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Auction Catalogue – August 26th 2021

Clarks August Auction

August 26th 2021 – 10.30am start

This auction is now over.

Thank you to everyone who took part. Please see our Auction Dates page for details of the next sale.

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  • LOT 1

    A George II mahogany tea table with folding top, 29.5in diameter x 28.75in high £100-150

  • LOT 2

    A three drawer cabinet on carbiole legs, a reproduction wash stand, 33.5in tall & a modern plant stand £20-30

  • LOT 3

    An oak wall mounted shelf unit, 31in wide £5-10

  • LOT 4

    A bobbin legged Gypsy table, 28.75in high x 19.75in diameter £30-50

  • LOT 5

    A 19thC. mahogany quatrefoil topped wine table, top loose twinned with a later wine table, tallest 25.75in high £20-30

  • LOT 6

    An Edwardian cake stand twinned with a modern pedestal £10-15

  • LOT 7

    An antique mahogany piano stool, 18in high £5-10

  • LOT 8

    An early/mid 20thC. piano stool, 17.75in high £5-10

  • LOT 9

    An antique mahogany piano stool with cabriole legs, 17.5in high £5-10

  • LOT 10

    A child's elm rocker a/f twinned with a small school chair £10-15

  • LOT 11

    An antique carved corner cabinet, 25in high x 19in wide x 11.5in deep £20-30

  • LOT 12

    A small George III oak corner cabinet with inlaid with image of Britannia, 26in high x 18in wide x 11in deep £30-50

  • LOT 13

    A 19thC. rosewood barley twist whatnot, some faults, 50in high x 24.5in wide x 17in deep £60-80

  • LOT 14

    A pair of Rauenstein style continental porcelain figures, man 10in tall £20-30

  • LOT 15

    A c.1900 mahogany washstand, 26.5in high £10-15

  • LOT 16

    A Victorian oak stationary box, 15.25in wide x 12in tall x 8in deep £30-40

  • LOT 17

    A pair of German Sitzendorf porcelain ornamental spills, one with repair to arm, 7in tall £30-40

  • LOT 18

    A small mahogany shelf unit, 16in high x 17in wide twinned with an oak box £5-10

  • LOT 19

    An arts & crafts satinwood firescreen with hand painted decor, 29.5in high £10-20

  • LOT 20

    A low level antique nursing chair twinned with early/mid 20thC. suitcase £5-10

  • LOT 21

    An Edwardian mahogany scalloped edge coffee table, 24.75in diameter x 19in high £30-40

  • LOT 22

    A Kum Kwan-Chong gold crown replica, 24ct gold plated and decorated with green jade like hard stone in presentation case, 12in tall £30-40

  • LOT 23

    Two mahogany drop side cases, largest 24in wide x 11.5in deep x 9in high £20-30

  • LOT 24

    A 19thC. walnut Canterbury converted to a games table, veneer on chess board lifting, 25.75in wide x 17.25in deep £30-40

  • LOT 25

    A large 19thC. porcelain plate with hand painted decor of Jackdaw by Nellie Hadden, most of original exhibition label to verso "....Howell & James art pottery exhibition 1883, title Jackdaw", monogrammed by artist to front & signed to rear, dated December 6th 1882, 16.375in diameter, recent vendor damage/repair £30-40

  • LOT 26

    Four framed hand coloured Georgian lithographs of birds, dated c.1823, published by E. Donovan & Messrs. Simkin & Marshall, frame size 14.5in high x 10.875in wide £20-30

  • LOT 27

    A large studio pottery bowl by Zell Osborne, 12.5in diameter & 8.5in deep, twinned with two other pieces, a long bowl, small chip & a shell type bowl, with repairs & small losses £30-40

  • LOT 28

    A very large polished fossil containing numerous Orthoceras, measures 31.5in x 28in at widest points, very heavy £100-150

  • LOT 29

    A framed Newlyn School watercolour of Praa Sands, Cornwall attributed to Thomas Cooper-Gotch, originally sold & attributed to said artist by auctioneers, Phillips, original auction catalogue page to rear along with painting label, image size 14.75in x 11in £200-300

  • LOT 30

    An original study of face by Anca Ionescu, monogrammed & dated '83, image size 10.875in x 7.75in £20-30

  • LOT 31

    An early 20thC. mahogany butlers trolley with fitted tray, 29.5in high x 27in wide x 16.75in deep £20-30

  • LOT 32

    An Edwardian satinwood towel rail, 30.5in high x 24.5in wide £30-40

  • LOT 33

    A modern Oriental styled drop leaf occasional table, 27in wide x 24in high £5-10

  • LOT 34

    An antique gilt framed oil on canvas depicting man on fiddle signed Becker to bottom left £50-60

  • LOT 35

    A small Georgian mahogany chest of four drawers & ivory escutcheons, 33in wide x 31in high x 17in deep £100-150

  • LOT 36

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, a quantity of mixed photos, prints & film stills relating to film & actors (approx. 50) £30-40

  • LOT 37

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, eight photographs relating to actor James Dean £20-30

  • LOT 38

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, a quantity of photos & prints relating to mostly John Wayne but including Lee Marvin, Betty Davis & Maureen O'Hara (approx. 75) £30-40

