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Auction Catalogue – March 11th 2021

Antiques & 20thC. Furnishings

March 11th 2021 – 10.30am start

ONLINE SALE ONLY. Successful bidders can collect by appointment within current guidelines. We politely request that you wear face coverings within current guidelines unless they cause distress & that you adhere to social distancing where possible. Please DO NOT attend if feeling unwell. Bids can be taken through our website, the, phone, subject to Terms, or written commission via email.

LOT images and details are being prepared and will be uploaded as soon as possible. Pop back soon.

  • LOT 1

    An extending, three piece mahogany Regency style twin pedestal table with four chairs & two matching carvers, 85.5in length x 39.75in wide x 29.75in high £80-100

  • LOT 2

    An Ercol swivel armchair with matching footstool, presents in unused condition £60-80

  • LOT 3

    A small oak hall cupboard with drawers, 31.5in wide x 29.5in high x 13.75in deep £20-30

  • LOT 4

    A 19thC. mahogany framed wing back armchair £60-80

  • LOT 5

    A stripped, unfinished Ercol dresser, 66.5in high x 57.5in wide x 20in deep £60-80

  • LOT 6

    A teak retro mirrored back display cabinet & drawer, possibly by Turnidge of London, 52.5in high x 36in wide x 16in deep £30-50

  • LOT 7

    A large Victorian oak dresser base, 78.125in long x 39.125in high x 26.25in deep £80-100

  • LOT 8

    A Victorian glass shop display cabinet, rear door missing, crack to bottom right corner, 35.75in high x 24in wide x 11.75in deep £30-50

  • LOT 9

    Two 18thC. country Chippendale dining chairs £60-80

  • LOT 10

    A c.1800 long case clock a/f, numerous faults, maker J. M. Rend Helston, 81in tall £20-30

  • LOT 11

    A oak pedestal table with cleated ends, 68.5in long x 38.75in wide x 28.5in high £30-40

  • LOT 12

    A modern wash effect coffee table, 44in long x 28.5in wide x 16in high £20-30

  • LOT 13

    Three small stools, tallest 20.75in, twinned with an upholstered foot stool £10-20

  • LOT 14

    A low level oak bookcase, 40.5in high x 36.25in wide x 10.5in deep £10-20

  • LOT 15

    A painted Victorian pitch pine chest of drawers, 36.125in wide x 31in high x 16in deep £20-30

  • LOT 16

    A low level oak bookcase, 36.25in wide x 35.375in high x 13.625in deep £10-20

  • LOT 17

    A modern fire surround & hearth with built in electric fire of traditional design, 44in high x 47.3in wide x 14.5in deep £30-40

  • LOT 18

    A modern G-Plan two seater sofa, 57in wide £30-40

  • LOT 19

    An Edwardian walnut armchair £20-30

  • LOT 20

    A large Victorian oak extending dining table with five chairs & one carver, 81.75in long x 49.5in wide x 29.5in high £100-200

  • LOT 21

    A modern Regency style mahogany drum table, 23in high x 20in diameter £10-20

  • LOT 22

    A late Victorian button back drop end sofa with William Morris style upholstery, 74in wide £100-200

  • LOT 23

    A pair of Turnidge of London teak corner display cupboards, 67in tall x 33.5in at widest £60-80

  • LOT 24

    A 1970's teardrop shape retro teak glass topped coffee table by Stonehill, 51.25in long x 24.25in at widest £30-50

  • LOT 25

    A teak style mirrored back lit display cupboard with drawer, 74.5in tall x 32in wide x 18in deep £30-40

  • LOT 26

    Four 1960's Ercol candlestick chairs with elm seats £60-80

  • LOT 27

    An early 20thC. oak throne style chair with rush seat £30-40

  • LOT 28

    A 19thC. pretty rosewood & cane dressing table chair with gilt badge decor £20-30

  • LOT 29

    Two machinists pivoting chairs twinned with a machinists stool, later decorated £30-40

  • LOT 30

    A Lloyd Loom style chair twinned with a wool rug by Nourison, 66in long x 42in wide £10-20

  • LOT 31

    A modern filing cabinet twinned with a modern work table £10-15

  • LOT 32

    Three stripped chairs twinned with two modern bathroom cabinets £10-15

  • LOT 33

    A Laura Ashley chest of drawers, 35.5in wide x 34.5in high x 18.75in deep £50-60

  • LOT 34

    A Laura Ashley D shaped bedroom dresser twinned with a pair of matching Laura Ashley bedside tables with drawers £30-50

  • LOT 35

    A Laura Ashley dressing table with stool £30-40

  • LOT 36

    A leather electric recliner chair in cream £30-40

  • LOT 37

    An antique pitch pine carved galloping pony, believed to be originally from a fairground ride, later mounted as a rocking horse, 44in long x 34in high & 21.5in high to seat £80-100

  • LOT 38

    A pine display cabinet with mirrored back & glass shelves, 72.5in high x 25.75in wide x 14.75in deep £30-40

  • LOT 39

    A steel framed low level table 30in wide twinned with a modern mirror £5-10

  • LOT 40

    A large Edwardian/early 20thC. mahogany book case, possibly ex-military 77in tall x 51in wide x 22in deep £100-150

