Auction Catalogue – 14th August 2019

Books & Collectables

Wednesday 10.30 am start

This auction is now over.

Thank you to everyone who took part. Please see our Auction Dates page for details of the next sale.

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  • LOT 1

    Book: Geology of Falmouth and Truro and of the mining district of Camborne and Redruth by J B Hill 1906 £10-20

  • LOT 2

    Nine books of Cornish interest including Cornwall Aviation Company by Ted Chapman and St Austell The Golden Years by Peter Hancock £10-20

  • LOT 3

    Eight books on mining and the Cornish in Australia including Cornish Miner in Australia by Philip J Payton £10-20

  • LOT 4

    Collection of eight books of Cornish interest including Cornwall's Historic Churches and Early Monasteries Lynette Olson £10-20

  • LOT 5

    Seven books on Cornwall to include Cornwall Leaders, Social and Political by Ernest Gaskill £10-20

  • LOT 6

    Nine books on Cornwall including The Isles of Scilly, Their stories, Their folks and Their flowers by Jessie Mothersole 1919 £10-20

  • LOT 7

    Eleven pamphlets and booklets of Cornish interest mainly Journals of the Royal Institution of Cornwall £10-20

  • LOT 8

    Collection of seven booklets of Cornish Mining interest including Camborne School of Mines Magazines from various dates £10-20

  • LOT 9

    Twenty one pamphlets and booklets of Cornish interest to include Helston Flora Day by Jill Newton £10-20

  • LOT 10

    Five accounts sheets 1898 to 1903 Trenear Dairy Company Ltd £10-20

  • LOT 11

    Chats on Old Pewter by H J L J Masse and Pewter by John Bedford £5-10

  • LOT 12

    Jackanapes by Juliana Horatia Ewing and Humours of History 160 Drawings by Arthur Moreland £10-20

  • LOT 13

    British Birds by F B Kirkman and F C R Jourdan twinned with five other bird and wildlife related books £20-30

  • LOT 14

    The Fishes of the British Isles both Fresh Water and Salt by J Travis Jenkins and four other related books £10-20

  • LOT 15

    Race as a Politic Factor, A Short History of Nigeria and The Black Handbook £5-10

  • LOT 16

    A quantity of books and books related to the Isle of Man including a Manx scrap book by W Walter Gill £10-20

  • LOT 17

    Two books relating to the fishing industry one by Edmund Holdsworth 1874 the other FG Aflalo 1904 £10-15

  • LOT 18

    Two Volumes of Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland by Gervase, The Monk of Canterbury 1879 £10-20

  • LOT 19

    A quantity of Puffin, Penguin and Pelican books Daphne de Maurier and PG Wodehouse approx. 32 books £10-15

  • LOT 20

    A quantity of books of Celtic interest including Pagan Celtic Britain by Anne Ross approx 16 books £30-40

  • LOT 21

    Ordnance survey atlas of England Wales 1922 twinned with Atlas of the Gold Coast 1945 £10-15

  • LOT 22

    A quantity of various art and painting related books £20-30

  • LOT 23

    Five books relating to Medieval times and the Middle Ages £5-10

  • LOT 24

    A quantity of books relating to the German Waffen SS and antisemitism £20-30

  • LOT 25

    Four books related to standing stones and rock art £5-10

  • LOT 26

    Five books relating to agriculture and countryside life £5-10

  • LOT 27

    Bohn's Scientific Library - The Handbook of Games 1860 £10-20

  • LOT 28

    A quantity of books related to Spain including the Basque region £20-30

  • LOT 29

    A quantity of books related to Italy including towns and cities £20-30

  • LOT 30

    A quantity of books related to Wales and of Welsh interest £30-40

  • LOT 31

    Seven books related to history including Britain £10-15

  • LOT 32

    House of Commons volumes I to V 1790 to 1820 and Governments of Greater European Powers £20-30

  • LOT 33

    A Nemesis of Mis-government - 1899 £20-30

  • LOT 34

    A quantity of books including Stories from Thucydides, Aeschylus, Suetonius, Gradus, Growth of the Empire Jose and Horace by Macleane £10-15

  • LOT 35

    A quantity of books relating to music and folk music including British Nursery Rhymes, Famous Songs Old and New by Percy Pitt Volumes I and II and the Sword Dances of Northern England by Cecil J Sharp £30-40

  • LOT 36

    Wonders of the Land and Sea Volumes I and II 1914 twinned with The Natural History of Selborne by Gilbert White £5-10

  • LOT 37

    A quantity of gardening and botanically related books £20-30

  • LOT 38

    A quantity of books relating to Scotland and of Scottish Historical Interest £30-40

  • LOT 39

    Guinevere by Alfred Tennyson 1867 and King Arthur's Avalon and From Caesar to Arthur by Geoffrey Ashe £30-40