  • LOT 39

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, a quantity of mostly film stills & photos relating to Charles Laughton including letters/correspondence between Burrows & Tom Laughton, brother to Charles £30-40

  • LOT 40

    From the collection of film historian Michael Burrows, 2014 first edition book Boris Johnson, The Churchill Factor, hand signed by Johnson £60-80

  • LOT 41

    A c.1900 upholstered chaise longue £80-100

  • LOT 42

    A 19thC. mahogany hall table with ornate supports on glass feet, 42in wide x 20in wide x 29in high £90-110

  • LOT 43

    A quantity of eleven various walking canes, one with silver collar & horn handle & a shooting stick £20-30

  • LOT 44

    A Regency style mahogany card table with brass claw feet, baize faded, 29.5in high x 33.375in square £30-40

  • LOT 45

    A Victorian mahogany tilt top breakfast table, 29.75in high x 42.5in diameter £30-40

  • LOT 46

    An antique light oak knee hole desk with nine drawers, 50in wide x 28in high x 21.5in £50-60

  • LOT 47

    An ex-MOD mahogany card table, 36in square x 28.875in high £20-30

  • LOT 48

    A Victorian mahogany dressing table top set with seven drawers, a/f £20-30

  • LOT 49

    An inlaid Regency style upholstered three piece bedroom suite, two seater 42.25in wide (see 412 for further images) £100-150

  • LOT 50

    Part of lot 411

  • LOT 51

    A c.1900 mahogany display cabinet, 67in high x 35.75in wide x 13in deep £30-40

  • LOT 52

    A 19thC. Victorian walnut armchair, 41.5in high to back £30-50

  • LOT 53

    A modern brown leather Chesterfield style rocker, 37.5in high to back £30-50

  • LOT 54

    An antique pine dresser, later painted, 43.5in wide x 18.5in deep x 78in high £20-30

  • LOT 55

    A large English oak extending table with inserts, extending mechanism a/f, lacking wheels with two sets of six 19thC. dining chairs, some with faults, 111.5in long x 54in wide £100-150

  • LOT 56

    Two Victorian adjustable oil lamps with Hinks burners, later converted to electricity £60-80

  • LOT 57

    A large antique pitch pine dresser with two cupboards, four drawers & three shelves, 84in wide x 21.5in deep x 86in high £60-80

  • LOT 58

    A Edwardian style mahogany sideboard, 54in wide x 36in high x 21.5in deep £20-30

  • LOT 59

    A 19thC. screen with silk decor, frame a/f, 57in high £10-15

  • LOT 60

    A set of four brass inlaid Regency style mahogany chairs £20-30

  • LOT 61

    A stained rocking chair, 40.5in high to back £10-15

  • LOT 62

    A reproduction hallstand with porcelain stick stands, one a/f, 89in high x 37in wide x 17in deep £20-30

  • LOT 63

    An oak storage box, 33in wide x 23in high x 17.5in deep £20-30

  • LOT 64

    A Victorian upholstered footstool, one foot damaged, 14in wide x 13in deep x 7.5in high £5-10

  • LOT 65

    A Regency period mahogany dining chair £10-15

  • LOT 66

    A Victorian bookcase with cupboards under, 48.5in wide x 74in x 21in deep £20-30

  • LOT 67

    A Victorian oak framed nursing chair, one leg lacking wheel, twinned with two early 20thC. arm chairs £10-15

  • LOT 68

    Four antique rush seated dining chairs, 40.75in high to back £20-30

  • LOT 69

    A c.1900 wash stand with marble back & top, 36in wide x 49.5in high x 18in deep £20-30

  • LOT 70

    A corner pine tv cabinet, 36in wide x 23.5in high x 19.5in deep £20-30

  • LOT 71

    A corner pine tv cabinet, 36in wide x 25in high x 21.5in deep £20-30

  • LOT 72

    A modern painted pine cupboard 41.5in wide x 33.75in high x 17.75in deep, twinned with a colour matching book case, 26.5in wide x 42.5in high x 11.5in deep £30-50

  • LOT 73

    A stained oak table, 30in wide x 21.5in deep x 30.25in high £20-30

  • LOT 74

    Three matching pine bedside cabinets, 25in high £20-30

  • LOT 75

    An Edwardian pine dressing table, 60in high x 42in wide x 20.5in deep £20-30

  • LOT 76

    An Edwardian pine dressing table chest 61.5in high x 36in wide x 18in deep £30-40

  • LOT 77

    An antique Middleton low level pine chest, 42in wide x 28.75in high x 19in deep £30-40

  • LOT 78

    A stained pine coffee table, 36in wide x 22in deep x 18in high £10-20

  • LOT 79

    An oak blanket box, 42.25in wide x 19in high x 16.25in deep £20-30

  • LOT 80

    A mahogany tilt top table & two other occasion tables £20-30

  • LOT 81

    A nest of four tables, largest 23in wide x 15.5in deep x 23.5in high £20-30

  • LOT 82

    A varnished nest with glazed top, one glass with small crack, 30in wide x 16.5in deep x 17in high, marked "The Australian Furniture Trade Convention" £10-20