  • LOT 41

    A modern mahogany sideboard, 58in wide x 33.5in high x 14.625in deep £30-40

  • LOT 42

    A modern pine bookcase with cupboard under, 72in tall x 31.75in wide x 17in deep £30-40

  • LOT 43

    An open oak bookcase, 34.75in high x 21.75in wide x 7.75in deep £5-10

  • LOT 44

    A rustic wall mounted pine cupboard £10-20

  • LOT 45

    An Ercol three tier trolley, damage to one of top galleries with crude repair, 28.5in wide 18.25in deep x 29in high £5-10

  • LOT 46

    An Ercol three tier trolley, 28.25in wide x 18.25in deep x 30.5in high £20-30

  • LOT 47

    An Ercol elm seated rocking chair, later stripped with non-factory finish, 19.75in high to seat £20-30

  • LOT 48

    An Ercol elm seated childs rocking chair, later stripped, 14.75in high to seat, small crack to top & crack to seat £10-20

  • LOT 49

    An Ercol elm drop leaf dining table, 49.25in extended x 44.5in wide x 28in, high with four 'Swan Back' chairs, later stripped with non-factory finish £80-100

  • LOT 50

    An Ercol oak occasional table, later stripped, 23.75in diameter x 19in high £10-20

  • LOT 51

    An Ercol extending oak dining table, later stripped, with four chairs, 69in long x 28in wide x 28.75in high £50-60

  • LOT 52

    An Ercol elm drop leaf dining table, 49.75in extended x 44.5in wide x 28in high, one leaf with very slight warp £30-40

  • LOT 53

    A retro Ercol extending dining table with two leaves, 60.5in unextended, 88.625in extended x 33in wide x 28in high, some marks £50-60

  • LOT 54

    A pair of retro French style chrome fan back chairs £30-40

  • LOT 55

    An open low level pine book shelf, 36in wide x 35.75in high x 7.5in deep £5-10

  • LOT 56

    A decorative pine sixteen bottle wine rack, 32.5in high x 26.75in wide x 11.875in deep £20-30

  • LOT 57

    A mahogany Regency style ladies desk by Bowlings, some cracking to leather style inlay, 37.75in high x 36.5in wide x 17in deep £50-60

  • LOT 58

    An early 20thC. later painted decorative wall mirror, 27.125in high x 13.625in wide x 6.75in deep £20-30

  • LOT 59

    A Regency style Bowlings mahogany hall table, 30in wide x 13.625in deep x 30in high £20-30

  • LOT 60

    An Edwardian mahogany occasional table, 26.75in wide x 18.5in deep x 28.25in high £10-20

  • LOT 61

    A Dutch style oak dress with cupboards & drawers, fault to one front leg, 43.25in wide x 68.25in high x 18.75in deep £30-40

  • LOT 62

    A Victorian bow fronted chest of drawers, 42in high x 42.5in wide x 21in deep £30-50

  • LOT 63

    A 19thC. mahogany Pembroke table with one drawer, 38.25in long x 35in wide extended x 27.75in high £10-20

  • LOT 64

    A mahogany ecclesiastical table with bible rest, 24in wide x 17.5in deep x 27in high £20-30

  • LOT 65

    An oak credence cupboard with drawers under, 39in wide x 19.25in deep x 36in high £30-50

  • LOT 66

    A Victorian mahogany pedestal writing desk with brass fittings (one pin & handle missing from one of the drawer pulls), 48in wide x 28.75in deep x 28.5in high £100-150

  • LOT 67

    A Victorian mahogany hall chair £20-30

  • LOT 68

    A chairs bentwood style cane rocking chair £20-30

  • LOT 69

    A c.1900 mahogany bureau with inlaid decor, 22in wide x 17in deep x 37.875in high £30-50

  • LOT 70

    A 1920's oak tea table table on wheels, 36.25in extended x 24in deep x 27.625in high £20-30

  • LOT 71

    A modern mahogany display cabinet with glass shelves, 31.75in wide x 39.5in high x 9.75in deep £10-20

  • LOT 72

    A mid 20thC. walnut veneer cocktail cabinet with mirrored articulated opening mechanism & contents, including some original, 44in high x 35in wide x 18.25in deep, some UV damage to varnish on doors £60-80

  • LOT 73

    An oak barley twist occasional table with scalloped edge decor, 23in wide x 16.25in deep x 24.5in high £10-20

  • LOT 74

    A good antique mahogany bookcase with bevelled glass panels & inlaid decor, 80in high x 51.5in wide x 18.5in deep £200-250

  • LOT 75

    An Ercol elm corner display cabinet with lighting, 76.75in tall x 28.25in at widest x 185in deep, screw hole on inside top corner panel £60-80

  • LOT 76

    An Ercol elm sideboard with three drawers & cupboards, 76.75in wide x 18.5in deep x 28.25in high £100-150

  • LOT 77

    A modern mahogany circular table nest, 29in diameter x 18.75in high £10-20

  • LOT 78

    A large pedestal desk with nine drawers with key, 60in wide x 35.5in deep x 31in high £100-200