  • LOT 40

    A quantity of Folio Society books including the Black Death £30-50

  • LOT 41

    Collection of thirteen books of political interest to include Life of Gladstone by John Morley £10-20

  • LOT 42

    Ten volumes of Roving Commissions 1980s to 1990's and fifteen Royal Cruising Club Journals 1969 to 1980 £10-20

  • LOT 43

    Nineteen books of sailing stories including Around the World in the Yacht Sunbeam by Mrs Brassey and Three Whittakers Almanacks from 1938/45 and 1950 £10-20

  • LOT 44

    Twenty one books of Welsh interest including Agriculture Transport in Wales by J Geraint Jenkins and some political studies £20-30

  • LOT 45

    Twenty books of Irish interest including Edward Williams the Great Famine and The Irish Statutes 1310-1800 by The Roundhall Press £20-30

  • LOT 46

    Seventeen books of Irish interest including four volumes of The Book of Leinster and The Great Shame by Thomas Keneally £20-30

  • LOT 47

    Twenty books of Irish interest including Rise and Fall of the Irish Nation by Sir Jonah Barrington and three volumes of The Irish Worldwide £20-30

  • LOT 48

    Twenty nine books on the subject of Scottish history, culture and politics including Out of Bounds Women in Scottish Society 1800-1945 and In Search of Scotland by H V Morton £20-30

  • LOT 49

    Twenty two books on various historical eras including Hallam's Middle Ages,Tales of King Arthur and The Normans £10-20

  • LOT 50

    Collection of thirty five Robert Louis Stevenson books Tusitala Edition £10-20

  • LOT 51

    Fourteen books of maritime and shipping interest including The Merchant Schooners by Basil Greenhill and Sutton Hoo, Burials at Sea by Charles Green £10-20

  • LOT 52

    Twenty books of worldwide maritime and shipping interest including Sailing Drifters by Edgar J March and Sailing Against the Wind by Eirik G Jansen £10-20

  • LOT 53

    Twenty two books of shipping and maritime interest including Mercantile Navy List and Maritime Directory 1940 and Practical Ship Building diagrams and illustrations £10-20

  • LOT 54

    Twenty books of Irish interest including Heart of Dublin by Peter Pearson and Trimble by Henry MacDonald £10-20

  • LOT 55

    Twenty two books of maritime and shipping interest including some fiction and British Flags by W G Perrin 1922 with colour plates £10-20

  • LOT 56

    Twenty seven books on subject of the sea including ten volumes of Roving Commissions 1961 onwards and various autobiographical accounts £10-20

  • LOT 57

    Twenty two books on the subject of Ireland including some historical, political and biographical ref. Michael Collins, Roger Casement and Beside the Fire Irish Folk Tales by Douglas Hyde £20-30

  • LOT 58

    Various books on the subject of Ireland including Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions by James Bonwick, twenty three in total £10-20

  • LOT 59

    Collection of twenty books on Ireland and the Irish including Ireland and the Celtic Church by Prof. G T Stoke £10-20

  • LOT 60

    Eighteen history books including Archaic England by Harold Bayley and The Viking Ships by Brogger and Shetelig £10-20

  • LOT 61

    Eighteen books on history including The Borgias by Marion Johnson and The Saxon Chronicles by Earle and Plummer £10-20

  • LOT 62

    Thirty three historical books and pamphlets including Splendid Isolation by John Charmley and Medieval Prostitution by Jacques Rossiaud £10-20

  • LOT 63

    Nineteen books on historical subjects including The Cambridge Economic History of Europe Industrial Revolutions and After £10-20

  • LOT 64

    Twenty history books including Catholic Peacemakers and three volumes of The Age We Live In - A History of XIX Century £10-20

  • LOT 65

    Five bound collections of Punch magazines 1881 to 1891 Volumes 81 to 100 £10-20

  • LOT 66

    Twenty seven books and pamphlets of French interest including Old Paris by Charles Meryon and Souvenir de la Basse Bretagne postcards £10-20

  • LOT 67

    Twenty nine books on the subject of war in Europe including The First World War by Hugh Strachan and three volumes of Documents on the Expulsion of the Germans from Eastern Central Europe £20-30

  • LOT 68

    Twenty three books mainly on Celtic and Druid history and culture to include The Druids and their Heritage by Ward Rutherford £20-30

  • LOT 69

    Twenty one books of government and local policy including Royal Commission on Local Government in England 1966-1969 £10-20

  • LOT 70

    Seventeen maps and books of cartography including Economic and Industrial Development of the South West and Cornwall Council County Development Plans £10-20

  • LOT 71

    Twenty eight books and pamphlets on the subject of mining, steam power and china clay with some of Cornish interest including The Early British Tin Industry by Sandy Gerrard and Cornish Bards of St Austell and the China Clay area £20-30