  • LOT 83

    A 20thC. brass telescope with wooden tripod stand, telescope measures 39.375in long £30-40

  • LOT 84

    A Victorian bow fronted mahogany chest of drawers, loose drawer pull inside drawer, 44in wide x 44in high x 20.75in deep £30-40

  • LOT 85

    A Victorian bow fronted mahogany veneered chest of drawers, two loose drawer pulls within drawer, 44in wide x 44in high x 19in deep £30-40

  • LOT 86

    A modern longcase clock by Richard Broad of Bodmin, Cornwall, 74in tall £30-40

  • LOT 87

    An oak free standing plate rack (could be mounted to wall) 31.5in wide x 19.25in high x 13.625 in deep £10-15

  • LOT 88

    A modern standard lamp twinned with small low level table & retro mirror £5-10

  • LOT 89

    Seven piece cane conservatory suite £50-60

  • LOT 90

    A small child's rocking horse, 32in long x 27.5in high £10-15

  • LOT 91

    A nest of three tables, one lacking glass a/f £5-10

  • LOT 92

    A pair of pine framed mirrors, 44.5in tall x 17in wide £10-15

  • LOT 93

    A large heavy mirror, with block style decor to outer edge, 55in x 50in £20-30

  • LOT 94

    A modern, lightweight decorative mirror, 50in wide x 36in high £30-40

  • LOT 95

    A German made anniversary style mantel clock, 12in tall £10-15

  • LOT 96

    A Comitti of London oak barometer with Spartan Bowling Club presentation plaque to Bernard Wilton, 1st June 1968, 26in high £10-15

  • LOT 97

    A vintage birds eye maple cabinet with two drawers & shelved cupboard over, small area of minor old worm damage, 41.375in high x 29.875in wide x 18in deep £30-40

  • LOT 98

    A vintage birds eye maple dressing table with five drawers & round mirror over & rosewood veneer to base, small area of minor old worm damage, 41.75in wide x 58in high x 18.75in deep £30-50

  • LOT 99

    A decorative hanging ceiling light with glass shade & funnel, frame height 28.5in £10-15

  • LOT 100

    A pair of birds eye maple bedside cabinets with rosewood veneer to base, 24in high £30-40

  • LOT 101

    A 20thC. oak sideboard with three cupboards & three drawers, 62in wide x 29.125in high x 18.375in deep £50-60

  • LOT 102

    A Victorian copper warming pan, 41in long £10-20

  • LOT 103

    A brass fire fender, 53in x 11in deep £20-30

  • LOT 104

    An Italian Gennaro Maglioni of Napoli mandolin with bone keys along with tortoiseshell & mother of pearl fret, 24in long £50-60

  • LOT 105

    A possibly early 20thC. heavy plaster model of boy playing brass flute sat on later painted wooden pedestal, 63in high £80-100

  • LOT 106

    A Chinese snakeskin erhu with bow, both a/f, 30.5in long £20-30

  • LOT 107

    A 19thC. mahogany extending dining table with cabriole legs & large ball & claw feet (could seat eight) with four early 20thC. mahogany chairs & two carvers, 84in long x 41in wide x 30in high £200-300

  • LOT 108

    A Various card games & similar including John Jacques, The Counties Of England, Kargo by Castell Brothers & Chad Valley snap £10-15

  • LOT 109

    A 19thC. willow pattern meat dish with drainer, 18.75in x 14.5in £20-30

  • LOT 110

    A Victorian pair of Staffordshire dogs 11.625in tall, one other pair & a single modern dog £20-30

  • LOT 111

    A portable 5in television with aerial booster £5-10

  • LOT 112

    Six Franklin Mint butterfly bells, two a/f & display case twinned with twelve months of the year Brian Hargreaves porcelain bells £5-10

  • LOT 113

    Three Royal Worcester porcelain caskets with covers, largest 4.75in tall £10-15

  • LOT 114

    An antique fretwork continental porcelain bowl 9.375in diameter x 5in deep, a pair of figures, a 19thC. wall sconce & other items £20-30

  • LOT 115

    An antique terracotta charger, 13.75in diameter £10-15

  • LOT 116

    Two large Doulton character jugs, a Doulton Bunnykins two handled cup, Hostess of Williamsbury figure & one other, boxed £20-30

  • LOT 117

    A Victorian mahogany tilt top oval breakfast table with six stained walnut balloon back chairs, 53in long x 40in wide x 27in high £60-80

  • LOT 118

    A four piece silver plated tea & coffee set twinned with a silver plated tazza £20-30

  • LOT 119

    A 19thC. upholstered armchair, 38.75in high to back £50-60

  • LOT 120

    An antique wash basin twinned with a German style fat lava vase & a bronze resin horse bust, indistinctly signed £10-20

  • LOT 121

    A pair of 19thC. silver plate on copper candle sticks, some wear & bumping, 11in tall £20-30

