

  • LOT 525

    A decorative hanging ceiling light with glass shade & funnel, frame height 28.5in £20-30

  • LOT 526

    A pair of wall light fittings £10-20

  • LOT 527

    A hanging ceiling light fitting, missing one droplet, 18in high x 17in span £20-30

  • LOT 528

    A large glass fruit bowl, 19in diameter, twinned with various soft furnishings £5-10

  • LOT 529

    A Georgian copper kettle, 11in tall, a copper hot water bottle & a pewter toddy £5-10

  • LOT 530

    Three copper trays including a heavy gauge Islamic tray with floral decor twinned with two others, largest 19.5in £30-50

  • LOT 531

    A Victorian copper warming pan, 41in long £10-20

  • LOT 532

    A "Richard Startyn 1623" bronze pestle and mortar £20-30

  • LOT 533

    An 18thC. bronze pestle & mortar £10-20

  • LOT 534

    Two 19thC. bronze pestle & mortars £20-30

  • LOT 535

    Three 19thC. bronze pestle & mortars £30-40

  • LOT 536

    A brass fire fender, 53in x 11in deep £20-30

  • LOT 537

    A coal scuttle & brass companion set £10-20

  • LOT 538

    A gothic style Ansonia wooden mantel clock, 15in tall £10-20

  • LOT 539

    A pair of brass fire dogs, a brass ice bucket, lacking plate & other metal ware items, some a/f £20-30

  • LOT 540

    A Victorian style brass letter box twinned with modern ornate brass call bell, 14.5in tall £30-50

  • LOT 541

    A 19thC. ships bell system with iron mounts, bell diameter 8in £30-40

  • LOT 542

    Four silver topped walking canes, few bumps, one badly a/f, longest 36in £30-40

  • LOT 543

    A Mills Munitions shooting stick twinned with three parasols & two other walking aids £30-40

  • LOT 544

    A quantity of ten walking sticks & aids including a Rhonegletscher MT 2300 pick stick £30-50

  • LOT 545

    An 19thC. child's Malacca cane & ivory walking stick, 27in long, £10-20

  • LOT 546

    An Indian sword stick with twist lock brass feral, £30-40

  • LOT 547

    An Italian Gennaro Maglioni of Napoli mandolin with bone keys along with tortoiseshell & mother of pearl fret, 24in long £80-120

  • LOT 548

    A Russian balalaika stringed instrument, 27in long £30-40

  • LOT 549

    A Stradivarius violin copy with case £50-60

  • LOT 550

    A banjolin with case, 22in long £20-30

  • LOT 551

    A Chinese snakeskin erhu with bow, both a/f, 30.5in long £20-30

  • LOT 552

    An electric Hondo II Les Paul copy guitar with soft case & strap £50-60

  • LOT 553

    A pair of vintage 1970's retro lampshades, 14in diameter x 7.75in high £10-15

  • LOT 554

    Three vintage tennis rackets & a pair of ice skates £5-10

  • LOT 555

    An antique onyx vase 13.75in high, lacking original decorative gilt handles, twinned with a paid of marble "bookends", each 10in long £10-20

  • LOT 556

    Four onyx bowls & other onyx wares, largest bowl 10.25in diameter £20-30

  • LOT 557

    A collection of polished stone eggs, in excess of 40 £20-30

  • LOT 558

    A mounted Japanese samurai sword, 45.5in long £30-50

  • LOT 559

    A reproduction bronze pointer dog with game, 15in long x 9in high £30-40

  • LOT 560

    Camera equipment: Panasonic TZ60; Canon Powershot SX10; Ricoh 035 & a tripod £10-15

  • LOT 561

    Camera equipment: Pentax SP100; Agfa Silette Vario; Lieberman & Gortz 7 x 50 binoculars with leather case £10-15

  • LOT 562

    A cased Leica DRP Ernst Leitz Wetzlar nr. 381525 35mm film camera £100-200

  • LOT 563

    Three silver proof United Nations commemorative crowns, two part filled stamp albums & a part filled coin album £20-30

  • LOT 564

    A suitcase of camera boxes including Voigtlander & a Kodak Disc 4000 camera £20-30