  • LOT 72

    Twenty books of Russian interest including History of Holy Russia illustrations by Gustave Dore £10-20

  • LOT 73

    Thirteen books of mining and geological interest including A Historical Sketch of British Mining by Robert Hunt £10-20

  • LOT 74

    Ten books and atlas' including The Stream Atlas of the Cornish Coast £10-20

  • LOT 75

    Fifteen dictionaries and various language books £10-20

  • LOT 76

    Twelve books on American history and culture including The Political Madhouse in America and Nearer Home by Bernard Shaw £20-30

  • LOT 77

    Thirty one books on shipping and maritime including Ancient and Modern Ships by George C V Holmes £10-20

  • LOT 78

    Eighteen books of maritime interest including The Cutty Sark Last of a Glorious Era by Alan Villiers and range of studies by Basil Lubbock £10-20

  • LOT 79

    An assortment of twenty one mixed books and pamphlets including some Photography yearbooks £10-20

  • LOT 80

    Thirty six books on some European subjects including A Tale of Five Cities by John Ardagh £10-20

  • LOT 81

    Twenty six books on history including Ancient Britons and the Antiquarian Imagination by Stuart Piggott £20-30

  • LOT 82

    Ten books including some Mariners Library titles and The Open Sea, The World of Plankton by Alister Hardy £10-20

  • LOT 83

    Six books on alternative beliefs including Ritual Magic by Elizabeth M Butler £10-20

  • LOT 84

    Eleven books on British Government and politics including The Growth of British Policy Volumes I & II £10-20

  • LOT 85

    Two bound collections of Weekly Illustrated 1934 £10-20

  • LOT 86

    The Aryan Maori by Edward Tregear £20-30

  • LOT 87

    Salome by Oscar Wilde Aubrey Beardsley's with original illustrations £20-30

  • LOT 88

    Wayfoong - The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation by Maurice Collis £30-40

  • LOT 89

    Baillieres Synthetic Anatomy by J E Cheesman Complete in Fourteen Parts £10-20

  • LOT 90

    Leather bound Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments according to the Church of England. Printed by John Baskett 1733 £10-20

  • LOT 91

    Views of South Africa, thirty two pages of photographs twinned with Thirty Six views of Sydney, description and illustration with panorama £10-20

  • LOT 92

    Two boxes of miscellaneous including Mrs Beeton's Household Management A Complete Cookery Book £20-30

  • LOT 93

    Fourteen volumes of The Marine Engineer publication 1938-1939 £10-20

  • LOT 94

    Eleven books, Naval Reviews and Journals of Naval Engineering from 1960's onward £10-20

  • LOT 95

    Twenty five books on naval military history, some fiction including two volumes of The Battle of the Atlantic by Samuel Eliot Morison and Instructions for British Servicemen in France 1944 £10-20

  • LOT 96

    Seven books on American Naval history including The Fleet Submarine in the US Navy by Commander John D Alden £10-20

  • LOT 97

    The History of Steam Navigation Third Edition by John Kennedy with 110 Illustrations and 8 coloured plates published by Charles Birchall Ltd. Liverpool 1903 £10-20

  • LOT 98

    Twelve books on steam and marine engineering including Slide Valves and Valve Engineering by Peter Youngson £10-20

  • LOT 99

    Eleven books on locomotives and engineering including Rudimentary Treatise of the Steam Engine with illustrations by D Lardner published by John Weale, London 1853 £10-20

  • LOT 100

    Fifteen books on railway and locomotive trains including La Locomotive a Vapeur English Edition by George W Carpenter £10-20

  • LOT 101

    Three books on cruise liners including Cunard Aquitania and Mauritania £10-20

  • LOT 102

    Eight books on renowned engineers including Brunel, Faraday, Humphrey Davy and Watt £10-20

  • LOT 103

    Seventeen books on marine engineering and steam including Steam Power by W E Dalby and Machine Drawing by T Jones £10-20

  • LOT 104

    Seven books on naval engineering including SS Ocean Vulcan Sea Trials Report No.R8 by Admiralty Ship Welding Committee and Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects 1950 £10-20

  • LOT 105

    Thirteen books on mariners officers and seamen including two volumes of The Story of Seamen by John Forsyth Meigs £10-20

  • LOT 106

    Fifteen books on shipbuilding and engineering including Institute of Marine Engineers First Volume of Transactions 1889 £10-20

  • LOT 107

    Thirteen books relating to shipping, and historic maritime subjects including Ancient and Modern Ships by Sir George C V Holmes £10-20

  • LOT 108

    Fourteen books on naval history including Romance of Reality The Man-of-War by Commander E Hamilton Currey RN £10-20

  • LOT 109

    Eighteen books on marine engineering including Marine Engines and Boilers By Bauer and Robertson £10-20