  • LOT 122

    A large pine bookcase, 59.5in wide x 54.5in high x 11.875in deep £60-80

  • LOT 123

    A large pine bookcase, 36.625in wide x 73.25in high x 12.875in deep £60-80

  • LOT 124

    A polished pewter Dalvey hip flask, 4.75in diameter £20-30

  • LOT 125

    A silver handled button hook twinned with a silver handled shoe horn £5-10

  • LOT 126

    A pair of framed watercolours of yachts moored, indistinctly signed, image size, 9.875in x 6.75in £5-10

  • LOT 127

    A quantity of mixed stamps off paper in envelopes, a child's stamp album & related items & two antique US coins £10-20

  • LOT 128

    A Victorian upholstered chaise longue, 71in long £80-100

  • LOT 129

    A large constituted stone ornamental garden figure of an eagle, 31in high x 27in wide twinned with a slate garden table £20-30

  • LOT 130

    A quantity of mixed coinage £10-20

  • LOT 131

    A framed three dimensional framed print titled "Dock Brief - Nine Pleaders", 28in wide x 17.25in high, signed in pencil Jedd £10-15

  • LOT 132

    A large Victorian mahogany mirrored dresser set with cupboards & drawers, 82in high x 71.25in wide x 23.75in deep £100-200

  • LOT 133

    A Victorian mahogany veneered dressing table a/f, 57in high x 45.5in wide £20-30

  • LOT 134

    A 19thC. mahogany commode, some faults, 30in high x 22in wide x 20in deep £30-40

  • LOT 135

    A 19thC. mahogany commode, some faults, 28.75in high x 21.5in wide x 20in deep £50-60

  • LOT 136

    Two early 20thC. firescreens & a later mahogany glazed top occasional table £10-15

  • LOT 137

    A c.1900 Regency style mahogany corner cabinet, 68.75in high x 25.5in wide x. 13.875in deep £60-80

  • LOT 138

    A c.1900 wash stand, 31in wide x 15.5in deep x 28in high £20-30

  • LOT 139

    A late Victorian wash stand, 36.5in wide x 17.5in deep x 37in high £30-40

  • LOT 140

    An ornate Victorian mahogany chiffonier with marble top & mirrored back. 58in high x 47.875in wide x 18.25in deep £80-100

  • LOT 141

    An early 20thC. Chinese carved & gilded camphor wood chest, original feet with later added wheels inside, 39.75in wide x 19.75in deep x 18.75in wide £50-60

  • LOT 142

    A late 18thC. Georgian mahogany oval shaped dining table with tapered legs & spade feet, 64.75in wide x 46.5in deep x 28.5in high £50-60

  • LOT 143

    Four 19thC. dining chairs, two matching £20-30

  • LOT 144

    Two 19thC. matching dining chairs & one earlier carver £30-40

  • LOT 145

    A mahogany shoe cupboard with drawer over, part loss of trim to side, 33in high x 16.75in wide £20-30

  • LOT 146

    Three 19thC. rattan chairs £20-30

  • LOT 147

    A c.1780 oak cased long case clock "Hubbard", 80.75in tall £80-120

  • LOT 148

    A c.1800 long case clock "Usher, Lincoln", case a/f, 85.75in tall £80-100

  • LOT 149

    Two ceramic models of hippo's, one with faults, twinned with three Liberty of London hippo bean bag £5-10

  • LOT 150

    A floral Falconware wash basin, 15in wide & jug, 10.75 tall twinned with a large pictorial Austrian porcelain dish £10-20

  • LOT 151

    A quantity of mixed pipes, Zeiss binoculars, a serpentine lamp, a horn ship & other items £20-30

  • LOT 152

    A quantity of mixed 19thC. ceramics, some a/f, an English cup & saucer of chinoiserie design & a 19thC. German floral porcelain cup & saucer £20-30

  • LOT 153

    A cream coloured meat dish with scalloped edge, glassware, ceramics & other sundries £10-15

  • LOT 154

    A stainless steel fish steamer, a similar roaster & two glass cake stands with covers £10-20

  • LOT 155

    A Virol bone marrow jar, 9.5in tall twinned with an art nouveau water jug & two majolica style pots £10-20

  • LOT 156

    A studio pottery lamp twinned with one other £5-10

  • LOT 157

    A large trunk, 35.5in wide £5-10

  • LOT 158

    Three modern "candlestick" lamps £5-10

  • LOT 159

    A modern, organic styled ceiling lamp fitting £10-15

  • LOT 160

    A quantity of mixed sundries including boomerang, brassware, 19thC. Chinese porcelain, an Oriental scroll, bakelite door handles & other items £10-20

  • LOT 161

    A quantity of linen, silk & a hand stitched counterpane £10-20

  • LOT 162

    An Olympus OM 1, an Olympus OM 10, a Minolta 7000 35mm cameras, a 75-150 Komura lens & other related items £10-20

  • LOT 163

    A boxed Record 044C plane twinned with a Stanley Bailey No.4 plane £10-20

  • LOT 164

    Galvanised buckets, a fire screen, brass fire tools & other items £5-10

  • LOT 165

    A Fortescue & Co. brushed felt top hat Fortescue & leather case £10-15

  • LOT 166

    A vintage Royal Artillery jacket with brass buttons £20-30

  • LOT 167

    An oak Grants of St. James Montillado Sherry coppered barrel, with tap, 16in tall £50-60

