Auction Catalogue – July 25th 2024

Jewellery, Furnishings & Collectables

July 25th 2024 – 10.30am start

This sale will be held at our Heathlands Road saleroom in Liskeard. 

If you would like to enter items for this or any other auction, please contact us here.

Thank you.

  • LOT 1

    A Moorcroft pottery vase decorated with flowers & fruit, believed to be a "one off", signed WM to base in green, 170mm tall £80-100

  • LOT 2

    A Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, titled "Rose", 162mm tall £30-40

  • LOT 3

    A Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, Blue Indian Elephant, no.27, 2001, 160mm tall £30-40

  • LOT 4

    A Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, Trial 4, 2001, 165mm tall £30-40

  • LOT 5

    A Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, featuring Koala Bears, Trial 5, 2000, 198mm tall £50-60

  • LOT 6

    A Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, featuring White Hares, no.3, titled "Gala Day", 2004, 170mm tall £30-40

  • LOT 7

    A Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, with art nouveau decor, Trial 2, 2002, 198mm tall £50-60

  • LOT 8

    A Dennis China Works floral vase designed by Sally Tuffin, 1997, 185mm tall £40-50

  • LOT 9

    A limited edition Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, with Otter decor, originally 30/100, but discontinued at 35, with letter of confirmation from decorator Mary Whettem, 2001, 190mm tall £50-60

  • LOT 10

    A Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, decorated with primroses, Trial 1, 2000, 265mm tall £80-120

  • LOT 11

    A Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, decorated with tulips, no.45, 1999, 274mm tall £60-80

  • LOT 12

    A Dennis China Works pin dish designed by Sally Tuffin featuring leaping salmon, Trial 3, 2006, 114mm diameter £20-30

  • LOT 13

    A Dennis China Works plate designed by Sally Tuffin, Trial 1, 2003, 155mm diameter £10-20

  • LOT 14

    A Dennis China Works plate with fruit decor, 1999, 155mm diameter £10-20

  • LOT 15

    A Dennis China Works plate designed by Sally Tuffin featuring foxgloves, no.11, 2001, 155mm diameter £10-20

  • LOT 16

    A Dennis China Works plate, "No Puffin", painted by Adam White. no.5, 2008, 160mm diameter £10-20

  • LOT 17

    Three limited edition Dennis China Works William Morris angel plates designed by Sally Tuffin, Angel Gabriel, Angel Raphael & Angel Uriel, 4/25, 14/25 & 4/25, 2002, each 155mm diameter £30-50

  • LOT 18

    A limited edition Dennis China Works plate designed by Sally Tuffin decorated with Owls, titled Illyria, no.43/50, 2001, 155mm diameter £10-20

  • LOT 19

    A Dennis China Works plate designed by Sally Tuffin, 2004, 158mm diameter £10-20

  • LOT 20

    A Dennis China Works plate, William Morris colour trial, 2004, 160mm diameter £10-20

  • LOT 21

    An early 20thC. Ruskin style high fired Moorcroft Burslem bowl, pattern 1410C, 110mm diameter £20-30

  • LOT 22

    A Moorcroft pottery poppy ashtray, 108mm diameter £10-20

  • LOT 23

    A limited edition Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, 28/50 "Pohutukawa New Zealand" 2004, 210mm tall £60-80

  • LOT 24

    A Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, decorated with ladybirds & foliage, Trial 3, 2005, 140mm tall £30-50

  • LOT 25

    A large Dennis China Works colour trial banded vase, 2003, 355mm tall £50-60

  • LOT 26

    A Dennis China Works planter, Trial 2, 2005, 130mm tall £30-40

  • LOT 27

    A Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, "Gala Day" 2005, no. 15, 130mm tall £30-40

  • LOT 28

    A Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, decorated with fuchsias, 2000, 135mm tall £30-40

  • LOT 29

    A Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, decorated with daffodils, 2001, 200mm tall £50-60

  • LOT 30

    A Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, decorated with foxgloves, Trial no.18, 115mm tall £30-50

  • LOT 31

    A Moorcroft pottery hibiscus pin dish, 92mm diameter £10-20

  • LOT 32

    A limited edition Dennis China Works vase designed by Sally Tuffin, decorated with William Morris Angel Uriel, 21/25, 2002, 320mm tall £80-120

  • LOT 33

    A limited edition Dennis China Works Margaret Mackintosh lustre side step vase, signed Sally Tuffin, 9/40, 300mm tall £100-200

  • LOT 34

    A Dennis China Works jar & cover designed by Sally Tuffin, 2000, 128mm tall x 132mm wide £30-40

  • LOT 35

    A Dennis China Works jar & cover designed by Sally Tuffin with bee finial & honeycomb decor, no.9, Sample, 2001, 137mm tall x 110mm wide £30-40

  • LOT 36

    A Dennis China Works jar & cover designed by Sally Tuffin with elephant finial & decor, Trial 3, 2002, 150mm tall x 113mm wide £30-40

  • LOT 37

    A Dennis China Works jar & cover designed by Sally Tuffin with polar bear finial & decor, no.57, 2001, 145mm tall x 115mm wide £30-40

  • LOT 38

    A Dennis China Works jar & cover designed by Sally Tuffin with penguin finial & decor, no.77, 2002, 162mm tall x 110mm wide £30-40

  • LOT 39

    A Dennis China Works jar & cover designed by Sally Tuffin, no.9, 2002, 155mm tall x 109mm wide £30-40

  • LOT 40

    An art deco style Lorna Bailey sifter, signed, second limited edition titled "Thunderbolt", 142mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 41

    An art deco style Lorna Bailey sifter, signed, third limited edition titled "Sunset", 144mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 42

    An art deco style Lorna Bailey sifter, signed, fourth limited edition titled "Twister", 140mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 43

    An art deco style Lorna Bailey sifter, signed, fifth limited edition titled "Fire", 141mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 44

    A Dennis China Works Bonzo mug, 70/250 twinned with a one other. largest 113mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 45

    A Lorna Bailey vase after Charles Rennie Mackintosh, 202mm tall £30-40

  • LOT 46

    Two Cobridge stoneware vases & a marbled stoneware style bowl, tallest vase 155mm £30-50

  • LOT 47

    A limited edition Cobridge vase, 42/100, dated 29-11-98 with box, no.30, 183mm tall £40-50

  • LOT 48

    A limited edition Cobridge vase with frog decor 42/100, dated 15-6-99 with box, 133mm tall x 170mm wide £60-80

  • LOT 49

    A Cobridge vase with trawler by Angela Davenport, dated 15-6-99 with box, 163mm tall £60-80

  • LOT 50

    A Goebel glass bowl with decor after Gustav Klimt twinned with one other vase, bowl 240mm wide & 200mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 51

    An Isle of Wight glass paperweight, 80mm high, twinned with a Caithness paperweight titled "White Horses" £20-30

  • LOT 52

    Six Norman Stuart Clarke signed glass scent bottles, tallest 110mm £60-80

  • LOT 53

    A Norman Stuart Clarke signed iridescent glass vase, 82mm tall twinned with one other by Lesley Clarke '99 £20-30

  • LOT 54

    A Norman Stuart Clarke art glass vase "Eclipse", 170mm tall £30-50

  • LOT 55

    An art glass bowl with pedestal by Wendy Hooper, 1993, 161mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 56

    A pair of Caithness etched art glass vases, blue owl & aubergine primrose, 136mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 57

    A Jo Downs art glass dish 138mm square, twinned with a signed Liam Carey vase, 125mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 58

    A pair of iridescent Okra vase with one box, 170mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 59

    A pair of lightly iridescent Okra bowls with boxes, 130mm wide £20-30

  • LOT 60

    An Okra squat vase with box, 170mm tall with box £20-30

  • LOT 61

    An iridescent Okra vase with box, 165mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 62

    An iridescent Okra vase, inscribed to base Glass Guild Founder Member 1997/1998, no.379, with box, 115mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 63

    Two Okra glass scent bottles, one pattern "Nebula", 105mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 64

    A Malcolm Sutcliffe Dolphin vase, signed, 140mm tall £30-50

  • LOT 65

    A large Poole Fleurie pattern ginger jar & cover, 250mm tall, part of ten pieces £30-40

  • LOT 66

    Six boxed Beswick Sporting Characters by Royal Doulton, tallest 152mm £50-70

  • LOT 67

    A boxed Royal Doulton Grumpy's Bathtime, 130mm wide x 105mm tall, twinned with a Clover Seven Dwarfs toast rack, 200mm wide £10-20

  • LOT 68

    Twelve Beswick Pig Promenade band members, two with detached trombones & one lacking flute, no chips or repairs, tallest 150mm, with boxes £80-120

  • LOT 69

    An Aubrey Beardsley patterned jug by Poole Pottery, 215mm tall, part of fifteen pieces £100-150

  • LOT 70

    A 1980 Murano paperweight, 86mm diameter, twinned with three other paperweights £10-20

  • LOT 71

    A Beswick Connoisseur model of champion racehorse Grundy 1975. Grundy won the 1975 English & Irish Derby's along with the 1975 King George, beating Bustino, 282mm tall, no box £20-30

  • LOT 72

    A Beswick Connoisseur model of racehorse Red Rum, who won the Grand National three times & was second twice, including under 12st in 1974, 317mm tall, no box £20-30

  • LOT 73

    A Beswick colt, hoof raised with oval stamp, one other Beswick horse, a Beswick shire horse, chip to ear & a Beswick 1811 group, repaired, tallest 200mm £20-30

  • LOT 74

    A Bewsick stag on rocky plinth, twinned with a spare pair of antlers, 335mm tall £30-50

  • LOT 75

    Two Herend porcelain cockerels, 145mm tall £150-200

  • LOT 76

    A limited edition boxed Cobridge pot & cover, 18/100, 110mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 77

    A quantity of Goebel figurines including a robin, two pin dishes & a plate, one with small repair & one with chip to head, seventeen pieces £20-30

  • LOT 78

    A Royal Doulton HN1974 Forty Winks twinned with two Coalport Ldies of Fashion "Emily" & "Barbara Ann", tallest 210mm £20-30

  • LOT 79

    Five Staffordshire style cats including two by Arthur Wood, twinned with German porcelain figures including Dickens characters & other figurines, a majolica plate & other items £20-30

  • LOT 80

    An Old Tupton Ware seated cat with tube lined decor twinned with a similar girl with hat & flowers, tallest 200mm £20-30

  • LOT 81

    Three Old Tupton Ware tube lined floral vases, tallest 280mm £30-40

  • LOT 82

    Eight pieces of Old Tupton Ware tube lined pottery including 'bag vase', 160mm tall £50-60

  • LOT 83

    A Wilkinson pottery Clarice Cliff style conserve jar with lid twinned with a honey pot stylised as a bee £10-20

  • LOT 84

    A Lauder Barum Devon pottery vase with stylised floral decor, 263mm tall £30-40

  • LOT 85

    A circa mid 19thC. English jasperware cheese dome in the style of Wedgwood, two chips to underside of base, 268mm wide x 200mm tall £60-80

  • LOT 86

    Eight enamelled rum cups with pot, 155mm tall, decorated with naval signal flags £30-40

  • LOT 87

    A Bradford Exchange robin vase, 220mm tall, twinned with an Aynsley cup & saucer & two other fruit decorated Aynsley dishes £10-20

  • LOT 88

    A boxed Wedgwood Peter Rabbit breakfast nursery set £10-20

  • LOT 89

    A small Moorcroft Wisteria vase of waisted design, two chips to base edge, 112mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 90

    A boxed Lladro no. 779 figure group, two children praying, 215mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 91

    A boxed Lladro no. 800 figure group, child carrying another, 240mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 92

    A boxed Lladro no. 70 figure group, boy with chamberstick & younger child, 205mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 93

    A boxed Lladro no. 682 figure group, woman with goose, 335mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 94

    A boxed Lladro no. 1187 figure group, girl with cat, 205mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 95

    A boxed Lladro no. 838 figure, girl at sink, 185mm £10-20

  • LOT 96

    A boxed Lladro no. 1088 figure group, girl with dog & basket of flowers, 215mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 97

    A boxed Lladro no. 1010 figure, girl with lamb, incorrect box, 215mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 98

    A boxed Lladro no. 36 figure, woman with water carriers, 325mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 99

    A boxed Lladro no. 127 figure, girl seated holding hen, 238mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 100