  • LOT 79

    A leather Chesterfield style swivel bucket chair, 46in high to back £60-80

  • LOT 80

    A pine trunk with metal fittings, 21in wide x 17.5in deep x 15in high £10-20

  • LOT 81

    Six various mostly 19thC. chairs, some a/f £20-30

  • LOT 82

    An oak lectern top, 18in square x 9in high £20-30

  • LOT 83

    A plant stand with drawer, top 12in square x 28in high £5-10

  • LOT 84

    A 1920's oak side table with drawer, 30in wide x 18in deep x 29.75in high £20-30

  • LOT 85

    A low level pine cabinet with tambour door & drawer under, 24in wide x 18in deep x 20in high £20-30

  • LOT 86

    A set of six arts & crafts oak chairs £60-80

  • LOT 87

    A 19thC. mahogany occasional table, 16.75in diameter x 27in high £10-15

  • LOT 88

    A Regency period D shaped card table on tapered legs, 40in diameter x 30in high £100-150

  • LOT 89

    An early 20thC. display cabinet, fault with lock, 45in high x 30in wide x 12in deep £20-30

  • LOT 90

    A c.1900 matched four & two set of six oak dining chairs £30-40

  • LOT 91

    A small pine porch bench, 36in wide x 10.5in deep x 18.5in high £10-15

  • LOT 92

    A retro 1960's bucket chair, 27in high £30-40

  • LOT 93

    A stylish modern articulated glass coffee table, 28in wide closed x 19.75in high £30-40

  • LOT 94

    An Ercol elm farmhouse dresser, 75in high x 58in wide x 20in deep £100-150

  • LOT 95

    A retro styled Ercol elm bookcase & cupboard, 63.5in high x 36in wide x 17.5in deep £60-80

  • LOT 96

    A retro styled Ercol elm wall cabinet with cupboards, shelves & drawers, 63.5in high x 61in wide x 17in deep £80-120

  • LOT 97

    A very large & decorative modern bevelled glass mirror with ornate silver coloured frame, dual hanging, 80in x 40in x 3.375in £100-150

  • LOT 98

    A c.1900 rosewood & satinwood framed mirror with bevelled edge, 25.5in high x 18.625 wide £30-40

  • LOT 99

    A decorative gilt framed mirror, 40in high x 24.25in wide £30-50

  • LOT 100

    A c.1900 gilt framed antique mirror, 33.5in high x 21in wide £30-50

  • LOT 101

    Two modern hall mirrors, tallest 47.25in & four smaller wall mirrors £5-10

  • LOT 102

    An Ercol wall mirror with bevelled glass, 37in x 24in £30-40

  • LOT 103

    A Chinese lacquerware cabinet with three drawers & cupboard under 51.125in high x 23.5in wide x 19.625in deep £80-100

  • LOT 104

    A Chinese lacquerware altar table with drawers & cupboard 52.5in wide x 35in high x 14.25in deep £100-150

  • LOT 105

    A Chinese lacquerware altar table with drawers & cupboard 40.5in wide x 34.125in high x 18.75in deep £100-150

  • LOT 106

    An Edwardian mahogany longcase clock with brass & silvered style dial 75.5in high, fault with lock £100-150

  • LOT 107

    A teak G-Plan dressing table sideboard, 58.5in wide x 27in high x 17.875in wide £30-40

  • LOT 108

    An early 20thC. oak trolley with detachable butler's tray, 33in high x 30in wide x 17.5in deep £20-30

  • LOT 109

    A Calligaris lacquer finish designer sideboard with black glass top, some faults to edge base edge 52in wide x 29.5in high x 20.75in deep £60-80

  • LOT 110

    A Calligaris lacquer finish designer sideboard with black glass top, 52in wide x 29.5in high x 20.75in deep £100-150

  • LOT 111

    A Gallotti & Radice two tier designer circular chrome & glass topped coffee table 35.3in diameter x 11.875in high £100-150

  • LOT 112

    An Edwardian walnut double bed with carved decor £60-80

  • LOT 113

    A large hessian backed rug 156in long x 119in wide £60-80

  • LOT 114

    A weathered stone garden water feature depicting cherub & dolphin 29in high £50-60

  • LOT 115

    A weathered stone pedestal 40.5in high with bronze sundial 9in diameter, very heavy £100-150

  • LOT 116


  • LOT 117

    A modern two seater sofa with fire labels 76in wide £50-60

  • LOT 118

    A 1950's Ercol elm seated candlestick chair twinned with a mahogany foot rest a/f £10-15

  • LOT 119

    A pair of iron clad cart wheels 21in diameter £30-40

  • LOT 120

    An oak coffee table, fault with one leg 36.25in long x 15.125in wide x 14.75in high £5-10

  • LOT 121

    A Laura Ashley rug 74.5in long x 53in wide, needs a clean, & two others £10-20

  • LOT 122

    A quantity of mixed cushions £5-10

  • LOT 123

    A Chinese porcelain stick stand 18.25in high £30-40

  • LOT 124

    A bakelite telephone £10-20

  • LOT 125

    A pair of silver plated candlesticks, two copper boxes & other items £30-40

  • LOT 126

    A Singaporean grain pot 12.25in high twinned with an inlaid Egyptian trinket box £20-30