  • LOT 168

    Two pieces of decorative art glass, vase 20in tall £20-30

  • LOT 169

    Eighteen pieces of vintage Susie Cooper tea/coffee wares, some faults £10-20

  • LOT 170

    A pair of Russian porcelain condiments, two fretwork pottery bowls & a mounted Bohemian glass plaque, cut from a vase £10-15

  • LOT 171

    A 19thC. rosewood barometer a/f 37in high £30-50

  • LOT 172

    An art nouveau brass trinket dish twinned with a bronze figure group of three boys around campfire £30-40

  • LOT 173

    Four pieces of silver plated ware including a large coffee pot £10-15

  • LOT 174

    A quantity of mixed plated ware items including QEII 1953 Coronation spoons, Kings pattern & other items £10-15

  • LOT 175

    A hallmarked embossed silver framed tile, two picture frames, a plated inkwell & other items £10-20

  • LOT 176

    A French art nouveau period mahogany cased mantle clock, 11.75in high £30-40

  • LOT 177

    A quantity of mixed silver plated wares twinned with a copper samovar & Solingen German paratrooper knife £20-30

  • LOT 178

    A Victorian cast iron door stop in form of lion foot, 7in tall £10-20

  • LOT 179

    A decorative Georgian mahogany frame with later mirror, 20.75in high x 13.5in wide £50-60

  • LOT 180

    A matching pair of early 20thC. mirrors, 7.5in diameter, twinned with a moulded plaque £10-20

  • LOT 181

    A gilt framed reproduction resin plaque, 13in high x 10.75in wide £20-30

  • LOT 182

    A Clive Constable watercolour of African tribesmen, image size 11.75in high x 8.5in wide £10-20

  • LOT 183

    A pair of Georgian, botanical watercolours by E. W. Harrison (E. W. Harrison sailed with Admiral Nelson), 11.5in high x 9.5in wide inc. £30-40

  • LOT 184

    Of cricket (3) & golf interest (7), ten Spy & Lucien Davis prints, all framed, largest 13in high x 11.25in wide £20-30

  • LOT 185

    A framed watercolour of Cornish coastal mine scene, Bottallack Tin Mine, Nr. St. Just, by artist E. Simmons, image size 13in x 9in £20-30

  • LOT 186

    A signed & framed Brian Pollard limited edition "Pete Goss" poster, 285/2000, 23in x 16in £20-30

  • LOT 187

    A signed & framed Brian Pollard limited edition "Eclipse" poster, 672/1000, 23in x 16in £20-30

  • LOT 188

    A framed Louis Wain print 10in x 6.5in, a Japanese coloured print & two watercolours, one of Houses of Parliament £30-40

  • LOT 189

    A selection of framed pictures including a Peter Thorley watercolour, prints & photographs including one of The Hurlers at Minions £10-20

  • LOT 190

    An Ernest T. Potter watercolour watercolour twinned with three other framed watercolours £30-40

  • LOT 191

    A signed Leonard Cheshire Mosquito print, Concorde Supersonic 1803/1950 signed by Capt. Jock Lowe & Anthony Hansard & other aviation related prints £20-30

  • LOT 192

    A framed picture of pressed flowers by Janet Jay, an Oriental textile picture & a Lillian Rowles print of King George VIII £10-20

  • LOT 193

    An antique family bible by J. G. Murdoch with coloured plates, family entry Mr. & Mrs. Herman 1856, child births & one death £10-20

  • LOT 194

    Fifteen books including Blacks guide to Cornwall 1898 & Animal Story Book 1896 £20-30

  • LOT 195

    A photographic album of Scotland including Edinburgh, 46 images £20-30

  • LOT 196

    A framed pair of continental street scenes by Caroline Burnett, 15.5in x 11.75in £20-30

  • LOT 197

    A signed print of Scottie dog by Lilian Cheviot twinned with watercolours & prints £20-30

  • LOT 198

    Two large framed prints: Morning Isle of Arran & The Silent Night b J. MacWhirter, some foxing, 44in x 35.75in inc. £20-30

  • LOT 199

    A framed limited edition print 124/195 by Rolf Harris titled "Summer Afternoon", image size 21in x 12.75in £30-50

  • LOT 200

    A quantity of artist paints & materials with easel £10-20

  • LOT 201

    A boxed, unused Gamebird shooting stick £10-15

  • LOT 202

    A pewter Royal Geographical Society sesquicentennial tankard twinned with a majolica style stein £10-20

  • LOT 203

    A Muriel C. Foster fishing diary book twinned with a framed set of Upper Avon flies £10-15

  • LOT 204

    A pair of Sehfeld 20x50 binoculars £5-10

  • LOT 205

    A pair of vintage 4x40 binoculars £5-10

  • LOT 206

    A Noddy money box & Christmas ornament, two Beswick Beatrix Potter figures & other items £10-20

  • LOT 207

    A Widdecombe Fair musical jug, a John Peel musical tankard & other items £20-30

  • LOT 208

    A late Victorian Burleigh Ware chinoiserie teapot & stand, one other 19thC. teapot, two pairs of matching decorative vases, one other pair & other ceramics £20-30