  • LOT 110

    Twenty one books on marine engineering and diesel engines including Babcock and Wilcox Marine Boilers 1902 £10-20

  • LOT 111

    Seventeen books on various marine engineering subjects including Reports on Marine Engine Trials by I Mech E £10-20

  • LOT 112

    Nineteen books on marine engineering including four Motor Ship reference books £10-20

  • LOT 113

    Eighteen books on steam and oil engineering including The History of the Oil Engine by A F Evans £10-20

  • LOT 114

    Twenty seven books on steam engineering including The Steam Navy of England by Harry Williams 1895 and Over a Century of Boiler Making by John Thompson Water Tube Boilers Ltd £10-20

  • LOT 115

    Twenty eight books on steam engineering including Elementary Lessons in Steam Machinery and the Marine Steam Engine by Langmaid and Gaisford 1893 £10-20

  • LOT 116

    A quantity of books on steam engineering including Broadening the Field of The Marine Steam Turbine ; the problem and its solution 1909 and four volumes of the The Steam Engine by D K Clark £10-20

  • LOT 117

    Five volumes of Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects 1897, 1911, 1929 £10-20

  • LOT 118

    Gustav Dore Cassell's Dore Gallery containing 250 Beautiful Engavings published by Edmund Ollier £10-20

  • LOT 119

    Two Illustrated Thorburn's Mammals and Birds books £10-20

  • LOT 120

    Two volumes of Navy and Army Illustrated 1897 £10-20

  • LOT 121

    The Weights and Measure of England R D Connor twinned with British Weights and Measures by Ronald Edward Zupko £10-20

  • LOT 122

    Approximately twenty two books on railway, locomotive and steam including World Railways of the Nineteenth Century A Pictorial History in Victorian Engravings by Jim Harter £10-20

  • LOT 123

    Eighteen books on locomotives, railways and steam including Locomotive Panorama Volumes I & II by E S Cox £10-20

  • LOT 124

    Thirty five books on locomotives, railways and steam including three volumes of The Bibliography of British Railway History George Ottley £10-20

  • LOT 125

    Two volumes of The Locomotive Magazine from 1900 and 1901 £10-20

  • LOT 126

    Twenty books and reports on the subject of engineering including Report on the Committee on Naval Boilers of HMS Hermes 1904 £10-20

  • LOT 127

    Fifteen books on the subject of engineering including Engineering Manual for His Majesties Fleet 1939 £10-20

  • LOT 128

    Approximately books on transport, cars and aviation including British Piston Aero-Engines and their Aircraft by Alec Lumsden £10-20

  • LOT 129

    Twenty two books on ships and shipping including ten volumes of National Maritime Museum The Ship and The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea edited by Peter Kemp £10-20

  • LOT 130

    Eighteen books on ships and shipping including The History of the American Sailing Navy by Howard I Chapelle £10-20

  • LOT 131

    Nineteen books on the history of ships and shipping including Illustrated Marine Encyclopedia 1890 by Captain H Paasch £10-20

  • LOT 132

    Twenty two books on ships and the sea including some fiction and The Odyssey of a Torpedoed Tramp by Y 1918 £10-20

  • LOT 133

    Twenty eight books on ships and shipping including two volumes of Shipping Wonders of the World by Clarence Winchester £10-20

  • LOT 134

    Seventeen books of ships and shipping interest including London Docks 1800-1980 by Ivan S Greeves and The Atlantic Telegraph by W H Russell £10-20

  • LOT 135

    Twenty one books including Standard Seamanship for the Merchant Service and Battleships in Transition by Andrew Lambert £10-20

  • LOT 136

    Twelve volumes of Maritime South West from 1988 onward £10-20

  • LOT 137

    Twenty two books on Naval history including Lloyds Register of Shipping 1935-366 and Father of the Submarine by William Scanlan Murphy £10-20

  • LOT 138

    Eighteen books of military and wartime interest including The Most Dangerous Enemy by Stephen Bungay and British Army Handbook 1914-1918

  • LOT 139

    Box of assorted books as seen £10-20

  • LOT 140

    The Spirit of the Dog An Illustrated History by Tamsin Pickeral £5-10

  • LOT 141

    Eleven books on The Royal Family including Highgrove A Garden Celebrated by Bunny Guinness and Dressing the Queen by Angela Kelly £20-30

  • LOT 142

    The Grace Kelly years, Princess of Monaco twinned with The Royal House of Monaco by John Glatt £10-20

  • LOT 143

    The Kennedys by Richard Avedon twinned with Nemesis, The True Story by Peter Evans £10-20

  • LOT 144

    The Summer Palaces of the Romanovs, Treasures from Tsarskoye Selo with outer box £20-30

  • LOT 145

    Collection of four books on photography including William Wegman Polaroids £10-20