    A boxed Lladro no. 700 figure, woman with parasol, 360mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 101

    A boxed Lladro no. 43 figure group, children on seesaw, 198mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 102

    An unboxed Lladro no. 4654 figure group, elderly man & boy, 295mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 103

    A boxed Lladro no. 4611 figure group, two nuns, 335mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 104

    A boxed Lladro no. 830 figure group, couple on love seat with dog, 270mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 105

    A boxed Lladro no. 598 figure group, young couple, 390mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 106

    A boxed Lladro figure, angel seated, 100mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 107

    Two Lladro figures, girl with chamberstick no. 4868 & young mother with child no. 4636, tallest 205mm £20-30

  • LOT 108

    A boxed Lladro no. 1211 figure group, girl with doll, 225mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 109

    A boxed Lladro no. 6414 figure, Hello Friend, 220mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 110

    A boxed Lladro no. 6532 figure, 245mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 111

    A boxed Lladro no. 1027 figure group, clown with accordion, 450mm £10-20

  • LOT 112

    A large Lladro figure of boy with goat by Juan Heurta, no. 01012009, 370mm tall £50-100

  • LOT 113

    A large two piece figure of girl with planter, no. 3415100, 440mm tall £50-100

  • LOT 114

    A boxed Royal Doulton Bunnykins Henry VIII & his six wives, 390mm at widest, loss of some paint on Catherine £30-50

  • LOT 115

    An antique continental porcelain figurative centrepiece of art nouveau styling, 440mm tall £60-80

  • LOT 116

    A Cantonese Chinese porcelain bowl with six character mark to base, 250mm wide x 115mm high £30-40

  • LOT 117

    A Chinese earthenware vase with hand painted decor, loss to rim, pieces are with lot for repair, 370mm tall £30-40

  • LOT 118

    An antique Bohemian overlay glass decanter, 425mm tall £60-80

  • LOT 119

    A c.1920/30's Val Saint Lambert style crystal overlay glass vase, 255mm tall £50-60

  • LOT 120

    A Moorland Chelsea Works, Burslem art deco wall plaque, twinned with one other stamped 'England', largest 185mm wide x 175mm high £20-30

  • LOT 121

    A late 1930's 'Lucky Santa Claus' teapot 185mm tall, twinned with a Copeland Spode bowl with relief decor £10-20

  • LOT 122

    Two 19thC. Ewenny pottery vases with incised decor, one with chips to rim, tallest 220mm £50-100

  • LOT 123

    A small collection of continental porcelain figures including Dresden & ballerinas with gilded bases, tallest 165mm £30-40

  • LOT 124

    A pair of Staffordshire pottery spaniel dogs 245mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 125

    A c.1900 Adams, James Leech 'Ship Caroline' pink lustre bowl, emblems depicting 'The Shipwrights Arms' to outer, 247mm diameter x 116mm deep £30-40

  • LOT 126

    A Moorcroft enamel vase titled "Harvest Time" with box, 70mm tall £60-80

  • LOT 127

    A Moorcroft enamel floral decor paperweight with box, 65mm diameter £30-40

  • LOT 128

    A Moorcroft enamel hinged box with safari plain decor & box, 45mm tall £50-60

  • LOT 129

    A Moorcroft enamel screw top pill box with daffodil decor & box, 30mm diameter £30-50

  • LOT 130

    A boxed Halcyon Days Bonbonnieres hinged enamel box with owl & pussy cat decor £50-60

  • LOT 131

    A boxed Halcyon Days tribute to William Wordsworth limited edition enamel box, 106/150 £30-40

  • LOT 132

    A Halcyon Days made for Sinclairs, limited edition 45/2000 Manchester United enamel box, 65mm x 40mm £20-30

  • LOT 133

    A boxed Halcyon Days Shakespeare related limited edition enamel box, 133/200 £30-50

  • LOT 134

    Seven boxed Crummles enamel boxes including one with duck finial £80-120

  • LOT 135

    Three boxed Staffordshire enamel boxes including a sow with piglets £60-80

  • LOT 136

    A Kingsley enamel box, one other with coastal scene & two porcelain trinket boxes £30-40

  • LOT 137

    A Bohemian style overlay cut glass crystal vase, 305mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 138

    A French, 19thC. opaline glass vase with moulded floral décor & applied gilding, possibly by Baccarat, 400mm tall £60-80

  • LOT 139

    A decorative art deco style bronze of female nude form, 325mm tall £80-100

  • LOT 140

    A quantity of Royal Albert Lavender Rose pattern china, approx. 67 pieces £50-60

  • LOT 141

    A quantity of Royal Albert Country Roses pattern china, approx. 40 pieces £30-40

  • LOT 142

    Eight pieces of Portmeirion Birds of Britain pattern kitchenware including bowl 235mm wide x 110mm high, twinned with a stoneware salt £10-20

  • LOT 143

    Three Aynsley Wild Tudor vases, one lidded, a Royal Doulton Long John Silver jug, six side plates by Royal Staffordshire after Clarice Cliff, two decorative soup bowls with plates & a leaping horse spill vase, 305mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 144

    A lacquer ware tray, a pair of 18th/19thC. porcelain vases, restored, possibly early Worcester, two Fenton 'Ming Period' dishes & other items £20-30

  • LOT 145

    Two Oriental bowls, five pieces of Portmeirion Botanic Garden, plated wares & other items £20-30

  • LOT 146

    Five early 20thC. nursery ware cups, five branded shot glasses & a small selection of vesta boxes £10-20

  • LOT 147

    A WMF Ikora vase in bronzed metal with verdigris patina, impressed logo to base, a bronze Japanese vase with relief decor, a 19thC. silver plated desk set, lacking one original inkwell & a pair of cut glass candle holders, one with chip to base £20-30

  • LOT 148

    A soda siphon inscribed Western Aerated Water Co. Ltd. Plymouth, 310mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 149

    A Joseph Pugsley & Sons. Ltd. brass perpetual calendar, stiff in places, a brass fishing reel & a WW1 brass shell casing. 295mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 150

    A quantity of pewter including an arts & crafts style biscuit barrel & seven pieces of My Lady £30-40

  • LOT 151

    A 19thC. mortar & pestle twinned with a pair of Elizabethan galleon ship bookends, 145mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 152

    Two brass miners lamps by E. Thomas & Williams Ltd. one dated 1985, 335mm tall £60-80

  • LOT 153

    An Oriental bronze vase with floral decor & two character mark to base, 295mm tall twinned with two copper water jugs £30-40

  • LOT 154

    A French late 19thC. pewter style inkwell by N. Vidal, 210mm at widest £20-30

  • LOT 155

    A mid 20thC. motoring badge bar, 335mm wide including Ludlow Castle Motor Club £20-30

  • LOT 156

    A pair of leather cased Ross no. 6673 binoculars, one other pair & an extending brass telescope £20-30

  • LOT 157

    Eight pieces of decorative hand painted 19thC. dessert ware twinned with commemorative wares £50-60

  • LOT 158

    A large copper ships lamp, converted, numbered R5284, 540mm tall inclusive £60-80

  • LOT 159

    A pair of French spelter figures, Le Pecheur & La Pecheuse, 390mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 160

    An early/mid 20thC. cut glass vase & bowl. Vase measures 205mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 161

    A French gilt clock with plinth, lacking dome & with bust finial, movement maker Miroy Freres, C.
    M. Paris, with pendulum & keys, 450mm tall inclusive, 340mm wide £30-50

  • LOT 162

    A Victorian slate mantle clock, bears presentation plaque to "Miss. S. Tomkin......of the Royal Dockyard & Sunday School, Devonport 1886", 255mm high x 245mm wide £30-40

  • LOT 163

    A 19thC. brass lantern clock, not running, 295mm tall £60-80

  • LOT 164

    Two copper troughs, largest 345mm wide x 115mm high x 140mm deep £10-20

  • LOT 165

    A tin lined copper pan twinned with a small copper helmet shaped scuttle, a copper & brass match holder in form of scuttle, a pair of brass candle holders & other items £20-30

  • LOT 166

    A 19thC. two handled copper pan, 495mm at widest £30-50

  • LOT 167

    A Georgian copper kettle twinned with a 19thC. copper scuttle with good copper & rivet repair & a mid 20thC. copper kettle £30-40

  • LOT 168

    A 19thC. Japanese Imari pot, bottom later drilled for drainage, a Doulton flow blue 'Oyama' pattern jardiniere, 215mm tall & a Losol Ware Shanghai pattern planter £30-40

  • LOT 169

    A Georgian three ringed decanter twinned with a Georgian tankard, a pair of antique ale glasses & other antique & 19thC. drinking glasses, small chip to base of one of the pair of wine goblets £30-40

  • LOT 170

    A selection of matching pattern 19thC. glassware including two sets of six & a jug, 140mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 171

    A set of six 19thC. custard cups, one with crack near handle, 60mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 172

    A Meiji period Japanese carved hardwood figure group featuring Samurai warriors & horse, some faults, 610mm tall x 250mm wide £50-60

  • LOT 173

    Two 19thC. copper haystacks, tallest 225mm £20-30

  • LOT 174

    An antique brass & copper water jug 275mm tall, twinned with miniature brass kettle £10-20

  • LOT 175

    Two Georgian copper kettles, tallest 320mm £20-30

  • LOT 176

    A pair of Georgian bell metal candle holders, 250mm tall, twinned with a 19thC. pewter water jug appears to be inscribed to base 'Jolly Sailor, St. George St' £20-30

  • LOT 177

    Two antique novelty inkwell cars twinned with two similar pin cushion cars £30-40

  • LOT 178

    A Victorian lined glass biscuit barrel, twinned with a plated cake stand, a posy vase, 215mm tall & other plated ware £10-20

  • LOT 179

    A large 1930's green majolica jardiniere, 285mm tall x 325mm £20-30

  • LOT 180

    An early 20thC. Swedish toy horse on wheeled base, some losses, 430mm high x 450mm wide x 180mm deep £60-80

  • LOT 181

    An early 20thC. oak cutlery box, 440mm wide x 130mm high x 275mm deep £20-30

  • LOT 182

    A Victorian glass thermometer, 305mm tall x 70mm wide £20-30

  • LOT 183

    A gold plated Solingen 'Royal Collection' cutlery set for twelve £80-100

  • LOT 184

    A Victorian brass punch doorstep, 305mm tall, twinned with a later brass Judy £20-30

  • LOT 185

    A boxed Sinclair ZX Spectrum computer £30-40

  • LOT 186

    A quantity of Royal Commemorative ware, approx. 25 pieces £10-20

  • LOT 187

    A Bretby earthenware pot, a Deltonware floral plant pot & other china £10-20

  • LOT 188

    A pair of brass horse bookends, a selection of silver topped glass jars, a brass caddy & other items £20-30

  • LOT 189

    A silver plated egg cup & spoon set for four, a cased fish knife & fork set with servers, other plated wares & a Cauldon footed dish lacking cover £10-20

  • LOT 190

    A bronze art nouveau dish a/f twinned with various pewter including Royal Zinn & other items £10-20

  • LOT 191

    A 19thC. tea caddy with glass mixing jar 305mm wide x 170mm deep x 165mm high, twinned with a sarcophagus shaped caddy lacking internals £30-40

  • LOT 192

    A good pair of silver plated Swedish Gustavian style candelabra, inscription to base, 354mm tall twinned with a plated gallery tray, coaster & a quaich £30-40

  • LOT 193

    A wooden post rack, a leather collar box, a decorative trinket trunk & a cased boot jack £20-30

  • LOT 194

    A quantity of silver plated items including a spirit kettle, lid a/f, a bread basket, toast rack & a rose bowl £20-30

  • LOT 195

    A small mascot cricket bat bearing signatures of various cricketers relating to Dick Triscott & Plymouth Cricket Club, 430mm long £20-30

  • LOT 196

    A silver plated tureen & cover, a WMF style glass bonbon, two sets of berry spoons & other plated ware including cutlery £20-30

  • LOT 197

    An oak cased New Haven Clock Company mantle clock, 460mm tall x 300mm wide x 125mm deep, twinned with a Smiths Enfield mantle clock £30-40

  • LOT 198

    An oil lamp with etched shade, 594mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 199

    A 19thC. lacquered papier mache tray, a pair of Georgian style plated ware footed dishes with covers, a Macintosh style tray, a plated chamberstick & other plated ware £30-40