  • LOT 565

    A selection of 13 children's books including Charles Dickens & Herge's Tintin £10-15

  • LOT 566

    A selection of mostly children's books & educational aids including picture cards £20-30

  • LOT 567

    A serpentine mounted barometer £5-10

  • LOT 568

    Four Will Young figure groups, largest 10.25in wide twinned with two other ornaments including a 1988 Olympics Seoul porcelain bell £20-30

  • LOT 569

    Twenty advertisement milk bottles £10-15

  • LOT 570

    A large wood & metal model of rocking horse 17in long x 14in high, a carved wooden hippopotamus 15in long & a carved religious deity 15.625in tall £20-30

  • LOT 571

    Four Catholic religious crucifixes, tallest 14in high £30-40

  • LOT 572

    A large porcelain lobster mould, one jelly mould & one plated (worn) tobacco & pipe stand £10-20

  • LOT 573

    A pair of cased vintage crown green bowls with ivory centres £10-15

  • LOT 574

    A pair of cased ivory opera specs twinned with a pair of small binoculars with compass £10-15

  • LOT 575

    A cased rosewood flute, impressed mark "J. Francis, High Holborn, London" £60-80

  • LOT 576

    A quantity of 44 Cuban & Jamaican cigars, 24 in alloy tubes, 17 loose, 3 polythene wrapped £60-80

  • LOT 577

    Three Special Panatella cigars, cased, two packets of unopened Senior Service cigarettes, one tin of similar, a trench art style inkwell & other items £20-30

  • LOT 578

    A Victorian coloured portrait & a small remembrance mirror £10-20

  • LOT 579

    A Various card games & similar including John Jacques, The Counties Of England, Kargo by Castell Brothers & Chad Valley snap £10-15

  • LOT 580

    A P&O issued bible with note to front "Rescused from P&O SS Delho off Cape Spartel by Rev. F. W. Woods, R.N. Dec 13th 1911" twinned with two shipping lithographs £20-30

  • LOT 581

    A Beatles album, one other, some brass horse bits, a Nikor 200mm lens & other sundries £5-10

  • LOT 582

    A pair of pewter tankards with enamelled badges twinned with other pewter tankards £5-10

  • LOT 583

    Two oak mounted taxidermy boar feet coat/hat hangers, plaques 8.25in high £20-30

  • LOT 584

    A Stanley no.78, another Stanley plane, a Record no.043 & other tool type items, used condition £5-10

  • LOT 585

    A 19thC. comb back meat dish a/f, two decorative pots & other items £5-10

  • LOT 586

    Two editions of Batik & three related copper printing templates £30-40

  • LOT 587

    A collection of Royal Worcester porcelain spice jars £10-15

  • LOT 588

    A collection of small porcelain boxes including Worcester, Minton, Wedgwood & Hutschenreuther £20-30

  • LOT 589

    A bronze ancient style horse twinned with a quantity of other pottery items £10-15

  • LOT 590

    A vintage Chad Valley teddy bear £20-30

  • LOT 591

    A quantity of thread, sewing items, ladies scarves & gents vintage ties £5-10

  • LOT 592

    An ancient terracotta pot, possibly Herodian, believed to been bought at Phillips auctioneers, Cornwall, 13.5in tall £200-300

  • LOT 593

    Seven antique & 19thC. willow pattern blue & white transferware meat dishes, inc. comb backs, largest 18in x 14.375in £50-80

  • LOT 594

    A 19thC. willow pattern meat dish with drainer, 18.75in x 14.5in £20-30

  • LOT 595

    A pair of jugglers clubs, a flower press, a carved wood leopard & cub & other items £20-30

  • LOT 596

    A Victorian pair of Staffordshire dogs 11.625in tall, one other pair & a single modern dog £20-30

  • LOT 597

    Two pairs of 19thC. brass candle holders twinned with a pair of arts & crafts candle holders, 6.25in tall £20-30

  • LOT 598

    A quantity of mixed glass & ceramics inc. carnival glass £20-30

  • LOT 599

    A quantity of railway related items, a clip on adjustable lamps, a flower press & other items £20-30