  • LOT 146

    Gaudi The Complete Buildings by Rainer Zerbst published by Taschen and two volumes of The Department Store History-Design-Display by Jan Whitaker £20-30

  • LOT 147

    Bentley The Story by Andrew Frankel £20-30

  • LOT 148

    Assortment of coffee table books including The Blue Planet and Produce to Platter £20-30

  • LOT 149

    Spirit of the Rose by David Lloyd and The English Roses by David Austin £10-20

  • LOT 150

    The Beautiful Boy by Germain Greer twinned with Michelangelo and Raphael in the Vatican £10-20

  • LOT 151

    Rolf Harris A Life in Art £5-10

  • LOT 152

    Six books including modern biographies of Alan Bennett and Helen Mirren including two Patricia Cornwell hardback novels £10-20

  • LOT 153

    The Lawson History of the America's Cup £30-50

  • LOT 154

    Five books relating to Princess Diana including Diana The Portrait by Rosalind Coward £30-40

  • LOT 155

    The World of Interiors, A Decoration Book twinned with Interior Design and Decoration '66 £10-20

  • LOT 156

    20 Years of Versace by Avedon The Naked and The Dressed collection of photographs £10-20

  • LOT 157

    Charles James Beyond Fashion by Harold Koda and Jan Glier Reeder £10-20

  • LOT 158

    Collection of Tom Ford work and photographs book with slipcase £20-30

  • LOT 159

    Two books on fashion designers Valentino and Alexander McQueen and John Galliano £10-20

  • LOT 160

    Books: Norman Mailer Marilyn Monroe and Bert Stern Dressing Marilyn £20-30

  • LOT 161

    Vanity Fair Portraits - A Century of Iconic Images by Graydon Carter and the editors of Vanity Fair £20-30

  • LOT 162

    Collection of four publications on Vogue including Vogue Women Six Decades of Fashion by Georgina Howell £30-40

  • LOT 163

    New York, Portrait of a city by Reuel Golden £10-20

  • LOT 164

    Three books on New York including New York A Nation Challenged Visual History of 9/11 and its Aftermath £10-20

  • LOT 165

    The Earth from The Air by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, aerial photography coffee table book £10-20

  • LOT 166

    Nine books on iconic cruise ships Cunard, Titanic etc. including The QE2 Forty Years Famous £30-40

  • LOT 167

    Seventeen books most relating to Cornwall including A History of Cornish Mining Families by Arthur Langford £10-20

  • LOT 168

    Daniel Baud - Bovy et Fred Boissonnas En Grece Par Monts et par Vaux avec des Notices Archeologiques par Georges Nicole Numero Specimen £60-80

  • LOT 169

    Seven antique Voltaire books £20-30

  • LOT 170

    The Spy Who Came In From The Cold by John Le Carre published 1963 - First published September 1963 - Second impression before publication £50-60

  • LOT 171

    Indigo Days by Julian Trevelyan First published 1957 £20-30

  • LOT 172

    The Sea: Its stirring story of adventure, peril and heroism by F Whymper Volumes I and II £20-30

  • LOT 173

    A signed copy of Just my Story by Len Hutton, hand signed, twinned with a scrap book contained cricket related ephemera and newspaper cuttings £30-40

  • LOT 174

    A quantity of The Hiker and Camper magazines twinned with Out-O'-Doors magazines dating through the early 1930's £20-30

  • LOT 175

    A quantity of Victoria related ephemera twinned with a selection of antique prints and plates £10-20

  • LOT 176

    A quantity of vintage motor related magazines including issues of 'The Bulletin' of the Vintage Sports-Car Club and the Motor magazine £30-40

  • LOT 177

    An issue of Boxing News dated 20th December 1950 twinned with two tickets dated 1951 £10-20

  • LOT 178

    A large quantity of Football related ephemera including programmes from Celtic and Liverpool matches including 8mm film Liverpool beating FC Bruge 1-0 in 1978 £30-40

  • LOT 179

    A quantity of Celtic Football Club ephemera including a small quantity of autographed programmes, framed poster & items relating to their 1967 European Cup success including 8mm video film of Celtic beating Inter Milan 2-1 £30-50

  • LOT 180

    Gilbert Rugby ball signed by then England Captain Martin Johnson £10-20

  • LOT 181

    Four sports related framed photographs including a Muhammad Ali lenticular poster, a signed framed rugby collage of Chris Ashton and Ben Foden and a signed photo of Lee Bowyer £20-30

  • LOT 182

    A quantity of approx twenty seven LP's including prog rock band Can, Rolling Stones, Eno and Peter Skellern £30-50

  • LOT 183

    A quantity of approx twenty five LP's including Janice Joplin, Bob Dylan, Iron Butterfly, the Rolling Stones, Santana, Moby Grape and the Beatles £30-50