  • LOT 200

    A selection of 19thC. prints after George Cruikshank titled 'The Bottle' & 'The Drunkards Children', 16 plates in total, twinned with 'The Bottle' book & the portfolio folder £50-60

  • LOT 201

    A Meccano no.6 box set twinned with Dinky military vehicles & other diecast vehicles £30-50

  • LOT 202

    Twenty three pieces of Royal Albert Sweet Pea pattern tea ware, hairline to sugar bowl & one saucer £10-20

  • LOT 203

    A modern desk lamp twinned with a Satsuma ware Japanese vase, 385mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 204

    A four piece silver plated coffee & tea set with inscription twinned with an oak gallery tray with silver plated fittings, 570mm x 385mm £20-30

  • LOT 205

    A quantity of West Highland Terrier related ornaments & bookends, 155mm high x 100 wide, including Border Fine Arts & Leonardo £20-30

  • LOT 206

    A selection of coral & fossils, found at Branscombe, Lyme Regis, largest piece 240mm x 130mm £20-30

  • LOT 207

    A large 19thC. Delphin Massier Vallauris style majolica pottery model of a donkey, impressed number to base, some repairs to base & lower rear legs, 510mm high x 430mm wide x 175mm deep £60-80

  • LOT 208

    A Royal Albert Masquerade pattern coffee set for six, coffee pot 220mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 209

    A Viners Parish Collection kings pattern silver plated cutlery canteen for eight twinned with a pair of Arthur Price kings pattern serving spoons £30-40

  • LOT 210

    An Arthur Price canteen of cutlery for six, presents as unused £30-40

  • LOT 211

    An assortment of drawing instruments & related items £20-30

  • LOT 212

    A selection of vinyl LP's including two Beatles, Rolling Stones, two Joan Baez, The Dubliners & a number of vinyl singles including nine Beatles £30-40

  • LOT 213

    A plated brandy warmer with glass twinned with six pieces of Wedgwood jasperware £10-15

  • LOT 214

    Fifteen Beatrix Potter books twinned with three Cicely Mary Barker child's books £20-30

  • LOT 215

    A selection of plated & other metal wares including candle holders & spoons, some a/f £10-20

  • LOT 216

    A selection of stamps & related items including two child's albums, postcards, Hitler mint stamps & other items £10-20

  • LOT 217

    Three Steiff teddy bears including one with 'Liberty' label to foot, largest 290mm £10-20

  • LOT 218

    Two Steiff teddy bears, largest 330mm £10-20

  • LOT 219

    Two Steiff teddy bears, one with label '140 Jahre' to foot, largest 330mm £10-20

  • LOT 220

    Three Steiff teddy bears, one with 'Liberty' label to foot, largest 300mm £10-20

  • LOT 221

    A Steiff plush leopard twinned with Steiff white cat, largest 590mm long £10-20

  • LOT 222

    A Steiff Peter Rabbit twinned with a Steiff Benjamin Bunny, both with certificates, tallest 380mm £10-20

  • LOT 223

    A Steiff plush polar teddy bear twinned with smaller Steiff polar teddy bear, largest 350mm £10-20

  • LOT 224

    Two 2017 Charlie Bears lions from Lion King Film, lion & cub, largest 500mm £10-20

  • LOT 225

    Three Steiff teddy bears including a growler, largest 280mm £10-20

  • LOT 226

    Three Steiff teddy bears including two vintage replicas by Steiff, largest 330mm £10-20

  • LOT 227

    Five Steiff teddy bears with personalised embroidered motto's to feet, largest 280mm £10-20

  • LOT 228

    Nine Merrythought teddy bears including Harrods, Mini Edward & growler, largest 360mm £10-20

  • LOT 229

    Nine Merrythought teddy bears including Harrods & growler, largest 420mm £10-20

  • LOT 230

    Six Merrythought teddy bears, one Deb Canham & two Farnell's including Harrods, largest 480mm £10-20

  • LOT 231

    A quantity of nineteen teddy bears including WWF, AA Softytoys. Tebro & Wendy Boston, largest 510mm £10-20

  • LOT 232

    A Steiff panda keyring with labels, 150mm inclusive £10-15

  • LOT 233

    Two Steiff teddy bears, one musical with winder, plays 'My Way', largest 300mm £10-20

  • LOT 234

    A quantity of twenty three tiles relating to Klimt including a large ceramic tile & a number of resin type tiles, a boxed Goebel Klimt cup & saucer & similar plate, largest tile 600mm sq £60-80

  • LOT 235

    A quantity of Goebel Mucha themed ceramic items including a lamp, mostly boxed £30-40

  • LOT 236

    Two Moet & Chandon porcelain tiles twinned with a Moet & Chandon mirror, 565mm x 240mm £20-30

  • LOT 237

    A Carlton Ware vegetable cruet set, three pieces of Portmeirion pottery including Collectors CLub vase & other decorative china £20-30

  • LOT 238

    A signed John Dunne art glass dish, 395mm sq, twinned with other glassware including Mucha style vases £20-30

  • LOT 239

    Two Jacqueline Heather art nouveau style dishes twinned with two decorative art nouveau styled framed ceramic tiles, 470mm x 345mm £30-40

  • LOT 240

    A collection of twenty three Wedgwood jasperware porcelain items including ten Mother plates & eight Christmas tankards from 1970's & 1980 £20-30

  • LOT 241

    Two 19thC. cut glass sundaes, a 1920's art glass bowl, four Oriental prints, a box with mixed coinage, eight small celadon style Oriental carp knife rests, one with small chip, A Hancock & Sons vase, chip to rim, three pieces of Wedgwood & other items £10-20

  • LOT 242

    A miniature miners lamp, pie funnel, three candle snuffers & a paua shell £10-15

  • LOT 243

    A cased selection of coins, watch cases, a novelty whistle, Gas Workers Union, TA & Home Guard badges & other items £10-15

  • LOT 244

    A miniature dolls pram twinned with porcelain headed doll, pram measures 110mm wide x 105mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 245

    Four small German porcelain figures twinned with small figure group, some faults, tallest 100mm £10-20

  • LOT 246

    A damaged Pratts Plymouth with lighthouse motive stoneware ginger beer bottle, one other, a Benbow Dog Mixture bottle, a Schweppes lemonade bottle, a cinnamon essence bottle & others £10-20

  • LOT 247

    A pair of art deco period 1930's bronzed chalk figures of nude female form, 345mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 248

    A sliding boxwood Gunter's rule, two cast iron paperweights, various draftsman instruments & tools £20-30

  • LOT 249

    A miniature cast metal mantle clock, possibly salesman's piece twinned with silver top wind pocket watch, not working, set in Black Forest style watch stand £10-20

  • LOT 250

    A 19thC. Tunbridge Ware rosewood 12in ruler, small loss to edge of one end £10-20

  • LOT 251

    Two part draughts sets, one in boxwood, the other in bone, both with wooden boxes £10-20

  • LOT 252

    A brass field microscope with case & six slides £20-30

  • LOT 253

    A cased brass weights set, 1kg to 2g, lacking 1g weight, box 230mm wide x 100mm deep x 90mm high £10-15

  • LOT 254

    An extending brass telescope, some dents, 673mm extended, twinned with a brass field microscope £20-30

  • LOT 255

    A leather cased British Standard Steam Gauge Co. no. B36 pressure gauge, case 250mm wide £10-20

  • LOT 256

    A small selection of covers, some coinage including a £5 coin, a 19thC. Robaud French & English dictionary & a cased Parker ball point pen £10-20

  • LOT 257

    Two metronomes twinned with two E. Greaves adjustable tuning forks & one other, both with boxes £10-20

  • LOT 258

    A selection of Chinese & Oriental related items including a lacquerware box, an abacus, four cabinet keys & locks, a brass rice bowl & a calligraphy ink block in decorative glass cased boxed £20-30

  • LOT 259

    Ten vesta cases including two white metal, one case is inscribed ABG New Laid Eggs £30-40

  • LOT 260

    Three novelty vesta cases, one in form of a sow, one a violin case & the other a cello £30-40

  • LOT 261

    Three boxed Corgi diecast vehicles including James Bond 261, box not original, car rear bullet screen faulty, 437 & 258 £10-20

  • LOT 262

    Fourteen boxed English Dinky diecast model vehicles nos. 164, 102, 181, 166, 175, 156, 154, 166, 161, 176, 164, 162, 157 & 162, box to no. 164 has tear to flap £30-50

  • LOT 263

    A boxed English Dinky diecast model no. 283 BOAC bus £10-20

  • LOT 264

    Four boxed English Dinky 00 gauge diecast models nos. 065, 069, 063 & 064, small tear to flap on no. 063 £10-20

  • LOT 265

    A boxed English Dinky diecast model no. 905 Foden Flat Truck £10-20

  • LOT 266

    A boxed English Dinky diecast model no. 502 Foden Flat Truck £10-20

  • LOT 267

    A boxed English Dinky diecast model no. 905 Foden Flat Truck £10-20

  • LOT 268

    A boxed English Dinky diecast model no.503 Foden Flat Truck £10-20

  • LOT 269

    Two boxed diecast models: Matchbox Series Lesney no.21 Milk Float & Models of Yesteryear Lesney Y-4 Fire Wagon with horses £10-20

  • LOT 270

    A tin plate clockwork train with key & four pieces of track corners, possibly by Brimtoy £10-20

  • LOT 271

    A tin plate caravan with car, 440mm long £10-20

  • LOT 272

    A selection of diecast model vehicles, a number with play use & a/f including Lesney, Dinky, Husky, Corgi Junior, Matchbox, Corgi, Dinky Commer trucks & others £10-20

  • LOT 273

    Six Dinky diecast model cars to include Austin Devon, Austin Somerset, two Triumph Lagonda & Sunbeam Talbot twinned with Corgi Austin Healy & Chevrolet Impala £10-20

  • LOT 274

    Six boxed Atlas Editions Great British Buses diecast models £10-20

  • LOT 275

    A 1986 Franklin Mint Silver Ghost 1907 detailed diecast model, with protective packing & sleeve £10-20

  • LOT 276

    A cased Parker Duofold fountain pen £10-20

  • LOT 277

    Eighteen boxed model trains, some staining to boxes £20-30

  • LOT 278

    Twenty one Atlas fighter planes with polystyrene housing £20-30

  • LOT 279

    Fourteen boxed Atlas model ships £10-20

  • LOT 280

    Nineteen Atlas pocket watches with presentation boxes £20-30

  • LOT 281

    An 1892 Victorian silver crown, a £5 coin & other collectable coins & items £20-30

  • LOT 282

    A small collection of ten vintage 1930/40's adverts including Coca-Cola £20-30

  • LOT 283

    Three 1970's Rupert the Bear winter holiday posters published by Clark Brandt, 610mm x 430mm £20-30

  • LOT 284

    A Pentax Asahi Spotmatic F 35mm film camera twinned with a Tamron 35-210mm lens, an Olympus 100-200mm lens & other items £20-30

  • LOT 285

    Two boxed sets of Beatrix Potter books, twenty two in number, twinned with a small selection of vintage games £10-20

  • LOT 286

    A collection of approx. 178 sheets of Japanese woodblock print matchbox labels, approx. 1844 in total £80-100

  • LOT 287

    A Kidkord book of six 8in Nursery Rhyme records £10-15

  • LOT 288

    Six stamp albums including British & some mint £30-40

  • LOT 289

    A November 1931 Australia to England Special Airmail cover twinned with approx. 117 other covers in two albums £30-40

  • LOT 290

    An album of coins & bank notes including £5 & a George IV 1822 silver crown £20-30

  • LOT 291

    Book: Life of Benjamin Disraeli, six vols by George Earle Buckle, published by John Murray 1920 £20-30

  • LOT 292

    Book: Winston Churchill The Second World War, six vols published by Cassell & Co. Ltd 1954 £30-40

  • LOT 293

    An Olympic 1936 German edition of the XI Olympiad held in Berlin, featuring Nazi Germany photographic imagery, some faults to the book including warping & odd loose page £30-50

  • LOT 294

    Seven first day cover albums including some Benham silks, approx. 259 £30-50

  • LOT 295

    Eight stamp albums including some penny reds £30-40

  • LOT 296

    Six first day cover albums including some railways & some Benham silks, approx. 163 in total £30-50