  • LOT 209

    A quantity of horse ornaments including Beswick £20-30

  • LOT 210

    A Royal Copenhagen vase 7in tall twinned with a small Swedish crystal vase £10-15

  • LOT 211

    A ivory topped ebonised cane with silver collar, 35.25in long £20-30

  • LOT 212

    A Stanley Bailey No.6 plane, etched F. R. Stevens to one side £20-30

  • LOT 213

    An Eastman Kodak No.3-A folding pocket camera, model B & one other £20-30

  • LOT 214

    A Sinclair pocket television £20-30

  • LOT 215

    Four Bob Dylan songbooks £10-20

  • LOT 216

    A quantity of postcards & photo cards mostly of railway & steam interest including Wales, West Country & Lake District among others , approx. 1532 cards £50-60

  • LOT 217

    A child's Wadeheath by permission of Walt Disney part tea set £10-20

  • LOT 218

    A set of six Royal Worcester gilded chocolate pots with tray £10-15

  • LOT 219

    Eight twinned handled cut glass custard cups with a selection of other vintage glassware £10-15

  • LOT 220

    A quantity of jasper ware type ceramics including Wedgwood, some lacking metal rim tops & lids £30-40

  • LOT 221

    A mid 20thC. butterfly wing tray £5-10

  • LOT 222

    A 19thC. Chinese blue & white porcelain plate, 8.75in diameter £20-30

  • LOT 223

    A QEII 1953 Coronation throne moneybox by Harper, 8.25in tall x 5in £20-30

  • LOT 224

    An 18thC. bronze skillet by R. Rice of Bristol, 16in long x 6in high £30-50

  • LOT 225

    A pair of Sitzendorf bookends twinned with an antique jug with relief daisy decor & a Crown Devon tray £10-15

  • LOT 226

    A Meissen porcelain fretwork plate, some faults, a Meissen style figure group, under glaze blue cross swords to base & other items £60-80

  • LOT 227

    A Rabone rule & other drawing or measuring instruments £5-10

  • LOT 228

    A 19thC. white metal inlaid miniature snuff box, a piece of Matchbox art, ceramic figures & other curios £20-30

  • LOT 229

    A 19thC. cow creamer, a quantity of Japanese porcelain wares, a porcelain lidded sugar bowl & other items £5-10

  • LOT 230

    A pair of 19thC. Staffordshire figures a/f, 9in tall £5-10

  • LOT 231

    A quantity of Regency period brass drawer fittings, some faults £10-15

  • LOT 232

    A 19thC. Chinese porcelain bowl a/f, a Meissen cup & saucer a/f, two Victorian pot lids & other items £20-30

  • LOT 233

    A small quantity of plated ware items including a wine stand £5-10

  • LOT 234

    A pair of silver plated candleholders 8.75in tall, a silver plated tray & a plated ivory handled fork £10-15

  • LOT 235

    A 19thC. Creedmoor mechanical soldier with gun money box, 6.5in tall x 10in wide £30-50

  • LOT 236

    A small quantity of Torquay pottery wares £10-15

  • LOT 237

    Two 19thC. pastille burners, an antique Toby jug, a Staffordshire figure & one other £10-15

  • LOT 238

    A quantity of mostly mixed pottery & ceramic items, contents of shelf including Lladro & Branscombe polar bears £10-20

  • LOT 239

    An oak framed Edwin Landseer print of dog, 23.75in x 19in inc. £20-30

  • LOT 240

    A brass shell fire poker stand, a cast iron shoe last & other metal ware items £10-15

  • LOT 241

    A Karl Ens Kingfisher, a porcelain Robin, six Franklin Mint Peter Barrett porcelain bird bells & two other bird groups £20-30

  • LOT 242

    A quantity of Merry Monks twinned with some Wade figures £10-15

  • LOT 243

    Thirteen boxed Villeroy & Boch Foxwood Tales figures £10-15

  • LOT 244

    Ten Christmas plates: Four V&A Wedgwood & six Royal Worcester NSPCC £10-15

  • LOT 245

    A 1929 Herry Perry GWR Paddington Station poster, torn & a/f, 39in x 24.75in £50-60

  • LOT 246

    A quantity of mixed film memorabilia & ephemera including press releases, photos of Richard Harris, Oliver Reed, Charlotte Rampling, Debbie Reynolds, Doris Day, Robert Mitcham, Patsy Kensit, Kirk Douglas, Gene Kelly, Shirley Maclaine, Emma Thomas, Dick Van Dyke, Jeff Goldblum, Henry Miller, Joseph Strick & others £80-100

  • LOT 247

    A quantity of reproduction GPO posters £10-15

  • LOT 248

    A quantity of mixed stamps & related items £5-10

  • LOT 249

    A quantity of mixed stock books & albums, seven in total £30-40

  • LOT 250

    Two stamp stock book albums - British & USA £20-30

  • LOT 251

    Three British stamp stock book & albums, including penny reds £30-50

  • LOT 252

    An album of early stagecoach post some dating early 19thC. & one other album of mixed post history £20-30

  • LOT 253

    An album of vintage First Day Covers, approx. 35 £10-20

  • LOT 254

    A quantity of mixed items of postal interest including presentation packs & definitive stamps, eight albums/folders in total £30-40