  • LOT 184

    A quantity of approx sixty LP's including Carly Simon, Scott Walker, Francoise Hardy, Stevie Wonder, Bryan Ferry and Elton John and quantity of singles £30-40

  • LOT 185

    A quantity of approx twenty seven LP's including The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Peter Skellern, Rick Wakeman and Bob Marley and the Wailers £50-60

  • LOT 186

    A large resin Disney Donald Duck approx 17.25" tall £20-30

  • LOT 187

    A large resin Minnie Mouse approx 20" tall £20-30

  • LOT 188

    An animated Mybelle 805 Disney Mickey Mouse telephone - MH Segan approx 13.75" tall £30-40

  • LOT 189

    Disney Mickey Mouse novelty telephone by Tyco approx 13.75" tall £30-40

  • LOT 190

    An animated Mybelle 805 Disney Goofy telephone - approx 9.5" tall £30-40

  • LOT 191

    A large Golly approx 23.5" long and a squeaky Rupert Bear £10-20

  • LOT 192

    Three Tonka trucks, a Meccano Truck and one other £20-30

  • LOT 193

    Two Model Racing cars the largest measures approx 28" long £20-30

  • LOT 194

    A Golden Shred Golly door stop approx 18" tall £20-30

  • LOT 195

    Seven cast iron door stops, some antique, golf related theme, the tallest of which is approx 9.25" £30-50

  • LOT 196

    A 19thC. cast iron door stop approx 10.25" tall £20-30

  • LOT 197

    A cast iron door stop of Scotsman with bagpipes approx 16.75" tall £20-30

  • LOT 198

    Two metal money boxes tallest measures approx 6.75" tall £10-20

  • LOT 199


  • LOT 200


  • LOT 201

    A cast iron Uncle Sam novelty Money Bank approx 10.5" tall £20-30

  • LOT 202

    A cast iron locomotive doorstop approx 10" long £20-30

  • LOT 203

    Three Americana metal money boxes one of them 'Save with Umenco' the tallest is 7.75" £20-30

  • LOT 204

    A bronze garden ornament depicting a girl approx 11" tall £20-30

  • LOT 205

    A live steam locomotive scratch built and tender approx 31.5" with tender approx 18.5" long, 3.5" gauge with accessories £500-600

  • LOT 206

    A Hornby Dublo 00 gauge Cardiff Castle train A/F and one tender with track and other accessories £20-30

  • LOT 207

    One engine and a quantity of other 00 gauge carriages and tenders £10-20

  • LOT 208

    A boxed Triang 00 gauge Hornby Flying Scotsman train & tender with figures £20-30

  • LOT 209

    Two boxed Lima 00 gauge model train engines of Princess Victoria £20-30

  • LOT 210

    A Triang 00 gauge model train of Princess Elizabeth and tender £20-30

  • LOT 211

    Three Triang 00 gauge model Pullman cars Jane, Ruth and Car 79 £20-30

  • LOT 212

    Two 00 gauge Triang train engines £20-30

  • LOT 213

    A small quantity of boxed Triang 00 gauge train accessories £20-30

  • LOT 214

    A 00 gauge Triang model of Connie Engine with tender and other accessories £20-30

  • LOT 215

    A model of the Hogwarts Express including track, transformer, controller and other accessories £50-60

  • LOT 216

    A Star Trek backpack, lunchbox with flask and an electronic console bank £10-20

  • LOT 217

    Two Star Trek Tricorders and a Personal Communicator £10-20

  • LOT 218

    Six carded Star Trek Next Generation figurines and USS Enterprise Car Freshener £10-20

  • LOT 219

    Four carded Star Trek figurines £10-20

  • LOT 220

    A quantity of Star Trek collectables including model space ships £10-20

  • LOT 221

    A quantity of Star Trek figurines, some with accessories £10-20

  • LOT 222

    Star Trek Micro machines, an illuminated Star Trek wall clock and a Star Trek game £10-20

  • LOT 223

    Two sealed Special Edition Star Trek flying model rocket kits twinned with a boxed Star Trek USS Enterprise model kit £20-30

  • LOT 224

    Three boxed Star Trek model vehicles twinned with a complete Command Bridge kit £20-30

  • LOT 225

    Nine Star Trek carded figurines £10-20

  • LOT 226

    A quantity of Star Trek figurines including a Collectors Series Captain T Kirk & a 1979 Spock figure £10-20

  • LOT 227

    A quantity of Star Trek key fobs and games £10-20

  • LOT 228

    A quantity of space related items £10-20

  • LOT 229


  • LOT 230

    A quantity of carded Star Wars figurines including six Bend-Ems £10-20

  • LOT 231

    Three Star Wars figurine gift sets £10-20

  • LOT 232

    A boxed model ID4 Independence Day Alien £10-20

  • LOT 233

    An 1976 Estes Flying Shuttle Model Kit £20-30

  • LOT 234

    A 1950's bar table football game £250-300

  • LOT 235

    A replica Lewis chess set with board £90-110

  • LOT 236

    Two vintage novelty Jacobs biscuit tins approx 5.25" tall £20-30

  • LOT 237

    Three antique bottles and one early 20thC. Carne Falmouth and Truro beer bottle £20-30