  • LOT 297

    Two albums of signed first day covers including James Bond Roger Moore, artist Barbara Rae, George Best, Joanna Lumley, David Attenborough, approx. 118 first day covers £100-150

  • LOT 298

    Five albums of first day covers including some Benham silks, approx. 118 £30-40

  • LOT 299

    An Alcocks Indian Ironstone Chinese style vase & cover with foo dog finial, 465mm tall x 280mm at widest £100-200

  • LOT 300

    A pair of 19thC. Minton majolica sweetmeats with dolphin & cherub pedestals, restored, requiring repainting, 181mm tall £100-150

  • LOT 301

    Three albums of postcards covering Huddersfield, Horsham, Tintagel, Padstow & others containing approx. 177 cards £20-30

  • LOT 302

    Seven albums of postcards covering Cornwall containing approx. 314 cards, to include 26 loose £30-50

  • LOT 303

    Six albums of postcards mostly Horsham & Guildford containing approx. 312 cards, twinned with a Horsham postcard booklet £30-50

  • LOT 304

    Three albums of railway & train related postcards, containing approx. 152 cards, including Southport Miniature railway & Trolleys from Huddersfield, twinned with approx. 49 loose postcards £20-30

  • LOT 305

    An album of comical postcards containing approx. 80 cards twinned with approx. 61 loose £30-40

  • LOT 306

    Book: Edmund Dulac picture book includes remnants of dust jacket £20-30

  • LOT 307

    Fourteen albums of postcards containing approx. 1000 cards covering Arran, York, Scarborough, Castles & Abbeys £30-50

  • LOT 308

    A quantity of 19 postcard albums & some loose comprising in excess of 1500 cards covering Yorkshire, Huddersfield & mid century architectural £50-60

  • LOT 309

    A miniature 'Complete Works of Shakespeare' with stand, published by Allied Newspapers Ltd. Books measure 51mm x 34mm, stand 228mm tall x 205mm wide x 67mm deep £10-20

  • LOT 310

    Two albums of first day covers, approx. 142 £20-30

  • LOT 311

    A postcard album containing approx. 86 cards approx. 300 loose postcards & a quantity of tea cards £10-20

  • LOT 312

    Works by Robert Lenkiewicz book, hand signed, twinned with a Japanese print book & two stamp albums £20-30

  • LOT 313

    Three early 20thC. autograph albums with notes & a sketch book £30-40

  • LOT 314

    Three bottles of port: 1978 LBV Port, Crofy 1963 Port & Fonseca's Finest 1970 Vintage Port £30-40

  • LOT 315

    Nine books relating to the Art Nouveau movement including the Spirit of Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau & Art Deco & Christies £10-20

  • LOT 316

    Five books relating to Moorcroft pottery: Moorcroft 1897-1993, revised edition, Walter Moorcroft & three Moorcroft books - A New Dawn, The Phoenix Years & Winds of Change £10-20

  • LOT 317

    Five books relating to architect & designer, Charles Rennie Mackintosh £10-20

  • LOT 318

    Four books relating to English textile designer, poet, artist, writer, and socialist activist, William Morris £10-20

  • LOT 319

    Eleven books relating to illustrator & author, Aubrey Beardsley £20-30

  • LOT 320

    Nine books relating to painter & illustrator, Alphonse Mucha £10-20

  • LOT 321

    Ten books relating to painter, Gustav Kilmt £10-20

  • LOT 322

    Eight books of art interest including Tiffany, Lalique & a 1995 Folio edition with sleeve of The Pre-Raphaelites and their World £20-30

  • LOT 323

    Six books of collectors interest including Poole Pottery, Ruskin Pottery, Bonzo, Highland Stoneware, The Arts & Crafts Movement & Ben Maille art £20-30

  • LOT 324

    Approx. 125 Beano comics from 1968-1981 & eighteen Beano Summer Specials from 1960's to 1990's £50-100

  • LOT 325

    Approx. 116 Beano Comic Library booklets £30-50

  • LOT 326

    Approx. 40 Beano & Dandy books, commemorative books & annuals £30-40

  • LOT 327

    Approx. 44 Beano annuals from 1960's onward £30-50

  • LOT 328

    Approx. 27 Dandy annuals from 1960's onward £30-40

  • LOT 329

    A quantity of Ladybird books including natural history, educational, stories & rhymes, approx. 168 £60-80

  • LOT 330

    A quantity of Viz including The Camel's Toe & The Last Turkey in the Shop £10-20

  • LOT 331

    Approx. 263 comics including Pippin, Treasure, Playhour & Jack And Jills, dating from late 1950's onward & seven annuals £50-60

  • LOT 332

    Eight Dandy Summer Special comics twinned with approx. 245 Dandy comics dating from 1963 to 1973 £50-100

  • LOT 333

    A quantity of approx. 29 annuals & books including Winnie The Pooh, Andy Pandy, Pinky & Perky, Brer Rabbit, Camberwick Green, Bill & Ben, Z Cars, Tufty the Rabbit & others £30-50

  • LOT 334

    A quantity of annuals & books including The Saint, Dr. Who, Beezer, The Magic Roundabout, Camberwick Green, Jack & Jill, Aesops Fables, The Cat in the Hat, Sooty, Hansel & Gretel & other items £30-40

  • LOT 335

    A quantity of 10 Roy of the Rovers annuals dating from 1965 & approx. 120 related comics from 1970's £30-40

  • LOT 336

    A collection of 52 Enid Blyton books including Famous Five, Secret Seven & Noddy £20-30

  • LOT 337

    A quantity of twenty six GWR & West Country railway branch line books, mostly Middleton Press £20-30

  • LOT 338

    Approx. 42 railway & branch line books, mostly Yorkshire - Huddersfield, York, Leeds, Bradford including Tramways & Trolley Buses £20-30

  • LOT 339

    Approx. 109 Middleton Press railway & branch line related books covering railway, tramways & trolleybuses, to include Wales, Bristol, London, Yorkshire & others £60-80

  • LOT 340

    A 19thC. Bohemian overlay glass vase, cracked, twinned with a Czech Chribska art glass vase, tallest 320mm £20-30

  • LOT 341

    A glass claret jug with ornate silver plated fitting, 315mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 342

    A Chinese ginger jar with prunus decor, lacking lid twinned with small Japanese ginger jar with relief decor, repair to lid, largest 170mm £10-20

  • LOT 343

    Two tin plate advertising ware thermometers, one Jameson's 'Corncrake' Binder Twine & the other Swan Vestas 'The Smoker's Match', tallest 380mm £20-30

  • LOT 344

    A terracotta style dove ridge tile, 390mm tall x 250mm wide at foot £20-30

  • LOT 345

    A cast weather vane, some rust, 555mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 346

    A Old Hall rosewood cased canteen of Alveston pattern cutlery designed by Robert Welch, containing 65 pieces of cutlery, twinned with an Old Hall teapot & creamer £60-80

  • LOT 347

    A marble mortar & wooden handled pestle, mortar 190mm wide x 110mm high, pestle 300mm long £10-20

  • LOT 348

    A selection of various antique textiles & linen including five christening gowns, silk bonnet & other bonnets, pillow cases & doilies £30-50

  • LOT 349

    A oak box fitted with brass handles, 430mm wide x 232mm deep x 105mm high £20-30

  • LOT 350

    A small oak milking stool, 260mm wide x 190mm deep x 132mm high £20-30

  • LOT 351

    A collection of thirty six Elvis Presley vinyl LP's including mono recordings £20-30

  • LOT 352

    A collection of twenty three Roy Orbison vinyl LP's & one single £20-30

  • LOT 353

    A collection of six Belinda Carlisle vinyl LP's & two Go'Go's, one hand signed by Belinda Carlisle £20-30

  • LOT 354

    Thirteen Abba vinyl LP's £10-20

  • LOT 355

    Ten Tom Jones vinyl Lp's twinned with ten Neil Diamond LP's £20-30

  • LOT 356

    Eleven Blondie vinyl LP's twinned with UB40 (2), Ultravox (1), The Pretenders (3) & The Photos (2) £20-30

  • LOT 357

    A collection of approx. 68 vinyl pop LP's including Taylor Swift, Kylie Minogue, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Lisa Stansfield, Pat Benatar, Susanah Hoffs, Maria Carey, Olivia Newton John, Sheena Easton, Madonna, Gloria Estefan, Alana Myles, Britney Spears, Bananarama, Bangles, Roxette & others £30-40

  • LOT 358

    A collection of approx. 83 vinyl LP's including Bee Gees, The Shadows, Darts, John McCormack, Kenneth McKeller, Petula Clark, Demis Roussos, Cliff Richard & others £20-30

  • LOT 359

    Seven Beatrix Potter books including one in French £10-15

  • LOT 360

    A quantity of books & booklets relating mostly to Cornwall £20-30

  • LOT 361

    A quantity of various maps including Ordnance Survey including some Cornwall, GWR railway line & OS canvas Watford £10-20

  • LOT 362

    Twenty five brass rubbings & three books related to brass rubbings, one a/f £50-60

  • LOT 363

    Ten diecast model vehicles including Matchbox, Corgi & Lesney, nine boxed, one box a/f £10-15

  • LOT 364

    A Romans vs Gladiators resin chess set, king 80mm tall £10-20

  • LOT 365

    A boxed Platinum #3776 Century 'Sho Ryu' (Ascending Dragon) fountain pen with Chinoserie decor & 14ct gold nib £30-50

  • LOT 366

    Two containers of mixed coinage & crowns including 1970 New Zealand The Queen & Duke of Edinburgh dollar twinned with packaged coin sets £20-30

  • LOT 367

    A mounted WW2 medal set awarded to Reginald Arthur Tambling, to include two photo albums with photos of people, ships & places visited during the war as well as photo cards & postcards £50-60

  • LOT 368

    A Nora Welling American doll 335mm tall, a well loved teddy bear, a coin box & a Matchbox jet £10-20

  • LOT 369

    A cased red squirrel taxidermy group in naturalistic setting, case 425mm wide x 455mm high x 145mm £30-50

  • LOT 370

    A boxed Mats Jonasson 'Orchid' crystal sculpture, 270mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 371

    A c.1923 Bacon Banjo Co. Inc. Groton, Connecticut, USA banjo with case, stamped The Bacon Orchestra Style: C, serial no. 9038 £100-200

  • LOT 372

    A cased Tatra violin by Rosetti, 595mm long. Stradivarius model, three bows a/f twinned with one other cased violin, 605mm long £30-40

  • LOT 373

    A framed George III sampler by Sarah Ashford, dated Sep 28 1808, 340mm x 285mm £30-50

  • LOT 374

    Seven mostly vintage bowler hats including one new with tags, makers include Bates, Austin Reed, Major, Lincoln Bennett & A. Adams £30-40

  • LOT 375

    Four fezzes, three remain sealed, approx. diameter 195mm £20-30

  • LOT 376

    Five medium Manchester United football shirts, two related t-shirts & five unrelated caps including O'Neil, Volcom & Vans £10-20

  • LOT 377

    Approx. 81 mostly small vest shirts including Hugo Boss, Jeremy Corbyn, Carhartt, Calvin Klein (new with tags), French Connection, Vans, Diesel, Adidas & others £20-30

  • LOT 378

    A quantity of stamp albums, mostly British & including some mint, some loose stamps & related items £30-40

  • LOT 379

    A 19thC. oval print of a woman seated in ornate period gilt frame, 325mm high x 275mm wide inclusive, some foxing to print £20-30

  • LOT 380

    A velvet backed Morris style crewel work curtain, removed from WW2 bombed church in Stratford, approx. 2340mm x 1170mm £30-40

  • LOT 381

    Two early/mid 20thC. Witney Blanket Company eiderdowns, one approx. 1500mm x 1100mm, the other approx. 1500mm x 1220mm £30-40

  • LOT 382

    Two ethnic rugs/throws, one 2100mm x 1050mm & the other 1800mm x 1280mm £30-40

  • LOT 383

    A selection of 19th & early 20thC. Swedish farmhouse kitchenalia including pitch pine roller/pestle, two Swedish Kruskavel, a grain scoop monogrammed 'OHS' & dated '1840', a pair of antique steel sugar beet cutters, flour scoop, an antique wooden spatula inscribed 'Spillersboda Emille Larson 16 7 1907' & other items, largest item 760mm tall £100-150