  • LOT 255

    Two photo albums including images from Bombay & Egypt, Millennium Collection presentation stamp pack, a large quantity of cigarette & tea cards, a quantity of first day covers & other items £20-30

  • LOT 256

    Books of Horticultural interest: Some English Gardens by George S. Elgood & Gertrude Jekyll, 1920 New Edition & three others £20-30

  • LOT 257

    Book: Punch Drawings by F. H. Townsend, 1921 Cassell & Company Ltd. £5-10

  • LOT 258

    Book: Everest, The Unfinished Adventure by Hugh Ruttledge, Strodder & Houghton, first edition £20-30

  • LOT 259

    Books: Grimms Fairy Tales by Hans Andersen with colour plates by Harry G. Theaker, Return of the King by J. R. Tolkien, a Welsh bible, sporting books & others £30-50

  • LOT 260

    Books: Antique, collectors & reference books including Tiffany & Cheyne book of Chelsea & Pottery, 1950's Daily Mail Ideal Homes, & European Creamware £20-30

  • LOT 261

    Book: Gallery of Nature, A Pictorial & Descriptive Tour Through Creation by Rev. Thomas Milner 1880 £20-40

  • LOT 262

    A quantity of vintage Scalextric toy cars & related items, some a/f £20-30

  • LOT 263

    A quantity of vintage Scalextric toy cars, some a/f £20-30

  • LOT 264

    A quantity of boxed diecast toy cars, Models of Yesteryear including Matchbox £10-15

  • LOT 265

    Two boxed Hess toy vehicles £10-15

  • LOT 266

    A used boxed Action Man Moon Raker figure £10-15

  • LOT 267

    Three used boxed Action Man figures & items £20-30

  • LOT 268

    Eight used boxed Action Man figures & related items £20-30

  • LOT 269

    A used boxed Action Man 4x4 Turbo vehicle £10-15

  • LOT 270

    A used boxed Action Man Heligun Maxicopter £10-15

  • LOT 271

    A used boxed Action Man LSV Maxi-Trax £10-15

  • LOT 272

    Three Tonka vehicles a/f £10-15

  • LOT 273

    A quantity of Action Men figures, some a/f £20-30

  • LOT 274

    Four child's annuals, a quantity of Pokeman cards & similar items £20-30

  • LOT 275

    A quantity of mixed toys including Rupert Bear, a miniature skateboard, diecast cars & other items £10-15

  • LOT 276

    A quantity of used, unboxed diecast vehicles, contents of two tubs including a Britain's Land Rover £20-30

  • LOT 277

    A quantity of boxed Atlas model aeroplanes & two similar trains, three still sealed & unopened £30-50

  • LOT 278

    A quantity of mixed Matchbox & other diecast toy vehicles £20-30

  • LOT 279

    A quantity of WWF wrestling related items including the ring & other accessories (not in image) £30-50

  • LOT 280

    A boxed quantity of mostly Matchbox diecast vehicles £20-30

  • LOT 281

    A large diecast model Maisto Jaguar XJ220 car (one mirror a/f) & a quantity of mostly diecast vehicles, unboxed £10-20

  • LOT 282

    A quantity of boxed Matchbox, Lledo, Simba & Mattel diecast toy vehicles £10-20

  • LOT 283

    A quantity of boxed Matchbox & Lledo diecast toy vehicles with suitcase £10-20

  • LOT 284

    A quantity of boxed Matchbox & Lledo diecast toy vehicles with suitcase £20-30

  • LOT 285

    A quantity of Matchbox, Vanguard & Lledo diecast toy vehicles, a number with original boxes with suitcase £10-20

  • LOT 286

    A quantity of 00 gauge model railway trains including Hornby King George VI with a total of nine engines & rolling stock, with storage containers £20-30

  • LOT 287

    A quantity of mostly 00 gauge railway items including used boxed train sets plus accessories including transformers, track & buildings £50-60

  • LOT 288

    An English tin plate clockwork train set, one carriage loss to one wheel, engine winds & runs, box a/f £20-30

  • LOT 289

    Four snooker trophies £5-10

  • LOT 290

    A 1972 Silver Wedding presentation set twinned with a quantity of stamp albums & stock books £30-40

  • LOT 291

    A boxed quantity of loose stamps, mostly on paper twinned with other stamps, some mint £20-30

  • LOT 292

    Two large bags of mostly copper pennies, one bag of mixed coinage & nine medallions, mostly relating to Cornwall, including one silver relating to 1909 Prince & Princess of Wales' visit to Liskeard £10-20

  • LOT 293

    A quantity of mixed coins & commemorative crowns inc. bronze Victoria commemorative crown £20-30

  • LOT 294

    A quantity of pre-1947 coinage 162.9g twinned with a 1954 0.500 silver Australian florin & a penny struck off centre £30-50

  • LOT 295

    Two ancient Greek silver coins, one other & three Roman coins £50-80

  • LOT 296

    A US Marine Corp medal, a British Legion badge & other items £10-20

  • LOT 297

    A large copper tray (approx. 2kg), a Mordan pencil & a quantity of other plated ware £10-20