  • LOT 600

    An unsigned, framed Dartmoor oil painting £20-30

  • LOT 601

    A Medici Society Canaletto print of The Thames from Somerset House, London, 34.5in x 30in inc. £20-30

  • LOT 602

    A portable 5in television with aerial booster £5-10

  • LOT 603

    Three 110 film cameras & a quantity of other cameras & related items inc. suit case £10-20

  • LOT 604

    A quantity of post 1947 nickel coinage inc. a jar of sixpences, copper coinage, a five pound crown, a Looe print & mixed vintage tins £10-20

  • LOT 605

    Six vinyl LP's inc. Beatles & three BBC sound effects £5-10

  • LOT 606

    Six Franklin Mint butterfly bells, two a/f & display case twinned with twelve months of the year Brian Hargreaves porcelain bells £20-30

  • LOT 607

    Two antique framed Dartmoor watercolours twinned with a Thomas Blinks 1893 highlighted print £20-30

  • LOT 608

    A Frank Holmes gouache, lacking glass, twinned with an A. Thornton oil on panel & two framed prints £20-30

  • LOT 609

    A limited edition signed print 1/100, Mother & Butterfly by Segun Adeku 1979, image size 19.5in x 10.5in, twinned with a mixed media textile picture & one other £20-30

  • LOT 610

    An antique landscape oil painting of field being harvested, image size 10.5in x 7.5in £20-30

  • LOT 611

    A John Baragwanath King watercolour of coastal landscape, possibly from Bosigran Castle, West Cornwall £20-30

  • LOT 612

    A selection of prints & pictures inc. two watercolours & religious prints £10-20

  • LOT 613

    A vintage Margaret Ross print titled "Bedtime", frame size 21.5in x 19.5in inc. frame £20-30

  • LOT 614

    An unsigned Dartmoor watercolour triptych, 19.25in x 8.75in inc. frame twinned with two framed antique architectural prints £10-20

  • LOT 615

    An antique framed print of Royal Albert Bridge, twinned with similar print of Hungarian mountain sheep, a watercolour by artist Julia Coleridge & a Forsey print £20-30

  • LOT 616

    A rural landscape painting signed P. Miller set in gilt swept frame, image size approx. 24in x 20in £20-30

  • LOT 617

    Five framed Icarus related limited edition prints by Michael Oleman, 18in x 18in inclusive £60-80

  • LOT 618

    A 1960's framed print by L. S. Lowry, 19.75in x 17in. inclusive £10-20

  • LOT 619

    A quantity of approx. 61 football related annuals, earliest from 1936/37 season £50-60

  • LOT 620

    A framed Cornish watercolour by Kenneth Mortimer of "Cliffs Nr. Zennor", image size 16.875in x 11.25in £50-60

  • LOT 621

    A framed watercolour of "Dappled Light at Gunnislake", image size 14in x 10.5in, by Ron Martin £10-20

  • LOT 622

    A Limoges dinner service of approx. 108 pieces, 24 dinner plates, 12 trios, 12 soup bowls, 12 dessert bowls, 12 side plates, 1 salad bowl, 1 fruit bowl, 1 meat dish, 1 cake plate, 1 bread plate, 1 gravy boat, 2 stands, 1 teapot, 1 creamer, 1 sugar bowl & 1 tureen & cover, two cups with small chips £80-120

  • LOT 623

    A quantity of music CDs, a Puff Daddy vinyl LP & film DVDs inc. many as new unopened £10-15

  • LOT 624

    A Dartington glass vase, a Capodimonte dolphin group, other ornaments & a quantity of drinking glasses £20-30

  • LOT 625

    Three Murano glass fish, a Murano glass cockerel & other glassware, tallest item 18.25in, some faults £10-20

  • LOT 626

    A Dutch glazed pottery poodle, a Beswick Yorkshire Terrier, a Parrot gurgle jug & other items, some with faults £20-30

  • LOT 627

    A 1930's 21 piece Royal Albert blue bell tea set for six sold at Lawleys, Regent Street twinned with other floral tea wares £20-30

  • LOT 628

    A Georgian sherry glass, Victorian champagne glasses, a silver & enamel topped powder glass a/f & other glassware £20-30