  • LOT 384

    A selection of books & booklets relating to cookery & related items £20-30

  • LOT 385

    A selection of reference books relating to collectables & art including Dinky 1934-64, Stuart steam models, Goss china & the 1975 Christies annual review £20-30

  • LOT 386

    Book: Wristwatches History of a Century's Development by Kahlert Mühe Brunner £20-30

  • LOT 387

    Book: Fountain Pens Vintage & Modern by Andreas Lambrou £10-20

  • LOT 388

    Book: Plymouth as a Tourist & Health Resort 1898 by F. M. Williams £10-20

  • LOT 389

    Book: Blacksmiths Manual Illustrated 1944, The Blacksmith of the Peak 1848 & a William Cooper Horticultural Providers catalogue £10-20

  • LOT 390

    A quantity of varied books including Israel by Steimatzny, Periwinkle Popcorn, Michael Penguyne - W.H.G Kingston, gardening, Australia, OS Map Buxton & Peak District, other books relating to Buxton & others £20-30

  • LOT 391

    A pair of 19thC. Regency period bronze ring & jewellery stands, some repairs & faults, 340mm tall £60-80

  • LOT 392

    A Cantagalli Italian faience dragon candle holder, faults to both wings twined with a 19thC. Jasperware jug £30-40

  • LOT 393

    A 19thC. African tribal art shrine style carving, 200mm tall £60-80

  • LOT 394

    A quantity of cranberry glass & pair of ruby glass vases, tallest 342mm £20-30

  • LOT 395

    A 38 piece Webb Corbett cut glass crystal drinking glass & decanter set, comprising one decanter with silver label, six wine glasses, eight large tumblers, eight port glasses, seven small tumblers & eight sherry glasses £30-40

  • LOT 396

    Three Whitefriars glass Georgian style ale rummers twinned with three similar smaller Whitefriars £10-20

  • LOT 397

    A 19thC. Elkington & Co. silver plated epergne base depicting two sighthounds beneath palm trees, later painted twice (gold then black), hounds lack bolt nuts, slight bend to one leaf 430mm tall £30-50

  • LOT 398

    A pair of iron brass & copper scales with weights, 835mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 399

    A cased set of apothecary scales, 455mm tall x 410mm wide x 260mm deep £20-30

  • LOT 400

    A vintage crystal chandelier, numerous loose parts & some damage, drop 680mm £50-60

  • LOT 401

    An antique Regency style kidney shaped lap tray with inlaid decor, 660mm wide £30-50

  • LOT 402

    An oak cupboard with internal shelf & drawer with glazed tapestry door, 540mm high x 400mm wide x 170mm deep £20-30

  • LOT 403

    A compact carved camphor wood chest, 700mm wide x 322mm deep x 350mm high £30-40

  • LOT 404

    A Victorian carved walnut rise & fall music stool with upholstered seat, 480mm tall at lowest £20-30

  • LOT 405

    A 19thC. yew & elm Windsor arm chair with crinoline stretcher, 915mm high to back £50-100

  • LOT 406

    A pair of early 20thC. bentwood chairs with embossed decor to seat £30-40

  • LOT 407

    A 18th/19thC. Scandinavian oak bible box with stand, 675mm high x 510mm wide x 460mm deep £100-150

  • LOT 408

    A 19thC. giltwood cane chair, cane a/f, 870mm high to back £10-20

  • LOT 409

    A 19thC. mahogany pot commode, 560mm tall x 360mm wide x 360mm deep £10-15

  • LOT 410

    A late Victorian mahogany pot cupboard, carved decor to top, 800mm high x 395mm wide x 340mm deep £30-40

  • LOT 411

    A Victorian elm rocking chair, 1090mm high to back £100-150

  • LOT 412

    An oak mid 19thC. Scottish provincial rocking chair with drawer, 850mm high to back £300-500

  • LOT 413

    Two brass topped Benares tables with folding teak stands, largest 505mm diameter x 485mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 414

    An early 20thC. spindle rocking chair, brass label to rear: 'Lyceu De Antes E Officios S. Paulo', 945mm to back £30-50

  • LOT 415

    An Edwardian mahogany card table, with rectangular hinged top revealing a baize top, set on cabriole legs with under tier which has faults to two supports, 720mm high x 695mm wide x 802mm opened £10-20

  • LOT 416

    An antique oak lamp table with under tier, 500mm diameter x 675mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 417

    An Edwardian English oak book trough with top, 818mm tall x 662mm wide x 309mm deep £30-50

  • LOT 418

    A 19thC. carved walnut dining chair with cabriole legs & upholstered seat, 915mm high to back £20-30

  • LOT 419

    A George III mahogany tea table, 708mm high x 750mm wide x 740mm deep when opened £100-150

  • LOT 420

    An early 20thC. carved Japanese lamp table for Liberty of London, 615mm tall x 435mm wide x 410mm deep £30-40

  • LOT 421

    A 19thC. mahogany butler's tray & folding stand, 790mm tall x 790mm wide x 535mm deep £60-80

  • LOT 422

    A Regency period rosewood wine table with walnut pedestal, 710mm tall x 460mm wide x 460mm deep £60-80

  • LOT 423

    A 19thC. mahogany wine table, 735mm tall x 368mm diameter £60-80

  • LOT 424

    A 19thC. mahogany pole screen with finely embroidered silk screen, some faults to frame & pole, 1368mm tall, silk tapestry 380mm x 305mm £30-40

  • LOT 425

    An early 20thC. arts & crafts oak lamp table retailed by Liberty of London, 680mm x 425mm x 435mm £30-50

  • LOT 426

    A Victorian walnut work table, 685mm tall x 595mm wide x 396mm deep £60-80

  • LOT 427

    A reproduction dressing table mirror, 710mm tall x 590mm wide x 250mm deep £20-30

  • LOT 428

    A retro teak swivel top canteen with six setting including two serving spoons, lacking one side knife, one side fork & one soup spoon, 855mm wide x 500mm deep x 475mm high £30-50

  • LOT 429

    A 19thC. mahogany commode with fold down arm rests, 460mm high x 520mm wide x 473mm deep, closed £10-20

  • LOT 430

    A childs rocking horse, some faults with crude repairs, 790mm tall x 910mm long £20-30

  • LOT 431

    A 19thC. child's goat skin rocking horse, some faults, 950mm tall x 1210mm long £50-60

  • LOT 432

    An 18th/19thC. Chippendale style armchair with carved shell decor to top, ball & claw feet, carved wave style decor to seat edge & organic decor to end of arms & top of legs twinned with a Regency elbow chair £50-60

  • LOT 433

    A 19thC. pine farmhouse dresser with glazed doors & four drawers, 1950mm high x 1445mm wide x 505mm deep £100-200

  • LOT 434

    A 17th/18thC. carved oak coffer, 1250mm wide x 530mm high x 560mm deep £100-150

  • LOT 435

    A GRM oak four piece barristers book case, 1460mm tall x 865mm wide x 330mm deep £100-150

  • LOT 436

    A late 19thC. walnut corner cabinet, 1870mm tall x 660mm wide £60-80

  • LOT 437

    An Asian carved cocktail cabinet, 960mm high x 810mm wide x 403mm deep £60-80

  • LOT 438

    A small oak monks bench, ideal for cottage, split to top panel, fitted with lift up storage, 815mm wide x 775mm high x 545mm deep, closed £60-80

  • LOT 439

    A decorative whatnot twinned with stained oak pot stand with under tier, tallest piece 1428mm £20-30

  • LOT 440

    An 18th/19thC. oak Delft rack, 1090mm high x 1440mm wide x 180mm deep £100-150

  • LOT 441

    A 19thC. table with two chairs, possibly Swedish, table 740mm tall x 720mm diameter £30-50

  • LOT 442

    Three upholstered 19thC. Gillows style walnut dining chairs, 860mm high to back, twinned with an a/f salon chair £50-60

  • LOT 443

    A large 19thC. extending oak dining table with heavily carved legs set with ten oak chairs, 2390mm wide x 1290mm deep x 730mm high £300-400

  • LOT 444

    A 19thC. walnut Davenport with gilt gallery to top & set with four drawers & pull out front, loss to piece of trim to side, 990mm tall x 600mm wide x 530mm deep £100-150

  • LOT 445

    A George III mahogany corner cupboard with small drawer, 1155mm tall x 820mm wide x 556mm deep £60-80

  • LOT 446

    A George III demi lune table with rosewood veneer, some losses to veneer & inlay, 1085mm wide x 502mm deep x 788mm high £30-40

  • LOT 447

    A 19thC. walnut chest of drawers with brass fittings, faults to legs, 930mm high x 980mm wide x 550mm deep £30-40

  • LOT 448

    An early 20thC. Queen Anne style dome topped mahogany wardrobe with shelving & hanging space, 1850mm tall x 915mm wide x 500mm deep £60-80

  • LOT 449

    A pine dresser with recessed drawers & doors, 2180mm tall x 1095mm wide x 520mm deep £50-60

  • LOT 450

    A stripped pine farmhouse kitchen table with two carvers & four chairs, 1725mm wide x 870mm deep x 780mm high £60-80

  • LOT 451

    An Asian teak coffee table with carved fish for legs & lower tier magazine rack, 1000mm wide x 500mm deep x 500mm high £30-50

  • LOT 452

    A 19thC. Gothic style oak library table featuring carved lions to drawer front & legs, two panels loose on top, 1370mm wide x 597mm deep x 753mm high £100-150

  • LOT 453

    A mahogany Sheraton style kidney shaped dressing table with tier under & drawer, 1270mm wide x 475mm deep x 760mm high £50-60

  • LOT 454

    A 19thC. pine coffer with candle box, 1150mm x 560mm deep x 565mm high £50-60

  • LOT 455

    A 17thC. Italian walnut carved coffer with key, 1530mm x 565mm high 550mm deep £300-400

  • LOT 456

    A 17thC. oak draw leaf table, top appears later replaced, bottom frame appears original, set with six oak framed leather upholstered chairs, table extends to 2150mm, sits unextended at 1370mm wide x 700mm deep x 770mm high £300-400

  • LOT 457

    A leather upholstered Chesterfield sofa with distressed appearance, tear to one diamond panel, 2290mm wide x 930mm deep x 760mm high £80-100

  • LOT 458

    A Victorian mahogany bow fronted chest of drawers, 1140mm wide x 1090mm tall x 540mm deep £50-60

  • LOT 459

    A small Edwardian mahogany bureau with inlay & brass fittings, 980mm tall x 760mm wide x 430mm deep £20-30

  • LOT 460

    A 19thC. rosewood writing desk with drawers & cupboard under, 1240mm wide x 660mm deep x 950mm high, some faults £30-40

  • LOT 461

    A Victorian mahogany sideboard with three drawers & two pedestal cupboards, 1850mm wide x 630mm deep x 1600mm high to back £30-40

  • LOT 462

    A 19thC. Josiah Abraham (Liskeard, 1796-1879), oak long case clock a/f2250mm high x 480mm wide x 290mm deep £100-150

  • LOT 463

    A George III mahogany breakfront serving table with drawer, 1765mm wide x 840mm high x 655mm deep £500-600

  • LOT 464

    Three 18thC. Chippendale style dining chairs with upholstered seats, one with damage to splat, 960mm high to back £80-100

  • LOT 465

    An Edwardian mahogany two-seater sofa, 1235mm wide x 940mm high x 545mm deep £60-80

  • LOT 466

    A 19thC. rosewood chiffonier with cupboard & two drawers, 1155mm wide x 910mm high x 455mm deep £100-150

  • LOT 467

    An antique leather travelers trunk, 860mm wide x 515mm deep x 330mm high £30-40

  • LOT 468

    An antique oak four piece screen/room divider, some loss to beading trim, approx. 2160mm wide x 1427mm high £60-80

  • LOT 469

    A mahogany barley twist gate leg dining table, 1320mm wide x 1070mm deep x 740mm high, opened £30-40

  • LOT 470

    A 19thC. mahogany glazed book case with five adjustable shelves, 1820mm tall x 1345mm wide x 385mm deep £200-400

  • LOT 471

    An Edwardian mahogany display cabinet, 1135mm wide x 1755mm tall x 385mm deep £60-80

  • LOT 472

    A 19thC. mahogany longcase clock by J. Blagburn, Sunderland, 2240mm tall x 495mm wide x 240mm deep £100-200