  • LOT 238

    An antique Grecian lidded urn approx 4" tall £50-60

  • LOT 239

    A pair of early 20thC. candle holders in bakelite & bronze, 4.75" tall £20-30

  • LOT 240

    A pair of Wedgwood basalt King & Queen chess piece figures 5.75" £20-30

  • LOT 241

    A quantity of play worn vintage Dinky diecast vehicles £30-50

  • LOT 242

    A quantity of play worn Dinky diecast racing cars £30-40

  • LOT 243

    A Royal Doulton stoneware tyg with playing card decor, faint hairline to rim approx 2.5" tall £20-30

  • LOT 244

    Two Royal Copenhagen celadon glazed vases tallest is approx 6" tall £50-60

  • LOT 245

    A rare early 19thC. Faversham Horticultural & Floral Society Prize botanical plate by Davenport Longport 10in diameter depicting Camellia flower 10in diameter £60-80

  • LOT 246

    A leather cased three draw telescope R & J Beck Ltd. London, 1917 Reg No 7626 £40-50

  • LOT 247

    A brass bulldog figurine approx 6.25" tall £20-30

  • LOT 248

    A reproduction bronze figurine of a woman approx 10.75" tall £30-40

  • LOT 249

    A brass steam engine and tender, engine is approx 6" high £20-30

  • LOT 250

    An Oriental vase with four character mark to base approx 8.5" £20-30

  • LOT 251

    A 19thC. Chinese blue crackle glaze bottle vase, approx 9.25" tall £30-40

  • LOT 252

    A Chinese porcelain jar with cockerel decor with carved wooden lid & stand approx 5.5" £20-30

  • LOT 253

    A Chinese porcelain wine cooler with unusual coat of arms decor, four character mark to base 7in tall £20-30

  • LOT 254

    A Chinese porcelain celadon vase & cover decorated with dragons 7" tall £30-40

  • LOT 255

    Oriental jar with four character mark to base and decorative Chinese porcelain bowl £20-30

  • LOT 256

    Three decorative Chinese vase stands largest measures approx 5.75" tall £20-30

  • LOT 257

    Chinese carved fishing reel approx 7.25" long £30-50

  • LOT 258

    A pair of large 19thC. Chinese green quartz later converted lamp bases 9.75in tall inclusive £60-80

  • LOT 259

    A Chinese porcelain vase a/f approx 14" tall £50-60

  • LOT 260

    Yardley English Lavender soap dish approx 6.5" tall £10-15

  • LOT 261

    A Trevor Corser studio pottery vase with blue glaze 10.25in tall £70-80

  • LOT 262

    A large Brannan pottery vase with relief pattern approx 12.25" tall £50-60

  • LOT 263

    Thirty seven pieces with six place mats and six coasters of Royal Albert Old Country Rose pattern contents of shelf £30-40

  • LOT 264

    An antique French porcelain tray with Chinoserie decor, possibly Jacob Petit, restoration to handle approx 21.5" long £110-130

  • LOT 265

    Eleven plates Royal Doulton 'The Coppice' and one serving dish two plates have chips £20-30

  • LOT 266

    A Strombergshyttan crystal vase with etched owl decor twinned with other glassware including Scandinavian, far scale purposes the bottle vase 10.25in tall £30-40

  • LOT 267

    A Liskeard Merlin glass vase 5.25in £20-30

  • LOT 268

    Two Liskeard knobbly glass vases, aubergine & meadow green, tallest is approx 5.75" £30-50

  • LOT 269

    Nine pieces of glassware including Whitefriars & six trinket dishes, tallest vases approx 9.25" £20-30

  • LOT 270

    A quantity including Gozo & Mdina glass tallest piece approx. 8" tall £30-40

  • LOT 271

    Eleven glass sugar crushers with spoon and large pestle £10-15

  • LOT 272

    Two boxed Waterford Crystal seahorse candle holders approx 11" tall £50-60

  • LOT 273

    Four pieces of art glassware including a studio glass disc, largest vase 9.5" tall £30-40

  • LOT 274

    Eight pieces of art glassware including a Wedgwood elephant paperweight & a large Bristol blue style decanter tallest piece is approx 13.5" tall £30-50

  • LOT 275

    A Murano glass style mortar & pestle twinned with similar items £20-30

  • LOT 276

    A small quantity of retro drinking glasses £10-20

  • LOT 277

    An antique style large paperweight, a Whitefriars triform vase, a knobbly glass meadow green bowl & other glassware £30-40