  • LOT 629

    A pair of art deco fireside boy & girl with German Shepherd dogs, chips to boy dog ears, tallest 15.75in tall £20-30

  • LOT 630

    A pair of art deco fireside boy & girl plaster figures titled "Good Companions" with German Shepherd dogs, chip to one boy dog ear, tallest 16.125in tall £20-30

  • LOT 631

    A pair of French spelter figures titled "Commerce & Industry", 20.75in tall, loss to "Industry" laurels, 20.75in tall £20-30

  • LOT 632

    A quantity of Beswick horses, one mare loss to ears & repair to one leg, one pony, chip to ear & leg a/f, largest 11.5in tall £30-50

  • LOT 633

    A crumb tray & brush twinned with a quantity of treen & other wooden wares £10-20

  • LOT 634

    A boxed set of four Jacques bowling bowls £10-20

  • LOT 635

    A print twinned with continental porceclain plates, ceramics, glassware & plated wares £10-20

  • LOT 636

    A Newhall "Nirvana" four setting coffee service twinned with a Beswick "Apollo" coffee set, water jug has staining, lacking creamer £20-30

  • LOT 637

    A pewter footed bowl twinned with other pewter wares £10-20

  • LOT 638

    A Chinese gilded & enamelled bowl 6in diameter x 2.75in high twinned with 10in high Chinese crackle glaze vase, an Oriental cloisonne vase & a Noritake bowl & cover £50-60

  • LOT 639

    An Argyle & Sutherland brass bugle £20-30

  • LOT 640

    A matching pair of Japanese vases, shown with rear & front decor, 9.75in tall £20-30

  • LOT 641

    Two pieces of Murano style glass, a Nailsea style vesta holder & two iridescent scent bottles, one lacking atomiser £10-15

  • LOT 642

    A Chinese blue & white wall sconce, a Japanese satsuma censer, lacking top & other ceramic items £20-30

  • LOT 643

    A pair of art deco frosted glass vases & other art deco glassware £10-15

  • LOT 644

    A Japanese bronze vase twinned with two mid 20thC. cloisonne vase & one earlier, tallest 8in £20-30

  • LOT 645

    A Chinese porcelain duck & cat, a Chinese ginger jar & other Oriental porcelain items, tallest 8.75in £20-30

  • LOT 646

    A pair of Waterford crystal wine glasses, one with very tiny nibble, 9.75in tall £10-15

  • LOT 647

    A pair of onyx horse bust bookends, 8.5in tall, two 1940's cubist style elephant ornaments & other decorative ornaments £10-20

  • LOT 648

    A Cornish serpentine pot & cover, 4in tall, twinned with other serpentine £10-20

  • LOT 649

    A Cornish serpentine mounted barometer, 7.25in diameter £10-20

  • LOT 650

    Three Royal Worcester porcelain caskets with covers, largest 4.75in tall £20-30

  • LOT 651

    A quantity of early 20thC. & art deco uranium glass & similar items, mermaid candlestick 8.5in tall £20-30

  • LOT 652

    Two bakelite boxes with covers twinned with a glass water jug with bakelite handle £20-30

  • LOT 653

    A quantity of mixed ceramics including Sylvac, Beswick & Wedgwood £20-30

  • LOT 654

    A Doulton vase, 8in tall, small chip to underside, twinned with a quantity of other ceramics £20-30

  • LOT 655

    A Staffordshire Dick Turpin, a pair of Chinese vases, a/f, five Edwardian dessert dishes, an early 19thC. chocolate pot a/f & a plated mug, worn £10-15

  • LOT 656

    Two pairs of bakelite door handles £5-10

  • LOT 657

    Two 19thC. Staffordshire pastille burners, tallest 7.125in, twinned with one other £20-30

  • LOT 658

    An antique fretwork continental porcelain bowl 9.375in diameter x 5in deep, a pair of figures, a 19thC. wall sconce & other items £30-40

  • LOT 659

    A Mdina glass carafe, 11in tall, a signed bowl, an iridescent paperweight & other glassware £20-30

  • LOT 660

    A decorative water jug with peacock decor twinned with a Masons style snake handled jug & other items (blue & white jug, repaired) £10-15