  • LOT 473

    A mahogany pot stand with under tier, 965mm tall x 335mm diameter £10-20

  • LOT 474

    A Chippendale style chair, a Victorian nursing chair, a 19thC. music stool, an Edwardian two tier lamp table a/f & a Chinese style fire screen £20-30

  • LOT 475

    A large stained pine framed mirror, 755mm wide x 1010mm high £20-30

  • LOT 476

    A pair of teak steamers, minor faults to one, with cushions, 1660mm long x 960mm high to back £60-80

  • LOT 477

    An antique reconstituted stone sun dial, old fill repair to underside, bearing motto: 'Count Only The Sunny Hours', 415mm diameter, dial 190mm high £200-300

  • LOT 478

    A mid 20thC. Tabriz Persian carpet depicting hunting scenes, 2830mm x 1890mm £300-500

  • LOT 479

    A Kazak runner, 2260mm long x 880mm £60-80

  • LOT 480

    A selection of eight decorative mirrors reflecting art nouveau interest including Mucha 'Spring', largest 830mm tall x 400mm wide £60-80

  • LOT 481

    A large decorative framed art nouveau style print after Aubrey Beardsley, 'Isolde', 1620mm tall x 570mm inclusive £20-30

  • LOT 482

    Five framed tiles after Mucha & Klimt including 'Sun & Moon', largest 690mm tall x 280mm wide £30-40

  • LOT 483

    Nine art nouveau framed pictures including three tiles, after Mucha, klimt & Beardsley, largest 980mm tall x 380mm wide £30-40

  • LOT 484

    Charles Summers (b.1945), 2006 framed beach scene oil on canvas titled 'The Grey Boat', 590mm x 515mm, & two others by the same artist £30-40

  • LOT 485

    Charles Summers (b.1945), framed oil on board titled 'Cherry Tree', image size 480mm x 445mm & two others by the same artist £30-40

  • LOT 486

    Charles Summers (b.1945), framed & glazed beach scene oil titled 'Bahamas Dunes', image size 600mm x 440mm & two others by the same artist £30-40

  • LOT 487

    Charles Summers (b.1945), framed & glazed acrylic on paper, glazed titled 'Fallen Log at Heligan', image size 740mm x 550mm & two others by the same artist £30-40

  • LOT 488

    Charles Summers (b.1945), 2008 framed & glazed oil titled 'Country Lane II', 585mm x 440mm & one other by the same artist £30-40

  • LOT 489

    Charles Summers (b.1945), framed & glazed oil on board titled 'Cotehele Autumn Sun', image size 890mm x 595mm & one other by the same artist £30-40

  • LOT 490

    Four framed prints after Mackenzie Thorpe, Van Gogh sunflowers print & one indistinctly signed camel painting, largest 885mm x 670mm £20-30

  • LOT 491

    A framed Lowry print, 'The Street Trader', 680mm x 770mm inclusive £30-40

  • LOT 492

    Roy Ullyett (1914-2001), a framed signed watercolour cartoon depicting Leicester City & Nottingham Forest fans & one other signed Leary, largest image size 400mm x 335mm £10-20

  • LOT 493

    Charles Eddowes Turner (1883-1965), a WW2 framed pen & ink sketch 'Building the Lifeboats for the Royal Navy', signed & dated 1941, image size 485mm x 375mm £100-150

  • LOT 494

    A framed illustration & watercolour titled 'The Lawsuit', 290mm wide x 220mm high £20-30

  • LOT 495

    Sidney Horne Shepherd (1909–1993), a framed nude study twinned with two unframed, largest image size 273mm x 273mm £30-40

  • LOT 496

    After Van Gogh, a low edition Rolf Harris (1930-2023) artist proof print of 'Church At Auvers', H/C 4/10, hand signed, 510mm x 400mm inclusive twinned with a Walter Henry Sweet (1889-1943) engraving of 'Mol's Coffee House, Exeter', titled & hand signed in pencil £30-40

  • LOT 497

    Two framed antique bull baiting prints, two framed Kate Greenaway first edition prints, twelve F. Wheatly R.A. illustration prints, unframed £20-30

  • LOT 498

    A WW1 Bruce Bairnsfather 'The Fatalist' framed coloured print with matching postcard, 445mm x 320mm inclusive £20-30

  • LOT 499

    Two Scandinavian prints, largest 660mm x 515mm, twinned with a Scandinavian oil on canvas of winter street scene, indistinctly signed £10-20

  • LOT 500

    A gilt framed oil depicting St. Germans Viaduct, monogrammed F.H.E & dated 1912, image size 430mm x 230mm £30-40

  • LOT 501

    A gilt framed watercolour appearing to depict Plymouth Sound, monogrammed F.H.E & dated 1912, image size 430mm x 230mm £30-40

  • LOT 502

    Charles Henry Passey (1847-1898), a large oil on canvas of Welsh landscape & river titled 'An Old Bridge Over the River Conway' (possibly Pont-y-Pair), set in gilt frame, image size 750mm x 495mm £100-200

  • LOT 503

    A gilt framed watercolour portrait of woman, signed Frank Brown, internal size 720mm x 570mm £60-80

  • LOT 504

    Prudence Turner (1930-2007), an impressionist oil painting of landscape, image size 710mm x 560mm £80-100

  • LOT 505

    Two framed illustrations, one titled 'Personal encounter between WC & the policeman' & the other being an 1898 hunting cartoon with caption, largest image size 220mm x 160mm £20-30

  • LOT 506

    Two framed antique highlighted prints depicting rural life, largest image size 380mm x 290mm £10-20

  • LOT 507

    Norman Henry French (1906-1984), a pair of framed, oil on panels, depicting coastal scenes, signed 'Rima', dated 1952, image sizes 335mm x 295mm £30-40

  • LOT 508

    F. J. Albridge, a framed & glazed watercolour of sailboats at sea, image size 540mm x 350mm £100-150

  • LOT 509

    A pair of decorative gilt framed Pears style Victorian prints, 480mm x 360mm inclusive £10-20

  • LOT 510

    Peggy Sutton (1897-1923), coloured pencil sketch, with note 'To Gladys with love Xmas 1919', image size 380mm x 255mm £20-30

  • LOT 511

    Two oak framed F.M. Bennett 1926 prints, 490mm x 390mm inclusive £10-20

  • LOT 512

    Bernard Finnegan Gribble (1872–1962), a framed signed, watercolour of tall ship at sea, light discolouration, image size 445mm x 290mm, twinned with Frank Shipsides (1908-2005), a framed, signed watercolour of tall ship at sea. Shipsides was a member of the 'Bristol Savages' group of artists. Image size 360mm x 273mm £60-80

  • LOT 513

    An oak framed indistinctly signed oil on canvas depicting sailboats, requiring clean & restoration, image size 570mm x 370mm £20-30

  • LOT 514

    Four framed paintings including a Lionel Birch (1858-1930) oil on panel of Cornish coast scene. image size 240mm x 145mm; a 19thC. continental watercolour of castle, unsigned; a sketch of horned goats; a middle eastern watercolour, possibly Cairo, signed S. H. Excell, dated 1915 & other prints & pictures £30-40

  • LOT 515

    J. Langlois (1855-1904), a pair of gilt framed 19thC. oils of terrier dogs, signed, image size 240mm x 160mm £10-20

  • LOT 516

    A well executed 19thC. watercolour painting depicting young children with dog, frame a/f, image size 250mm x 190mm £30-50

  • LOT 517

    A pair of gilt framed decorators landscape oils on canvas, largest 600mm x 495mm £20-30

  • LOT 518

    Robert Dumont-Smith (1908-1994), an unframed, signed oil on panel, depicting tall ship sea battle, 910mm x 610mm £50-60

  • LOT 519

    Hugh Edward Ridge (1899-1976), for restoration, oil on canvas of harbour scene, some loss to paint near rear of boat, set in gilded frame, image size 490mm x 390mm £20-30

  • LOT 520

    A framed Henry Edward Spernon Tozer (1864-1938) oil seascape, image size 400mm x 190mm, twinned with four other paintings including two by J. Hussey, dated 1911, Windsor Castle & Pangbourne, some faults £30-50

  • LOT 521

    Celia Duncan, a framed & glazed acrylic titled 'Marigold of Looe', image size 400mm x 300mm, twinned with an oil by Terry Bailey titled 'Gratitude' depicting trawlers in Looe, foxing damage to oil £20-30

  • LOT 522

    After Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino (Raphael), a 19thC. gilt framed oil on canvas 'Cherubs', image size 400mm x 295mm £50-100

  • LOT 523

    A framed pastel still life of pigeon & pot by Margaret Bee, dated 1980, image size 550mm x 370mm £20-30

  • LOT 524

    A Victorian reverse painting on glass of woman in velvet cloak against balustrade set in gilt & flock frame, overall size 850mm x 600mm £30-40

  • LOT 525

    David Roberts, Scottish (1796–1864), an unframed, signed watercolour of the interior of Reims Cathedral, three small holes to paper, image size 820mm x 635mm, twinned with the Hon Albert Hood (1841-1921), a framed, unsigned architectural watercolour interior of Winchester Cathedral, attributed & titled to mount, lacking glass, image size 415mm x 280mm £100-200

  • LOT 526

    Three framed George Squires hand signed prints, titled: Low Tide; Wapsies; Carting Seaweed - largest inc, frame 485mm x 405mm, twinned with three 19thC. framed engravings titled: Happy As A King; Village Festival; Village School - largest 480mm x 440mm inclusive £30-40

  • LOT 527

    A framed Tom McCracken watercolour of sale boat on lake titled 'Albion', image size 250mm x 175mm £30-50

  • LOT 528

    A framed watercolour still life by R. Fox Strangways, image size 380mm x 270mm £20-30

  • LOT 529

    A Josh Fisher mountain landscape, image size 450mm x 290mm, a J.M Bramley watercolour, three decorators oils, a Gozzard painting & others £30-40

  • LOT 530

    Estelle Canziani (1887-1964), artist label to verso, titled 'Crucifixion Tableau', image size 215mm x 190mm, Amédée Forestier, French (1854-1930), a signed, figurative watercolour, image size 247mm x 175mm & an unframed Ludwig Richter, German (1803-1884), signed & dated 1881 sepia watercolour featuring huntsman with dog, image size 256mm x 175mm £60-80

  • LOT 531

    Marjorie Blamey (1918-2019), three signed pencil sketches & a hand signed print, largest 470mm x 395mm inc. £20-30

  • LOT 532

    A framed oil on canvas painting of cruiser, HMAS Melbourne 1913-1928, signed R. H. Gregg, image size 650mm x 340mm £30-40

  • LOT 533

    An indistinctly signed early/mid 20thC. oil of roses, one other still life & a Roy Stringfellow pastel of flowers, largest 620mm x 510mm £20-30

  • LOT 534

    John Shapland (1865-1929), a framed, signed watercolour depicting North Cornwall/Devon coastline, twinned with one other by same artist of St. Michaels Mount, some foxing, a Roy Stringfellow floral pastel, a framed R.D. Sherrin gouache of moorland, two Frank Holmes gouache, & three unframed watercolours by Henry George Cogle (1875-1957), two signed & one monogrammed on grave, largest image 430mm x 325mm £60-80

  • LOT 535

    James Wynne (1867-1966), an unframed, signed oil on canvas, Mt. Pisgah, 1930, image size 610mm x 460mm, unframed, an unsigned still life game watercolour of duck & grouse, with the ESK blind stamp to paper (Examined South Kensington), image size 737mm x 537mm, William E Evans (Bristol artist 1809-1858), an unframed, signed oil on canvas depicting man & dog on bank of river fishing, a couple of scuffs to painting, a Florence M. Shawcross, unframed, signed, naïve oil on panel of view from Tyrol & other pictures £50-60

  • LOT 536

    A selection of eight unframed moorland watercolour & gouache paintings including works by Grisham (2), Sheepstor & Sharptor, Dartmoor, F. Makkinnon, dated 1889, R. D. Sherrin & Chas Page BWS Heytor, image size 507mm x 330mm, twinned with a portfolio of pastel pictures, mostly floral & landscape, unsigned, largest image size approx. 580mm x 400mm £50-60

  • LOT 537

    A large quantity of prints, ephemera & pictures, some not shown £30-40

  • LOT 538

    Three framed & hand signed photographs: Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, signed by Fred Astaire; Lauren Bacall, signed & Bob Hope & Fred Astaire, signed by both, largest including frame 450mm x 380mm £80-100