  • LOT 127

    Two mahogany jewellers drawers, largest 15.5in high x 10.25in wide £30-40

  • LOT 128

    A quantity of mixed rocks, stones, shells & fossils £30-40

  • LOT 129

    A pewter coffee pot, other pewter & a set of scales £20-30

  • LOT 130

    Two vintage 1960's Italian pottery cats, minor faults, tallest 20.25in £20-30

  • LOT 131

    Three Victorian stoneware jelly moulds, a Doulton bowl, a decorative cheese dish & a vase £10-20

  • LOT 132

    Eight vintage 1950s Midwinter Stylecraft salad ware dinner plates by Terence Conran 9.75in wide £30-50

  • LOT 133

    A pair of bronzed metal cat bookends 7in tall £10-20

  • LOT 134

    A Vladislav Urban Sklo Union glass vase 10in tall, two lamps & a papier mache figure £20-30

  • LOT 135

    A Paddington Bear glove puppet £5-10

  • LOT 136

    A quantity of mixed ceramics £10-15

  • LOT 137

    A glided wall scone, blue glassware, a retro salt & pepper set & other items £10-15

  • LOT 138

    A pair of Conta & Boehme figures twinned with a Ronson table lighter £5-10

  • LOT 139

    Approx. 43 matching pieces of German porcelain tea ware, some cups a/f £10-20

  • LOT 140

    Two Victorian bead work foot rests, a hand painted tray & letter rack, a flower press & a hand painted metal wall hanging £20-30

  • LOT 141

    An Edwardian mahogany kidney shaped lap tray 22in wide £20-30

  • LOT 142

    A British Rail railway workers lamp 18in high twinned with a British Rail satchel £30-40

  • LOT 143

    A quantity of vintage snooker balls with original box a/f, three balls later replacements, brown, pink & cue ball £20-30

  • LOT 144

    A Premier military style drum with later hand painted decor "1st Battalion The York & Lancaster Regiment" 14.5in high £30-40

  • LOT 145

    A quantity of approx. 27 vinyl LP's inc. Jean Michel Jarre, Deep Purple, OMD, Thin Lizzy, Blondie & others £10-20

  • LOT 146

    A Meissen porcelain onion pattern bowl 9in diameter, twinned with a Johnson Bros. Onion pattern meat dish & similar wares £30-40

  • LOT 147

    A Kayserzinn pewter trinket dish with bug decor, a Chinese teapot & other decorative wares £10-20

  • LOT 148

    A decorative bronzed metal figurative lamp 24.75in tall twinned with a copper light fitting a/f £20-40

  • LOT 149

    A pair of large ceramic lamp bases 18in tall £10-20

  • LOT 150

    Thirteen Banbury Mint Jack Russel related plates £20-30

  • LOT 151

    Two modern decorative lamps, tallest 32.5in £20-30

  • LOT 152

    An antique dressing table mirror, some faults 19in tall x 20in wide £10-15

  • LOT 153

    A brass mounted mirror with stand, a Victorian dressing table mirror, mounts a/f & one other £10-20

  • LOT 154

    A Wilkinson, decorative wash bowl 15.75in diameter (small hairline) & jug £10-15

  • LOT 155

    A French hand painted porcelain cache pot 8.5in tall "10-15

  • LOT 156

    A large quantity of mostly silver plated ware, some a/f £30-40

  • LOT 157

    A small oak framed fire screen, a copper samovar, a decorative mirror & other items £10-20

  • LOT 158

    A 20thC. brass anniversary clock mounted on plastic base with plastic dome, 11.75in high £20-30

  • LOT 159

    A quantity of Victorian ivory dressing table wares £20-30

  • LOT 160

    A hand painted large pebble depicting otter & cub door stop with felt mounted base £10-15

  • LOT 161

    A large ceramic lamp with shade, 33in high £5-10

  • LOT 162

    A decorative art nouveau style mirror 16in high x 10.5in wide £20-30

  • LOT 163

    Two antique christening gowns & an adult nightshirt, some faults £20-30

  • LOT 164

    A quantity of vintage ladies kid leather, silk & cotton gloves, nurses collars, 1960's Biba hair band, handbags & other textiles £30-40

  • LOT 165

    Two patchwork double bedspreads, one sewn by Canon Pyon sewing group, Herefordshire, in 2000 & other textiles £30-40

  • LOT 166

    A vintage model galleon, some faults, 25in long x 26.5in high £20-30

  • LOT 167

    An art deco period figurative lamp with spelter flamenco dancer on opaque lucite style steps, 14in tall x 7.5in square at base £30-50

  • LOT 168

    A Regency period mahogany barometer by Botterell, Liskeard, a/f 37.75in high £40-60

  • LOT 169

    An oak cased aneroid barometer 35in high £30-40

  • LOT 170

    A quantity of mostly antique lace, silk, collars etc. £20-30

  • LOT 171

    A quantity of mixed vintage buttons including some jet, some on original card £20-30