  • LOT 661

    An antique terracotta charger, 13.75in diameter £10-15

  • LOT 662

    A selection of 1920/30's art deco pottery items, tallest 10in £20-30

  • LOT 663

    A selection of crystal & retro drinking glasses including six crystal hock glasses £20-30

  • LOT 664

    An 19thC. cut glass decanter, various Edwardian glassware, a silver rimmed glass vase & other glassware £30-40

  • LOT 665

    Six mounted butterfly groups £20-30

  • LOT 666

    A pair of Winstanley pottery cats twinned with one other, 7in tall £10-20

  • LOT 667

    Two large Doulton character jugs, a Doulton Bunnykins two handled cup, Hostess of Williamsbury figure & one other, boxed £20-30

  • LOT 668

    Two pieces of Belleek porcelain, three pieces of Waterford crystal, one silver topped jar & one piece of Tipperary crystal £20-30

  • LOT 669

    Vintage tins, storage tins & other items including tortoiseshell style box £10-15

  • LOT 670

    A Royal Doulton Beatrix Potter Foxy Whiskered Gentleman, 4.875in tall £5-10

  • LOT 671

    Seven Beer steins, some ornate, two glass & one of hunting interest twinned with other ceramics £20-30

  • LOT 672

    A pair of Victorian glass vases, some faults twinned with a Charles & Diana enamelled beaker £3-5

  • LOT 673

    Twenty nine pieces of Foley porcelain tea ware £40-50

  • LOT 674

    A c.1900 Fischer Hungarian pottery ewer, a/f, 14.5in tall £20-30

  • LOT 675

    A pair of African bookends, a Belleek porcelain basket, a set of glass slides & other items £20-30

  • LOT 676

    A footed silver plated bonbon & other similar items £10-15

  • LOT 677

    A quantity of plated wares, some cased £10-20

  • LOT 678

    Four silver handled cake knives £5-8

  • LOT 679

    Two silver topped dressing table tidies & one other £5-10

  • LOT 680

    A sterling silver topped atomiser, 6in tall £20-30

  • LOT 681

    Two matching silver topped tidies twinned with a cut glass pepper £10-20

  • LOT 682

    A pair of antique cut glass bonbons set with silver rims £20-30

  • LOT 683

    A pair of art deco dressing table tidies with London silver tops by William Henry Sparrow, 1923 £20-30

  • LOT 684

    A Victorian Birmingham silver topped cut glass scent bottle by C. C. May & Sons 1894, 2.5in tall £20-30

  • LOT 685

    A 19thC. bronze Poseidon type figure twinned with a white metal cat wine stopper £20-30

  • LOT 686

    A silver backed clothes brush twinned with a quantity of plated wares £20-30

  • LOT 687

    A four piece silver plated tea & coffee set twinned with a silver plated tazza £20-30

  • LOT 688

    Three ladies evening bags twinned with a vintage Oriental parasol £20-30

  • LOT 689

    A Swiss ladies silver pocket watch "A. G. Mascall, Middlesborough" & a plated vesta £5-10

  • LOT 690

    A quantity of various military related item from Sixth Battalion Lincolnshire regiment & other items £5-10

  • LOT 691

    A quantity of mixed ceramics & other items, contents of shelf £10-20

  • LOT 692

    A small collection of decorative ethnic collectables, tallest 23.5in tall £10-20

  • LOT 693

    A Canon EOS 350D digital camera with box £10-20

  • LOT 694

    Three Victorian enamelled opaline glass vases, tallest 14.5in tall £20-30

  • LOT 695

    A Bernard Leach style studio pottery jug, some nibbles to spout, 6.25in tall £20-30

  • LOT 696

    A pair of continental bisque porcelain figures, 13.125in tall £10-20

  • LOT 697

    An antique wash basin twinned with a German style fat lava vase & a bronze resin horse bust, indistinctly signed £10-20

  • LOT 698

    A graduated set of Moorland, Chelsea Works Burslem jugs with cockerel decor, tallest 6.5in £20-30

  • LOT 699

    A Chinese porcelain ginger jar with cover twinned with other Oriental items including a decorative brush pot £10-20

  • LOT 700

    Two decorative busts depicting composers Mozart & Tchaikovsky, tallest 11.75in £20-30