  • LOT 539

    A cased 'Mile Walk SH Mono' pocket watch, a decorative leather bound bible, cufflinks & other items £10-20

  • LOT 540

    An Acme siren whistle, a Metropolitan police whistle with broad arrow mark, a silver fob with stone, a 19thC. bronze seated sighthound, a serpentine barrel vesta holder, a brass mounted blackbuck horn & other items £30-40

  • LOT 541

    A novelty late Victorian brass leg vesta, a railway steam engine seal & chain & an antique gaming spinning top £30-50

  • LOT 542

    A selection of badge, a silver & enamel Albert Cycling club, a Labour Party 'Liberty', a Southern Railway Ambulance Centre with others twinned with a pair of enamelled cufflinks £20-30

  • LOT 543

    A white metal trowel charm, top ring a/f, a silver masonic pendant, a Prince of Wales token & a Royal Masonic for Girls 1936 enamel medal £10-20

  • LOT 544

    A Special Constabulary Faithful Service medal awarded to William J. Coade, two WW2 medals, Italy & 1939-45, an Edward VIII bronze Coronation medal & other items £20-30

  • LOT 545

    Fourteen 19thC. tokens £20-30

  • LOT 546

    A quantity of bronze Japanese coinage & four other coins/medals including a temperance medal £30-40

  • LOT 547

    Fourteen 18thC. tokens £30-40

  • LOT 548

    A selection of mixed coinage including three £2 coins, two Plymouth Music Society medals, an NRA 1860 Rifle Club medal & other items £10-20

  • LOT 549

    A quantity of mixed bank notes, three embossed copper plaques & silver coinage £20-30

  • LOT 550

    A Victorian daguerreotype in ornate thermoplastic case, 105mm x 80mm £20-30

  • LOT 551

    An 1842 silver bladed fruit knife with mother of pearl handle by Aaron Hadfield, Sheffield, with original pouch, inscribed to plaque 'Sarah Wood', 160mm, fault to mother of pearl on handle, twinned with a Chester silver handled shoe horn & lace hook £10-20

  • LOT 552

    Émile Gallé vase with leaf & floral decor, placed in later silver mount (likely to have had damage to base), 240mm tall £50-60

  • LOT 553

    A Siamese white metal hinged oval box with figurative repoussé decor, 47.6g, 60mm x 45mm £20-30

  • LOT 554

    Two hallmarked silver brushes twinned with a white metal mirror, some wear holes on raised relief £30-40

  • LOT 555

    A dressing table tray with numerous silver topped glass scent bottles & jars along with a silver ring holder, mostly a/f, twinned with hat pins, a cake decoration & two German porcelain half dolls £30-40

  • LOT 556

    A decorative white metal silver Rupee dish, 48.3g, 100mm diameter £20-30

  • LOT 557

    Four Georgian silver teaspoons, other silver teaspoons, three silver napkin rings, a pair of silver tongs & a silver knife including blade, weight excluding knife approx. 250g £80-120

  • LOT 558

    A selection of silver spoons, some Georgian & some a/f, approx. 280g £80-120

  • LOT 559

    A 1928 art deco era Sheffield silver ashtray by Cooper Bros. 76.4g £20-30

  • LOT 560

    A silver Victorian Gothic One Florin, 10.9g, some wear, twinned with a George III 1806 penny 18.3g, a silver ring & one other coin £10-20

  • LOT 561

    A Sampson Mordan & Co. silver whisky label lacking chain twinned with a 1960 Francis Howard Ltd. silver label with chain, 23.5g £20-30

  • LOT 562

    A pair of 1918 London silver lined salts by Edward Barnard & Sons Ltd. twinned with a pair of 1907 Birmingham silver salt spoons by Arthur Joseph Mason, silver weight 102.2g £30-50

  • LOT 563

    A Birmingham 1891 silver brush, a Birmingham Nathan & Hayes silver handled flick brush & a Birmingham silver 1897 A & J Zimmerman Ltd. clothes brush £30-40

  • LOT 564

    A pair of 1907 Edwardian Birmingham silver handled glove stretchers by William Davenport, 206mm £20-30

  • LOT 565

    A set of six Russian silver gilt teaspoons with enamel décor, small faults to décor on red & white spoons, St. Petersburg marks, 62g £60-80

  • LOT 566

    A George VI 1947 silver compact with cobalt blue enamelled guilloché décor by John William Barrett & retailed by Gieves Ltd. London, mirror intact, 78mm diameter, 110.2g £50-70

  • LOT 567

    Seven thimbles, four silver & three white metal including two James Fenton & one Charles Horner, 38.8g £20-30

  • LOT 568

    Seven thimbles, four silver & three white metal including one Chester & two white metal Charles Horner Dorcas, 39.9g £20-30

  • LOT 569

    A pair of .925 silver lorgnettes with elongated handle £30-40

  • LOT 570

    Two late 19thC. Carl Scheu of Breslau .800 silver coin cups, 84g, tallest 54mm £60-80

  • LOT 571

    A pair of 1910 London silver novelty sugar tongs as a wishbone by Mappin & Webb twinned with a smaller set with fault to spring, 29g total £30-40

  • LOT 572

    An Albert Carter 1930 art deco Birmingham silver travel clock front with guilloché decor, 73.2g £30-50

  • LOT 573

    A cased 1904 Edwardian Birmingham silver christening set by W. H. Carrington, 28.5g £20-30

  • LOT 574

    A small white metal box with blue guilloché decor on lid, 36mm wide x 27mm deep x 10mm high, 20.8g £30-40

  • LOT 575

    A white metal Siamese vesta holder with figurative decor, a Mexican white metal made up 'coin buckle' with inscription '1821 Libertad 15th Septiembre' & an Oriental white metal buckle, 71.4g £30-40

  • LOT 576

    A detailed sterling silver novelty model of a vintage milk cart, marked 0.925 & stamped England to underside, 65mm wide, 101.4g £30-40

  • LOT 577

    A silver pepper pot with handle, an .800 silver novelty wheelbarrow, a silver sovereign case a/f, a white metal basket pill box & a late 19thC. American sewing machine plated oil can, silver & white metal 75.8g £30-40

  • LOT 578

    Five Georgian silver spoons & one other, 125.9g £40-50

  • LOT 579

    Three Norwegian 0.830 Marius Hammer silver spoons, 43.9g £30-40

  • LOT 580

    A selection of silver & white metal spoons & other items including Chinese silver spoon, 134.2g excluding silver handled fork £40-50

  • LOT 581

    A Victorian London silver salt with ball feet twinned with a 1921 Sheffield silver footed octagonal salt with glass liner by Roberts & Belk, 51.7g £20-30

  • LOT 582

    A Georgian silver gilt topped glass box with monogram, marks for Archibald Douglas, London 1828, damage to one corner of the glass twinned with a silver topped glass tidy, silver weight 78.2g £30-40

  • LOT 583

    A miniature wooden plate rack with twenty six Franklin Mint alphabet decorative sterling silver miniature plates depicting flowers, 39mm diameter, silver weight approx. 295.7g £100-150

  • LOT 584

    A selection of silver & mostly white metal items including a Birmingham silver 1961 dominoes medal by Fattorini & Sons, 17.2g £10-20

  • LOT 585

    A 1931 Birmingham silver sugar sifter, some dents & faults to pitch base, 190mm, 203g inclusive £40-50

  • LOT 586

    A 1937 Birmingham silver christening cup, monogrammed M.A.E, 73.6g, 85mm tall £20-30

  • LOT 587

    An art deco 1930 Birmingham silver glass lined butter dish by Barker Bros. Silver Ltd. silver weight 90.9g, 130mm wide x 35mm deep £30-50

  • LOT 588

    A quantity of mixed mostly silver & white metal cutlery including two hockey spoons, a pusher & a medicine spoon, approx. 380g £130-160

  • LOT 589

    A cased Mappin & Webb 1927 Birmingham silver condiment set, mustard lacking liner & silver spoon not original, silver weight 69.4g £30-50

  • LOT 590

    A quantity of salt & peppers, six pairs with sterling silver tops, some faults to salt tops, one 0.800 silver top pepper & one sterling pepper, two silver salt spoons, four non-silver topped peppers & a miniature salt & silver travel set £20-30

  • LOT 591

    An antique silver topped glass scent bottle, a silver collared scent bottle & two cut glass scent bottles £10-20

  • LOT 592

    Four silver pocket watches, all a/f £10-20

  • LOT 593

    A silver pocket watch with silver & yellow metal dial & chased silver case to rear, 36mm diameter, 34.8g £20-30

  • LOT 594

    A late Victorian Birmingham plain silver vesta by Joseph Gloster, 1899, weight 17.5g £20-30

  • LOT 595

    A 19thC. Birmingham silver ring by Samuel Garside, dates to 1881, decorated with ivy leaf, evidence of resizing & loss to decor at this point, 3.6g, size R £10-20

  • LOT 596

    A 9ct gold 420mm chain with 23mm drop cross, 1g £10-20

  • LOT 597

    A 9ct gold 440mm long chain with fan shaped pearl pendant, 29mm drop, 2.5g £30-40

  • LOT 598

    A 9ct gold 500mm long chain, hallmark link is not connected correctly, 5.4g £60-80

  • LOT 599

    A 14ct gold 440mm long chain decorated with dolphins, 10.4g £200-300

  • LOT 600

    A 9ct gold 490mm long chain with 9ct locket set with amethyst, 35mm drop, 6.6g £70-90

  • LOT 601

    A 9ct gold 400mm long chain with cross pendant, 25mm drop, 1.1g £10-20

  • LOT 602

    A yellow metal art nouveau period question mark brooch set with small diamonds & amethyst, 29mm wide, 1.3g £30-50

  • LOT 603

    A 1909 Edward VII full gold sovereign £300-400

  • LOT 604

    An 18ct gold cased gents Eterna Matic Centenaire £200-300

  • LOT 605

    A 9ct gold & platinum bar brooch set with paste stone, 57mm wide, 3.4g £30-40

  • LOT 606

    A yellow metal brooch set with carnelian, 45mm wide, twinned with one other yellow metal small bar brooch & a 9ct gold brooch with floral type decor, metal repair to hinge, 10.9g total £30-40

  • LOT 607

    Two Victorian yellow metal tiepins one set with ruby & pearl, the other just ruby, test electronically as 9ct gold, 60mm long, 2.9g £30-40

  • LOT 608

    A 9ct gold cameo ring, cameo has crack, 3.2g, size O £30-40

  • LOT 609

    A continental silver gilt brooch with reverse painted landscape on glass, 36mm wide, one silver brooch, a white metal bow brooch & a 24ct gold plated costume jewellery leaf brooch £20-30

  • LOT 610

    A silver brooch 'Milly' twinned with a decorative Georgian style silver & paste necklace, 380mm long £10-20

  • LOT 611

    A 9ct gold Albert link a/f, 2.1g £20-30

  • LOT 612

    A 9ct gold band, resized, 2.1g, size U £20-30

  • LOT 613

    A yellow metal nugget, tests electronically as 18ct gold, 54.5g £1800-2000

  • LOT 614

    A yellow metal wire, tests electronically as 22ct gold, 17.6g £600-800

  • LOT 615

    A 1958 Scottish Edinburgh silver agate brooch set with Cairngorm quartz by Ward Brothers, 25mm diameter, 5g £20-30

  • LOT 616

    A ladies 9ct gold cased wrist watch with plated strap, case diameter 26mm £30-50

  • LOT 617

    A 9ct gold diamond cluster ring of approx. 0.61ct, 2.5g, size K £80-100

  • LOT 618

    An 18ct white gold diamond cluster of organic form, approx. 1.5ct, 7.5g, size L £350-400

  • LOT 619

    An 18ct gold ring set with diamond & sapphire, 3.3g, approx. 0.4ct of diamond, size O £150-200

  • LOT 620

    An 18ct gold half eternity ring set with four marquise cut diamonds & three marquise rubies, with 1993 valuation certificate, 2.8g, size Q/R £150-200

  • LOT 621

    An 18ct gold half eternity ring set with seven princess cut diamonds of approx. 0.5ct, with 1991 receipt, 3.5g, size R/S £150-200

  • LOT 622

    An antique 18ct gold ring set with three platinum mounted diamonds of approx. 0.33ct, 2.8g, size Q/R £150-200