  • LOT 172

    An art deco style lamp with sailboat decor 10in wide x 5in high £20-30

  • LOT 173

    A pair of silver plated candelabra 13.5in wide x 10in high £20-30

  • LOT 174

    A silver plated Plymouth Combination Association Football League - J. Hall Esq 11.5in tall twinned with a plated wedding gift tray presented to Thomas Parry by Stonehouse Institutional Church in 1909, 19.5in long x 12in wide £20-30

  • LOT 175

    A quantity of silver plated wares & other items £10-20

  • LOT 176

    A stick stand, 19.25in high x 9in diameter plus contents £10-20

  • LOT 177

    Two Georgian copper kettles, a pair of Georgian brass candlesticks & other items £20-30

  • LOT 178

    A quantity of horse brasses, a stoneware water bottle & other brassware £10-20

  • LOT 179

    An early/mid 19thC. copper coal scuttle £20-30

  • LOT 180

    A riveted copper log bucket, 16.25in diameter x 15.5in high, small drainage holes to base £30-40

  • LOT 181

    Three small glass display cabinets, largest 14in high x 11.25in wide x 4.2in deep £20-30

  • LOT 182

    A quantity of mixed camera & photography equipment including a Minolta Dynax 80, Kodak Retina III, Minolta Lens AF75-300 & a Olympus XA2 £20-30

  • LOT 183

    An Optus 96-12500 spotter with Bilora tripod £10-20

  • LOT 184

    A Nikon F3 189667 35mm camera with Nikkor 35 lens twinned with a Nikomat Ft 3826847 camera with Nikkor 28 lens & other photography accessories £30-50

  • LOT 185

    A pair of Canon 8x30 binoculars & a Sakura 10x50x50 £10-20

  • LOT 186

    A quantity of mixed plated & steel flatware £10-20

  • LOT 187

    A reproduction Victorian wooden till twinned with a quantity of sundries £20-30

  • LOT 188

    A Salter GPO brass scale with broad arrow stamp & one other £5-10

  • LOT 189

    A mirrored cake stand & other sundries £10-20

  • LOT 190

    A large pewter style mounted earthenware charger 15,75in diameter twinned with a decorative Booths vase 9.5in tall £20-30

  • LOT 191

    A Royal Doulton chamber pot with floral decor approx. 9.5in diameter x 5in high £5-10

  • LOT 192

    An early 20thC. decorative lamp with ornate gilt fittings over onyx with original shade, lamp 19in high, with shade 30in high £30-50

  • LOT 193

    A quantity of mixed potlids with book, most a/f £30-40

  • LOT 194

    A 19thC. leather bound family bible with brass fittings & hand written insertions £10-20

  • LOT 195

    Four power tools - JCB 18v cordless drill, jigsaw, circular saw & an angle grinder £30-40

  • LOT 196

    A quantity of decorative material & other textiles £10-20

  • LOT 197

    A cast iron Ladies Golf Union competition tee sign 12in high x 7in wide £30-40

  • LOT 198

    A Franklin Mint 1912 Christie Front Drive Steamer a/f £5-10

  • LOT 199

    A crystal chandelier with gilt fittings, minor faults, 14.5in drop x 9.5in diameter £30-40

  • LOT 200

    A crystal chandelier with gilt fittings, minor faults & damage to one glass bulb sleeve, 16in drop x 19.5in span £60-80

  • LOT 201

    Fifteen slip cased Anthony Trollope hardback Folio Society books £30-40

  • LOT 202

    A three volume Folio Society boxed set of the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer £20-30

  • LOT 203

    Three books by Henry James published by Nelson Doubleday - The Spoils of Poyton & Other Stories (2) twinned with The Golden Bowl, some foxing to uncut ends £5-10

  • LOT 204

    A boxed Folio Society set six novels by Mrs. Ann Radcliffe £30-40

  • LOT 205

    Eight boxed Folio Society volumes of the History of the Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon £20-30

  • LOT 206

    Three cased Folio Society volumes of Pepys diary 1660-63; 1664-66; 1667-69 £30-40

  • LOT 207

    A boxed three volume Folio Society set of Oscar Wilde works: Plays & Poems; Stories; Essays & Letters, box a/f £10-15

  • LOT 208

    A boxed five volume Folio Society set of the Rulers of the World £20-30

  • LOT 209

    A boxed set of Oxford English poetry by John Wain; Folio Society 101 Stories by O. Henry; A History of Edwardian England by Elie Harvey (Folio Society); Edward Gibbon Fall of Romans vol VII; Complete Stories & Poems of Edgar Allan Poe published by Doubleday £20-30

  • LOT 210

    Eight Thames & Hudson published art books £5-10

  • LOT 211

    Thirteen books published by Guild of Poetry & Philosophy including Plato, Aristotle, Homer, Virgil & more £20-30

  • LOT 212

    Ten hard back novels by Howard Spring £20-30

  • LOT 213

    Eight hardback Who's Who books published by Shepherd-Walwyn £20-30

  • LOT 214

    A Folio Society 'Memoir of Jane Austen' with slip case; six Jane Austen novels published by Guild & one other; two novels by Emily & Charlotte Bronte £10-15

  • LOT 215

    Seven Oxford University Press Illustrated hardback Charles Dickens novels twinned with one Penguin published £20-30