  • LOT 701

    A quantity of mixed silver plated wares £20-30

  • LOT 702

    An oak cased 24 piece mother of pearl & silver fish knife set, one other, a silver plated tureen & cover & a cased cut glass bonbon set £30-40

  • LOT 703

    A quantity of mixed silver plated ware & a stainless steel toast rack by Old Hall £20-30

  • LOT 704

    A pair of 19thC. silver plate on copper candle sticks, some wear & bumping, 11in tall £20-30

  • LOT 705

    A quantity of mixed coinage including some pre-1947 white metal £30-50

  • LOT 706

    A quantity of mostly Churchill crowns, one £5 coin & a quantity of other coinage £10-15

  • LOT 707

    A Seiko quartz wrist watch twinned with mostly cufflinks including two pairs of silver, one a/f £5-10

  • LOT 708

    A quantity of costume jewellery including lapis lazuli, amber, a 9ct gold watch case (3.3g gold) & jet necklaces £50-60

  • LOT 709

    A small collection of good compacts & one note pad, four by Stratton including ballerina £30-50

  • LOT 710

    A quantity of mixed costume including coral, gold plate, jet, silver & amber £20-30

  • LOT 711

    A well constructed 0.835 silver & citrine filigree bow brooch, two silver bangles & one white metal South Africa rifles badge, 70.9g £30-40

  • LOT 712

    An oak case containing a quantity of costume jewellery items including three vintage brooches £10-20

  • LOT 713

    A coral necklace, a mother of pearl carved pendant & other costume items £10-15

  • LOT 714

    Four 0.950 silver topped jars, a silver pin dish, a silver ash tray, a silver plated hip flask & other items, silver only weight 200.8g £60-80

  • LOT 715

    An antique walnut lidded box, 10.5in long x 5in wide x 2.75in deep £10-20

  • LOT 716

    A Wedgwood cameo pendant, a silver necklace with locket, a Dartington crystal paperweight & a Jessica Carlyle bracelet & watch set £10-20

  • LOT 717

    A Parker fountain pen, 1.9g of scrap gold, a silver thimble, rubbed marks, probably James Fenton, jet, agate necklaces & other items £20-30

  • LOT 718

    A quantity of pre-1947 coinage, two rosettes, believed to be early 20thC. Labour party, an 1876 school fete medal, a 1921 physics exam medal won by Edith Tiffany, an 1897 copper medal in tribute to Nelson made from metal from his flagship Foudroyant which ran aground that same year on Blackpool Sands £30-40

  • LOT 719

    A Victorian tortoiseshell spectacles case £50-60

  • LOT 720

    An 1847 US one cent twinned with an 1887 one cent £10-20

  • LOT 721

    A Victorian daguerreotype, a silver mounted photo, silver a/f, a silver trinket box, lacking leg, a 1903 silver Spencer & Co. masonic pendant, a silver mounted shagreen scabbard with knife & a silver mounted button hook £20-30

  • LOT 722

    A polished pewter Dalvey hip flask, 4.75in diameter £20-30

  • LOT 723

    A lacquered box, costume jewellery & other boxes £10-15

  • LOT 724

    A quantity of mixed costume items including well constructed silver & CZ rings £20-30

  • LOT 725

    A pair of vintage yellow metal earrings twinned with yellow metal brooch, possibly silver gilt, 24.6g £20-30

  • LOT 726

    A silver handled button hook twinned with a silver handled shoe horn, £5-10

  • LOT 727

    A 9ct gold shank ring a/f, a silver & tiger eye necklace, other tiger eye jewellery & other items £20-30

  • LOT 728

    A silver bangle set with amber, 32.8g £20-30

  • LOT 729

    Two silver Wedgwood cameo rings & other jewellery £10-15

  • LOT 730

    A silver (tested) bracelet set with marcasite & black opal style "stones", 18g £20-30

  • LOT 731

    Four silver coins a/f, a miniature padlock with key, an amber cheroot & a white metal chatelaine tail £10-15