  • LOT 623

    A pair of 9ct gold screw back pear shaped earrings mounted in white metal, tests electronically as platinum, set with approx. 0.26ct of diamond, amethyst 10mm high, 21mm drop, 5.4g £300-400

  • LOT 624

    A 9ct white gold ring set with 0.15ct of diamonds, 2.1g, size N £50-60

  • LOT 625

    A 14ct gold mounted Burmese jade necklace & bracelet set, lengths 585mm necklace & 193mm bracelet £100-150

  • LOT 626

    An antique 18ct gold trilogy ring set with approx. 0.55ct of diamonds, 1.7g, size P £150-200

  • LOT 627

    A white metal ring set with diamond & ruby, tests electronically as 14ct gold, 6.2g, size U/V £250-300

  • LOT 628

    An 18ct white gold full eternity ring set with approx. 0.5ct diamond, 3.4g, size O £150-200

  • LOT 629

    Three Pandora silver charm bracelets, 18 charms, 97.3g £60-80

  • LOT 630

    A yellow metal antique ring, tests electronically as 15ct gold, set with 8mm diameter green topaz stone, some abrasions, 3.1g £70-90

  • LOT 631

    A 9ct gold diamond cluster ring of approx. 0.59ct, 1.9g, size M/N £100-150

  • LOT 632

    A 9ct gold ring set with aquamarine colour & white paste stones, lacking one, 1.9g, size N £30-40

  • LOT 633

    A 9ct white ring set with 0.31ct diamond, 2.5g, size K/L £150-200

  • LOT 634

    An antique continental silver snuff spoon, 131mm long, 2.6g £10-20

  • LOT 635

    A boxed Citizen Eco-Drive gents wristwatch £30-40

  • LOT 636

    A four piece vintage silver dress set comprising bracelet, 175mm long, necklace 360mm long, earrings & ring with blue stone £20-30

  • LOT 637

    A 9ct gold cased ladies wrist watch with plated strap, case 22mm diameter, winds & runs £30-40

  • LOT 638

    A small selection of costume jewellery & watches including eleven silver charms £20-30

  • LOT 639

    A costume ethnic style necklace & other items twinned with an antique gold plated eye glass £10-15

  • LOT 640

    A 9ct gold memorial brooch with steel pin back twinned with a selection of costume jewellery items £20-30

  • LOT 641

    A gold plated charm bracelet twinned with other costume jewellery including a silver jewelled cross pendant £10-20

  • LOT 642

    A collection of costume jewellery including a D'Orlan necklace, Monet, a Seiko ladies watch & other items £20-30

  • LOT 643

    An Irish silver brooch, Masonic items, jet style necklaces, costume jewellery other items £10-20

  • LOT 644

    A selection of Native American beadwork jewellery £30-50

  • LOT 645

    A small daguerreotype, a silver necklace, a silver bangle a/f, a silver cocktail watch & other items £20-30

  • LOT 646

    A cultured pearl necklace, a jadeite necklace & a coral style necklace £20-30

  • LOT 647

    A 9ct gold necklace with pearl pendant, a silver enamelled butterfly necklace, a gold plated magnifier, an antique ring & a pair of enamelled floral styled earrings £20-30

  • LOT 648

    A large top wind pocket watch, 59mm diameter, winds & runs £20-30

  • LOT 649

    A selection of various fashion watches & a vintage Smiths De Luxe watch with box, not running £10-15

  • LOT 650

    A 19thC. brooch a/f, a silver compact with chain, a top wind Ingersol pocket watch, running, a turquoise necklace, silver belt buckle, a silver charm bracelet, vintage costume earrings, a silver bangle a/f, a silver necklace with jade pendant & other items £30-40

  • LOT 651

    A pair of silver Royal Canadian Air Force cufflinks twinned with a pair of 1978 Birmingham silver cufflinks by D & B S, 24g £20-30

  • LOT 652

    A 19thC. gilt scarab beetle necklace, chain a/f, 410mm long £30-40

  • LOT 653

    A 9ct gold 410mm long necklace with St. Christopher pendant, 0.7g £10-15

  • LOT 654

    A Dulwich Designs jewellery box £20-30

  • LOT 655

    A silver necklace & a small quantity of costume jewellery £5-10

  • LOT 656

    A white metal scent bottle & a white metal funnel twinned with silver plated funnels & tastavins £10-20

  • LOT 657

    Three Black & Decker hedge trimmers, GT535, GT90 & one other £20-30

  • LOT 658

    A Bosch AHS 70-34 hedge trimmer £20-30

  • LOT 659

    A Bosch Pro Silence Advanced hedge trimmer £20-30

  • LOT 660

    A Bosch AHS 65-74 hedge trimmer twinned with a Qualcast 370 hedge trimmer £20-30

  • LOT 661

    A Bosch 50-20 LI cordless hedge trimmer £10-20

  • LOT 662

    An oak box with contents to include bank notes including English one pound & ten shilling notes, a cased art deco travel clock, glass cracked, costume jewellery items, Roman coin, crowns & coins, silver cover prayer book a/f, two lighters & other items £30-40

  • LOT 663

    A 9ct two colour gold 4th (Royal Irish) Dragoon Guards tie pin with enamelled badge bearing green shamrock & the motto 'Quis Separabit MDCCLXXXIII' (1788), tests electronically as 9ct gold, 55mm long 1.85g £20-30

  • LOT 664

    A 9ct gold tie pin bearing a wishbone & shamrock, 58mm long, 1.06g £10-20


Three Bing steam engine accessories SOLD £560

Three Bing steam engine accessories


19thC. Ivory chess set with losses sold £500

19thC. Ivory chess set with losses


An early 20thC. rocking horse £300

An early 20thC. rocking horse


A Chinese chess set a/f £500

A Chinese chess set AF


A quantity of diecast tractor models SOLD £720

A quantity of diecast tractor models


Boxed Dinky toys sold £230

Boxed Dinky toys


Two vintage dolls £210

Two vintage dolls


Engineers model train requiring restoration repair SOLD £1500

Engineers model train requiring restoration repair


Mamod Brooklands tourer SOLD £190

Mamod Brooklands tourer


Playworn Dinky af sold £170

Playworn Dinky AF


Three Bing steam engine accessories SOLD £560

Three Bing steam engine accessories


An antique solitaire chess board SOLD £520

An antique solitaire chess board


A vintage pocket dice game SOLD £45

A vintage pocket dice game


A boxed 00 gauge Bachmann model train BM 35-075 Class E4 579 LB & SCR Umber SOLD £80

A boxed 00 gauge Bachmann model train BM 35-075 Class E4 579 LB & SCR Umber


A boxed 00 gauge Bachmann model train BM 31-655TL Class 47 47625 City Of Truro SOLD £140

A boxed 00 gauge Bachmann model train BM 31-655TL Class 47 47625 City Of Truro


A boxed 00 gauge Hornby BR Blue Class 71 twinned with a boxed Dapol 00 Gauge Class Diesel Electric Locomotive Gatwick Express SOLD £120

A boxed 00 gauge Hornby BR Blue Class 71 twinned with a boxed Dapol 00 Gauge Class Diesel Electric Locomotive Gatwick Express


A boxed Benbros Qualitoy Sunderland diecast toy flat bed truck, minor play wear SOLD £130

A boxed Benbros Qualitoy Sunderland diecast toy flat bed truck, minor play wear


A boxed unused 00 gauge Hornby presentation edition railway engine with carriages City of Liverpool SOLD £120

A boxed unused 00 gauge Hornby presentation edition railway engine with carriages City of Liverpool


A four drawer Meccano set with two drawers still sealed SOLD £980

A four drawer Meccano set with two drawers still sealed


A vintage boxed Britains no.9748 diecast self propelled 155mm gun, playworn SOLD £140

A vintage boxed Britains no.9748 diecast self propelled 155mm gun, playworn


A vintage tin plate Express steam engine 7.375in long SOLD £220

A vintage tin plate Express steam engine 7.375in long


Eight boxed Matchbox diecast toy vehicles Ford Cortina GT no.25, Fire pumper truck no.29, VRM racing car no.52, BP tanker no.25, standard Jeep no.72, Kennel truck no.50, Jumbo crane SOLD £130.00

Eight boxed Matchbox diecast toy vehicles Ford Cortina GT no.25, Fire pumper truck no.29, VRM racing car no.52, BP tanker no.25, standard Jeep no.72, Kennel truck no.50, Jumbo crane


Five boxed Matchbox diecast toy vehicles Quarry truck no. 6, Motor scooter & sidecar no. 36, Pink Rolls Royce Phantom 5 no. 34, Super Atlantic tractor no.15 & Muir dumper SOLD £240

Five boxed Matchbox diecast toy vehicles Quarry truck no. 6, Motor scooter & sidecar no. 36, Pink Rolls Royce Phantom 5 no. 34, Super Atlantic tractor no.15 & Muir dumper


Quantity of playworn Hornby 'Morning Star' & R078 GWR 4-6-0 'King Edward I' twinned with a quantity of other Hornby & Lima boxed items with numerous unboxed engines, rolling stock SOLD £210

Quantity of playworn Hornby 'Morning Star' & R078 GWR 4-6-0 'King Edward I' twinned with a quantity of other Hornby & Lima boxed items with numerous unboxed engines, rolling stock


Two boxed 00 gauge Hornby model trains R866 SR 4-6-2 loco 'Fighter Pilot' & R327 LNER 4-6-2 loco Mallard SOLD £95

Two boxed 00 gauge Hornby model trains R866 SR 4-6-2 loco 'Fighter Pilot' & R327 LNER 4-6-2 loco Mallard



Georgian educational cards £440

Georgian educational cards


A 16thC. coloured map of Lands End Cornwall by Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer dating to c.1584 SOLD £1100

A 16thC. coloured map of Lands End Cornwall by Lucas Janszoon Waghenaer dating to c.1584


A Topographical and Historical Description of Cornwall John Norden 1728 SOLD £540

A Topographical and Historical Description of Cornwall John Norden 1728


An 18thC. Georgian childs educational game Mothers Friend Set of Cuts SOLD £1750

An 18thC. Georgian childs educational game Mothers Friend Set of Cuts


Book Progymnasmata. The Inn Play or Cornish Hugg Wrestler by Thomas Parkyns 1727 SOLD £560

Book Progymnasmata. The Inn Play or Cornish Hugg Wrestler by Thomas Parkyns 1727


Chinese other postcards sold £400

Chinese other postcards


Six albums of modern stamps £500

Six albums of modern stamps


16thC. Map £760

16thC. Map


A small quantity of vintage postcards £310

A small quantity of vintage postcards


18thC. Map £1050

18thC. Map


ERA motor racing book SOLD £230

ERA motor racing book


Four Julian Barrow oils SOLD £780

Four Julian Barrow oils


Hans Christian Andersen book with Harry Clarke plates SOLD £200

Hans Christian Andersen book with Harry Clarke plates


Modern stamp album SOLD £300

Modern stamp album


PG Wodehouse signed book sold £310

PG Wodehouse signed book


Rangers FC goalkeeper sporting medals cap sold £2000

Rangers FC goalkeeper sporting medals cap


Small card canvas Bernard Leach pottery sign SOLD £340

Small card canvas Bernard Leach pottery sign


Three Samuel Palmer etchings SOLD £230

Three Samuel Palmer etchings


A 16thC. bible printed by Christopher Barker dated c.1589 from Higman family SOLD £780

A 16thC. bible printed by Christopher Barker dated c.1589 from Higman family


A 17thC. bible dated 1631 by Robert Barker SOLD £600

A 17thC. bible dated 1631 by Robert Barker


A collection of 26 books by Colin Wilson, including first editions SOLD £190

A collection of 26 books by Colin Wilson, including first editions


A John Speed 17thC. map of Cornwall, dated 1630, laid to board, af SOLD £480

A John Speed 17thC. map of Cornwall, dated 1630, laid to board, AF


A period 1912 Titanic related framed poster titled Souvenir of Affectionate Remembrance of the Captain, Mates, Crew & the Passengers etc. SOLD £220

A period 1912 Titanic related framed poster titled Souvenir of Affectionate Remembrance of the Captain, Mates, Crew & the Passengers etc.


A set of four original 18thC. William Hogarth prints depicting the four stages of cruelty SOLD £200

A set of four original 18thC. William Hogarth prints depicting the four stages of cruelty