  • LOT 216

    Eight Marshall Cavendish publish classic novels including Thomas Hardy & George Eliot £20-30

  • LOT 217

    A quantity of eight Folio Society books with slip cases including The Egyptians; The Persians; Captain Cooks voyages; London's Characters & Crooks £30-50

  • LOT 218

    Twenty seven editions of Life & Times of various Kings Queens of England £20-30

  • LOT 219

    Two 1975 Enid Blyton children's books illustrated by Tony Linsell £5-10

  • LOT 220

    A Penguin book - Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell (1955 edition) twinned with a hard back copy with slip case, published by Guild, dated 1984 £10-20

  • LOT 221

    Book: Exmoor Memories - A. G. Bradley 1926 £10-15

  • LOT 222

    Book: Memoirs of Letitia Pilkington by Herself, dated 1748 published in Dublin, Ireland £20-30

  • LOT 223

    Poetical Works by Longfellow 1862; T.S. Eliot Cocktail Party paperback; Life of Seraphine by Claude Volier & other books £20-30

  • LOT 224

    The Great Masters - Giorgio Vasari twinned with twenty six other art books £20-30

  • LOT 225

    Two David Hockney books, a book relating to Japanese master Katsushika Hokusai & other artist related books £30-40

  • LOT 226

    A large quantity, in excess of eighty, antiques & collectors books £30-40

  • LOT 227

    A large coffee table book reference to tractors twinned with a 1953 motoring magazine £10-15

  • LOT 228

    The Art of Beatrix Potter twinned with a small selection of antiques books £5-10

  • LOT 229

    A vintage child's scrapbook, a hand sewn bookcover & other items of interest £10-20

  • LOT 230

    A collectors stamp album Treasures of Tutankamun, 39 Scottish Staffa £8 face value stamps in 23k gold £60-80

  • LOT 231

    Twenty three framed antique Le Blond prints, some with blind stamps & five others including Baxter style £50-60

  • LOT 232

    Four gilt framed original decorative landscape oil paintings by A. Wells-Price, three with image size 20.5in x 14.5in & one 15.5in x 11.5in £50-60

  • LOT 233

    Five original paintings by Marjorie Blamey, largest image size 12in x 8in £50-60

  • LOT 234

    A decorative acrylic on canvas depicting floral scene of mostly lilac poppies titled 'Poppies in the Rain' by Jill Biddick, 27.5in x 19.5in £30-40

  • LOT 235

    A well executed gilt framed oil still life by Arthur Read, image size 15.5in x 11.5in £30-40

  • LOT 236

    A framed rural oil landscape by F. E. Jamieson, image 29.5in x 19.5in, one other by Arthur H. Cole, image 13.125in c 9.25in & a quantity of other pictures & prints £100-150

  • LOT 237

    Six original landscape oils by German artist Eugen A. Mielke, Hamburg & other pictures £30-50

  • LOT 238

    A Victorian tapestry picture in maple frame 37.5in x 32in, three others a/f & an antique print £30-40

  • LOT 239

    Two antique prints including Victor Venner 'Wedding Breakfast' £10-20

  • LOT 240

    A Dick Twinney signed limited edition print, twinned with his book £5-10

  • LOT 241

    A Nicholas Lewis gouache titled 'Resting Place' twinned with an indistinctly signed mixed media picture £10-20

  • LOT 242

    An early 20thC. oil on panel estuary scene, image size 12in x 5.5in £20-30

  • LOT 243

    Withdrawn - original August 2020 buyer has now collected.

  • LOT 244

    Recovered from the Studio of the late Robert Lenkiewicz, wooden artist palettes, one with preserved oil with letter of provenance £150-200

  • LOT 245

    Recovered from the Studio of the late Robert Lenkiewicz, wooden artist palettes, one with preserved oil with letter of provenance £150-200

  • LOT 246

    Beryl Cook Lithographic Print - Dining in Paris - Signed, mounted, 563/650, 27in x 24in including mount £100-120

  • LOT 247

    Beryl Cook Lithographic Print - Jiving to Jazz - Signed, mounted, 325/650, 27.25in x 27.25in inc. mount £100-120

  • LOT 248

    Beryl Cook - Poster Happy Days - now out of print this was published by her then book publisher Victor Golancz for the book Happy Days, 23.25in x £30-40

  • LOT 249

    A framed Ken Howard limited edition hand signed etching 13/50, depicting Henry VII chapel, Westminster Abbey, 32.375in x 20.125in inc, frame £100-200

  • LOT 250

    A small antique oil portrait twinned with other prints & pictures £30-40

  • LOT 251

    A framed Roy Macready watercolour depicting shopping scene, image size 19.5in x 10in £20-30

  • LOT 252

    A Laura Ashley triptych mirror, 24.25in high x 32in wide extended £20-30

  • LOT 253

    A heavy mesh fire screen 36.5in high x 32.25in wide £20-30

  • LOT 254

    A Sanyo G-1002 music centre with record & tape deck with speakers a/f £20-30

  • LOT 255

    A HMV british design no. 861813 MW/LW/SW radio £20-30

  • LOT 256

    A vintage Pioneer PL-120 record deck turntable £30-50

  • LOT 257

    A vintage Leak 2001 Transcription Unit record deck turntable £60-80

  • LOT 258

    An eight point stag horn set, mounted, dated 1968, span 17.75in £30-40

  • LOT 259

    An early 20thC. framed taxidermy of large trout, case measures 26.75in wide x 14in high £30-50