  • LOT 298

    A pair of silver posy holders, some faults, 306g loaded, 5in tall £20-30

  • LOT 299

    A pair of silver candlesticks, 277g loaded, 4in high, P. H. Vogel & Co. 1976 £20-30

  • LOT 300

    A Mappin & Webb silver cream jug, 208.9g. 5.5in tall £60-80

  • LOT 301

    A mounted warthog tusk 4.5in long £20-30

  • LOT 302

    A 1963, London silver arts & crafts style spoon by Gwendoline Whicker of Falmouth, 19.4g, 5in long £50-60

  • LOT 303

    An antique silver (tested) footed tray with claw feet, approx. 7in x 5in, 129g £50-60

  • LOT 304

    A quantity of mixed silver items a/f 99.9g, twinned with a small silver photo frame & a 1964 JFK half dollar £30-50

  • LOT 305

    A quantity of silver & white metal spoons, 101.9g £30-40

  • LOT 306

    A cased Birmingham silver 1900 christening spoon by Henry Williamson, initialed, twinned with six matching A. J. Bailey Birmingham silver teaspoons & two Walker & Hall silver condiment spoons, 86.7g £30-50

  • LOT 307

    A small antique jewellery box, a silver mounted seal brooch & a silver pill box with Eton crest set within enamelled top £20-30

  • LOT 308

    A silver coin bracelet including 15thC. coin & George III twinned with a white metal vesta, a ladies silver pocket watch & one other pocket watch a/f £30-40

  • LOT 309

    Two silver thimbles by Charles Horner & James Fenton respectively £10-20

  • LOT 310

    Two early 1930's Chinese silver dollars, no birds, 53.6g £50-100

  • LOT 311

    Two silver thimbles, one named "Brufords Exeter", 5.2g £10-20

  • LOT 312

    A quantity of mixed costume jewellery £10-15

  • LOT 313

    A quantity of mixed costume jewellery, some silver jewellery, a Milor necklace & beaded shawl £10-20

  • LOT 314

    A quantity of mixed costume jewellery including a Gucci unisex watch, amber beads, jade style necklace, agate yellow metal brooch & possibly a low grade, lab emerald pendant £20-30

  • LOT 315

    A yellow metal ring, outer tests as gold, silver hedgehog charm, a Bijou Watch Co. gold plated pocket watch, runs when wound & other items £30-40

  • LOT 316

    Five pieces of 19thC. jewellery, all test as gold, including a pearl brooch, carnelian brooch, memorial brooch, a crystal style pendant & a ring £100-200

  • LOT 317

    A pair of 9ct earrings twinned with two 9ct rings, one a/f 5.5g £50-60

  • LOT 318

    A Buler Super Nova Swiss gents watch twinned with a Bosch Citizen 80 year anniversary gents watch, both with boxes £60-80

  • LOT 319

    A quantity of costume items & a Jack Daniels tin £10-15

  • LOT 320

    A boxed pair of white metal mounted moonstone earrings, test as silver £10-15

  • LOT 321

    A pair of decorative silver drop earrings £10-15

  • LOT 322

    A ladies Gucci quartz watch set with diamonds £60-80

  • LOT 323

    A gents Bulova wrist watch with expanding strap £20-30

  • LOT 324

    An 18ct gold solitaire ring, lively diamond approx. 0.75ct, estimated H colour, some small inclusions to mention visible through 10x loupe, otherwise good clarity, 3.9g, size J £300-500

  • LOT 325

    An 18ct yellow gold half eternity ring set with approx. 0.7ct diamonds, estimated I colour, 4.7g, size P £300-350

  • LOT 326

    A 9ct gold ring set with paste stones, 2.9g, size Q £30-40

  • LOT 327

    A 9ct gold ring set with diamonds & sapphire, size M, 1.7g £30-50

  • LOT 328

    A quantity of 9ct scrap gold & yellow metal (tests as gold), 9.2g £90-110

  • LOT 329

    An art deco diamond solitaire set with old cut stone of approx. 0.3ct, 1.7g £60-80

  • LOT 330

    A pair of 18ct gold earrings, 6.2g £130-150

  • LOT 331

    A 9ct gold ring set with white stones, 1.7g, size N £20-30

  • LOT 332

    A 9ct gold 20in necklace with well carved cameo pendant, 9.5g inc. £50-60

  • LOT 333

    A 9ct gold chain, 18in long, 5.6g £50-80

  • LOT 334

    A Victorian yellow metal tie pin, tests as gold, set with pearl on black enamel, 2.5in long, 2.7g £30-40

  • LOT 335

    An 18ct white gold ring set with diamond & sapphire, 3.7g, size K/L £100-150

  • LOT 336

    A stylised white metal (tests as silver) Brett & Leni retro style necklace set with amber £100-150

  • LOT 337

    A pair of early Victorian 1839 Exeter silver sugar tongs by William Rawlings Sobey, 25.7g £10-20

  • LOT 338

    A Mamod steam train, a/f twinned with a boxed Corgi Weetabix set £20-30

  • LOT 339

    A quantity of vintage Scalextric accessories a/f, some boxed, including track (not shown) & also vintage railway accessories £20-30