  • LOT 732

    A silver bangle. silver buckle ring & silver locket, 34.6g £20-30

  • LOT 733

    A Birmingham silver mounted cameo brooch £5-10

  • LOT 734

    A 9ct white gold ring set with paste stones, 2,4g, size N £20-30

  • LOT 735

    A 9ct gold chain, 20in long, 6g £60-80

  • LOT 736

    A 9ct gold belcher chain, 23in long, 11.4g £110-130

  • LOT 737

    A quantity of cased dinner & plated ware including a dinner service £30-50

  • LOT 738

    An arts & crafts style hammered copper tray, 13.25in diameter, twinned with a tin lined copper penguin cocktail shaker, 9.25in tall £20-30

  • LOT 739

    A pair of framed watercolours of yachts moored, indistinctly signed, image size, 9.875in x 6.75in £20-30

  • LOT 740

    A quantity of mixed stamps off paper in envelopes, a child's stamp album & relate items £20-30

  • LOT 741

    A carved ethnic mask, 39in high £10-20

  • LOT 742

    A base metal antique top wind pocket watch, runs when wound £10-20

  • LOT 743

    A teak garden bench, 36in wide, some play in joints £10-20

  • LOT 744

    A copper milk churn, dent to front, misshapen to top, approx. 27in tall £10-20

  • LOT 745

    Five terracotta pots twinned with a glazed pot & two large pebbles £10-20

  • LOT 746

    A heavy octagonal cut slate garden table, 17in high x 12in wide £30-40

  • LOT 747

    An iron cauldron & stand, 32in high, twinned with a wrought iron stand, a copper planter & sundial £20-30

  • LOT 748

    An iron pig feeder, 36in diameter £30-40

  • LOT 749

    A large constituted stone ornamental garden figure of an eagle, 31in high x 27in wide £60-80

  • LOT 750

    A stone bird bath, 25.75in tall £20-30

  • LOT 751

    A stone bird bath with baluster pedestal, 27in tall £20-30

  • LOT 752

    Four reconstituted stone Corinthian columns, 40in tall x 9,75in square top £100-200

  • LOT 753

    Two large iron cart wheels, 47.5in diameter £100-150

  • LOT 754

    A pair of large two piece pedestal reconstituted stone planters, 35in tall x 20.5in at widest part of opening £100-200

  • LOT 755

    A pair of ornate reconstituted stone campana planters, 23in tall £50-60

  • LOT 756

    A pair of reconstituted stone planters, 15.25in tall £30-40

  • LOT 757

    A two piece granite garden mushroom, 27in tall x 17in diameter £50-60

  • LOT 758

    A pair of large glazed garden pots, 15.625in high x 18.875in diameter £30-40

  • LOT 759

    Two reconstituted stone pot plinths, 16.5in & 14in tall respectively £10-20

  • LOT 760

    A reconstituted stone pot 16.5in tall twinned with a glazed pot 14in tall £20-30

  • LOT 761

    A terracotta pot 14in diameter mounted on stand 41in high £20-30

  • LOT 762

    A weather vane styled as a galleon, 34.5in wide x 23.5in high £20-30

  • LOT 763

    A weather vane styled as an eagle, 24.5in wide x 20.5in high £20-30

  • LOT 764

    Two unmounted robin weather vanes, 16.875in wide x 10.5in high £20-30

  • LOT 765

    An unmounted huntsman styled weather vane, 25.25in wide x 17.75in high £30-40

  • LOT 766

    A quantity of mixed coinage £10-15

  • LOT 767

    A framed three dimensional framed print titled "Dock Brief - Nine Pleaders", 28in wide x 17.25in high, signed in pencil Jedd £20-30

  • LOT 768

    A framed limited edition print by Mark Spain, 71/295, titled "Portrait II", signed, 23in x 12in including frame £30-40

  • LOT 769

    Two decorative terracotta garden pots with tree decor, 12.5in high x 17in diameter £30-50

  • LOT 770

    A alloy garden table, 26.5in high x 30.75in diameter £20-30

  • LOT 771

    A wine box twinned with a 1988 Seoul Olympic bear £10-15

  • LOT 772

    Seven vols. of Shakespeare with colour plates by Sir. John Gilbert, published by Mackenzie, a 1968 Art Council Book on Henry Moore, other books, two oil paintings & a print £20-30