  • LOT 260

    A c.1900 taxidermy of woodpecker, case 13.375in high x 12.5in wide £30-40

  • LOT 261

    A c.1900 taxidermy of kestrel, case 16.5in high x 9.75in wide £30-40

  • LOT 262

    A c.1900 taxidermy of red squirrel, case 11.75in high x 13in wide £30-40

  • LOT 263

    A c.1900 taxidermy of tawny owl, case 17in high x 7in wide £30-40

  • LOT 264

    A mounted taxidermy of long eared owl, 15in high, December 11th 1904, Looe, Cornwall £30-40

  • LOT 265

    A Carlton Ware novelty teapot depicting a ship twinned with four other novelty teapots including Gary Seymour & P. Cardew plus one model of a boat £30-40

  • LOT 266

    A large collection of mostly porcelain shoes, contents of shelf, including a small child's hobnail leather pair £50-60

  • LOT 267

    A 19thC. European ivory carved figure, a later carved figure of large cat, a/f, two Canadian tourist pieces & a reproduction scrimshaw carved tooth £20-30

  • LOT 268

    A set of six early 20thC. ivory napkin rings with signed decor £20-30

  • LOT 269

    A c.1910 carved Japanese ivory netsuke, 29.1g, 2in tall £50-60

  • LOT 270

    A decorative Murano glass dish 12in wide £5-10

  • LOT 271

    A Plaue German porcelain centrepiece 12.75in wide twinned with a Shelley jug, a Royal Worcester hand painted miniature cup & other items £20-30

  • LOT 272

    A limited edition Selkirk art glass scent bottle 86/150, dated 1989 6.75in high £10-20

  • LOT 273

    A pair of Lladro figures of children, nos. 5157 & 5158, part of the Black Legacy Collection, 9in tall, girl has lost three fingers on left hand £50-60

  • LOT 274

    A quantity of decorative china including cups & saucers, contents of two shelves £30-40

  • LOT 275

    Six Rockingham style, 19thC. gilded decorative plates & dishes, largest 14.25in in diameter, twinned with a Coalport blue & white teapot £30-50

  • LOT 276

    A Royal Doulton Sherbrooke porcelain tea set, twenty seven pieces £30-50

  • LOT 277

    A pair of Chinese porcelain 'lucky cat' teapots £10-20

  • LOT 278

    A decorative art glass Murano Sommerso vase by Flavio Poli for Seguso Vetri d'Arte 10.5in tall £10-20

  • LOT 279

    A 19thC. pottery cheese dome, some staining & crazing, 6.25in tall £10-20

  • LOT 280

    A large 19thC. cheese dome 10.5in tall, stapled repair to crack twinned with two c.1900 trios £20-30

  • LOT 281

    A collection of eleven pieces of French faience, some 19thC. including candle holders, blue & white vase has restoration £100-150

  • LOT 282

    A Beswick horse twinned with a Melrose horse & a large Royal Dux tiger 15.5in long, rear paw detached £20-30

  • LOT 283

    A vintage set of six Waterford Crystal sherry glasses 4.25in tall, no faults £20-30

  • LOT 284

    Three pieces of Crown Staffordshire Hunting Series ware twinned with a Southern Tablewater Company soda siphon £10-20

  • LOT 285

    A c.1900 Japanese polychrome figure group 6.5in high £40-50

  • LOT 286

    A Japanese cloisonne lidded pedestal bowl & cover 8.5in tall twinned with two pieces of Meiji period satsuma ware a/f £20-30

  • LOT 287

    A c.1900 gilded Japanese satsuma porcelain lidded censer with stand, 5in square x 5125in high (excluding stand) £50-60

  • LOT 288

    A Chinese cloisonne bowl with dragon chasing flaming pearl, four character mark to base 10in wide x 2.75in high £50-60

  • LOT 289

    Three pieces of Victorian cranberry glass, tallest piece 7in £20-30

  • LOT 290

    A Beswick Labrador 8in long twinned with a Royal Dux elephant calf 6in tall £30-40

  • LOT 291

    Two silver topped glass dressing table tidies, an onyx pen rest & a decorative tourist dagger £10-20

  • LOT 292

    A quantity of mixed glassware & decanters including 19thC. some faults £20-30

  • LOT 293

    A small 19thC. sherry glass with etched decor 4.75in tall, no faults £10-15

  • LOT 294

    A Waterford crystal wine/ale glass 5.125in tall, no faults £10-15

  • LOT 295

    A Waterford crystal vase (very small slither chip inside rim) 7.875in tall, an Edinburgh crystal bowl 7in tall x 9in wide & other glassware £20-30

  • LOT 296

    Six Chinese porcelain blue & white balls twinned with two blue & white eggs £20-30

  • LOT 297

    A collection of mixed decorative glass £10-20

  • LOT 298

    A Royal Doulton Long John Silver D6335 7in tall £5-10

  • LOT 299

    A quantity of glassware including antique decanters £20-30

  • LOT 300

    A Royal Crown Derby floral tureen & stand, a Royal Crown Derby 1128 trinket dish & two Derby posies piece with a Doulton loving cup, a Chameleon Ware vase & a Crawford & Co. chintz ware jug £30-40

  • LOT 301

    A Chinese polychrome porcelain pig 12.5in long x 6.5in high, six character mark to base £30-50

  • LOT 302

    A Prattware footed dish, two 19thC. blue & white trios, a Dunheved plate signed D. Wilson, glass grapes & other items £20-30

  • LOT 303

    A quantity of crested ware including Gretna Green Anvil & local Cornish related items - various makers with several pieces by W. H. Goss along with Carlton Ware, Clifton, Foley £20-30

  • LOT 304

    A quantity of cut glass & some 19thC. glassware £20-30

  • LOT 305

    A wooden table lighter, other lighters, two rules & a Rubik style cube £5-10

  • LOT 306

    A boxed Dunhill gold plated lighter, used, some minor wear to plate, two dents to underside of base £20-30

  • LOT 307

    A Queen Mary WW1 Christmas tin £10-20

  • LOT 308

    A vintage copper Russian style icon 7.75in tall £30-40

  • LOT 309

    A quantity of antique stained mostly leaded glass, largest piece appears to be a remnant of British Royal Coat of Arms 11.625in high a/f £10-20

  • LOT 310

    A 1950/60's Chad Valley humming top £5-10

  • LOT 311

    A four tier rustic wrought iron vegetable rack 30in high, trays 11in diameter £10-20

  • LOT 312

    Five bags of mixed watch parts including brass movements, enamel faces & metal cases a/f £30-50

  • LOT 313

    A Lemania Watch Co. chronograph watch movement a/f £100-150

  • LOT 314

    A bagged quantity of silver & white metal watch parts approx. 330g a/f £100-150

  • LOT 315

    An 18ct gold Titus watch movement & case a/f 34.6g £100-150

  • LOT 316

    A ladies Rolex Prima watch movement & 9ct gold case a/f £80-100

  • LOT 317

    A silver on copper pocket watch a/f with silver Albert, chain size approx. 10in 19g £20-30

  • LOT 318

    Five wrist watches including a Seiko Kinetic SQ100 & a Newark a/f £10-20

  • LOT 319

    A Smiths pocket watch, twinned with a Station Master style pocket watch & a ladies gold plated pocket watch a/f £30-50

  • LOT 320

    A Roamer mens & ladies vintage watch, a Tissot ladies watch, a gents Seiko & others a/f £30-40

  • LOT 321

    A small selection of silver coinage including a George III 1817 shilling 78.7g, a £5 crown & a ten shilling note £30-40

  • LOT 322

    A quantity of silver flatware including a Georgian table spoon 209.4g £60-80

  • LOT 323

    Two silver cigarette cases, one clasp a/f 317.5g £100-150

  • LOT 324

    A silver backed dressing table set, some wear to silver £20-30

  • LOT 325

    A large silver hip flask approx. 7.5in tall, 323.5g, monogrammed with initials JHM £100-150

  • LOT 326

    A quantity of mixed silver flatware 780g £200-300

  • LOT 327

    A quantity of plated ware a/f twinned with a ladies small 9ct gold watch a/f, two fountain pens, a Swan Mabie, Todd & Co. & a Swan Everless pen pat. no. 390585 with 14ct nib, both tired & other sundries £30-40

  • LOT 328

    A Bulova Accutron retro mantle clock, not running £50-60

  • LOT 329

    A hallmarked silver spirit burner 102.9g £50-60

  • LOT 330

    A quantity of vintage costume jewellery including some silver items £20-30

  • LOT 331

    A boxed masonic Steward medal 'RMBI' dated 1950 £5-10

  • LOT 332

    Three c.1900 coral necklaces, 52.2g £60-80

  • LOT 333

    A quantity of mixed costume items include some silver & metal £10-15

  • LOT 334

    A quantity of decorative metal costume jewellery including a art deco style ring, some items with spurious hallmarks £30-40

  • LOT 335


  • LOT 336

    An early 20thC. Japanese satsuma hat pin £5-10

  • LOT 337

    A 9ct gold mesh bracelet a/f twinned with yellow metal items, electronically test as 9ct gold 17.9g £180-220

  • LOT 338

    A 14ct gold identity bracelet with name 'Sharon' 9.6g £150-200

  • LOT 339

    A 9ct gold necklace 19in long 3.4g £30-50

  • LOT 340

    A 9ct gold link bracelet 7.5in long 2.3g £20-30

  • LOT 341

    A 9ct gold proof style gold coin depicting Prince Charles & Lady Diana Spencer 3g £30-50

  • LOT 342

    A quarter sovereign 2g 2013 £50-70

  • LOT 343

    A 9ct gold Vertex Revue gents wristwatch 46g £300-500

  • LOT 344

    A Roamer gents Rotopower wristwatch, lacking winder, scratched glass, in running order £20-30