  • LOT 278

    A Turkish glass style teapot, a white metal mounted amethyst glass style vase & an antique style heavy glass tankard £20-30

  • LOT 279

    A mixed quantity of crystal & vintage drinking glasses, contents of shelf £20-30

  • LOT 280

    A large quantity of mostly alcoholic miniatures, contents of shelf £30-50

  • LOT 281

    A selection of drinks company promotional items including Babycham, Guinness & Bulmers Cider, contents of shelf £30-40

  • LOT 282

    A selection of drinks company promotional wares including a Guinness bottle lamp, contents of shelf £10-20

  • LOT 283

    Two ceramic Booth's Gin Lions, tallest being approx. 9.5" £20-30

  • LOT 284

    A quantity of early 20thC. spirit optics including two boxed 'Pushtoptic' measuring taps £20-30

  • LOT 285

    A wooden artist mannequin twinned with a quantity of ink, paints and miscellaneous items £10-20

  • LOT 286

    Webbs of Liskeard antique glass hip flask, approx 6" tall £30-40

  • LOT 287

    A 19thC. hand corkscrew £10-15

  • LOT 288

    A cased set of chemicals £10-15

  • LOT 289

    An Edwardian album of sketches & watercolours, 17 pages £30-40

  • LOT 290

    A small antique hand painted "Troika" style lacquer ware small tea caddy with spoon £30-40

  • LOT 291

    Four golden cowry shells & two other shells £30-40

  • LOT 292

    A boxed J. Halden & Co. Manchester & London brass rule £90-100

  • LOT 293

    Two vintage boxed fishing lures including a Farlow's tube swallow tails £20-30

  • LOT 294

    A WW1 Queen Mary brass Christmas box £20-30

  • LOT 295

    An early 20thC. cast iron LMS Railway sign, repaired, dated 1937 £30-40

  • LOT 296

    A Victorian carriage lantern 20" high £30-50

  • LOT 297

    Front and rear motorcycle lights by Jos. Lucas Ltd £30-50

  • LOT 298

    A brass pig measuring tape and a WW2 military compass TG Co. Ltd. London dated 1941 £30-50

  • LOT 299

    Three small 19thC. snuff boxes including tiger eye £20-30

  • LOT 300

    Silver cigar piercer inscribed GPS by E Baker & Son 1955 £10-20

  • LOT 301

    A selection medals including one silver hockey medal £10-15

  • LOT 302

    A quantity of items once belonging to Leslie Hore-Belisha MP, former Minister of Transport 1934-37 & Secretary of State for War 1937-40, to include white metal sporting medals, a draughts medal, a silver vesta case, a silver commemorative medal & case & a pair of ceremonial Mappin & Webb gilt scissors, boxed £60-80

  • LOT 303

    Seven pens including three Parker pen £20-30

  • LOT 304

    A boxed Wyvern pen and pencil set twinned with a Swan fountain pen £10-20

  • LOT 305

    A framed Led Zeppelin album cover twinned with an Atlas model Multiple Gun Motor Carriage M16 £5-10

  • LOT 306

    A trench art letter opener, an Imperial style military badge, enamelled badges, a Polo lighter & other items £20-30

  • LOT 307

    An alloy Nazi German cigarette case inscribed Agypten 1946 twinned with a wound badge & a Desert sleeve badge & one other Third Reich badge £30-40

  • LOT 308

    An early 20thC. ivory handled dagger with sheaf twinned with a J. Marttiini knife £30-40

  • LOT 309

    An Asian Kukri knife with finger daggers £20-30

  • LOT 310

    A miniature antiquated book Heures Dedie'es Au Roy, Contenant dated 1706 approx 3.5" x 2.25" £20-30

  • LOT 311

    A collection of vintage cigarette tins, an oil lamp, twinned with a pipe and a cheroot holder £10-20

  • LOT 312

    Two four piece cane fly fishing rods £20-30

  • LOT 313

    A H. Wilkes & Co. Greenwich, two piece cane boat rod and one other fishing rod £20-30

  • LOT 314

    Two crude fly fishing rods a/f and one gaff £5-10

  • LOT 315

    A box of vintage fishing tackle £20-30

  • LOT 316

    Three sea angling rods and a boxed quantity of reels £50-60

  • LOT 317

    An Olivetti M44 Typewriter £20-30

  • LOT 318

    A wax fruit display under Victorian glass dome approx 20" high £60-80

  • LOT 319

    Two pieces of bead work supplied by H W Bratt, Falmouth approx 16" x 15", one shown £10-20

  • LOT 320

    A pair of metal topped oak barley twist candlesticks approx 12" £20-30

  • LOT 321

    A 19thC. military sword 35.5in long £90-100

  • LOT 322

    A Clair Godfroy aine antique flute in rosewood case with some French marked white metal fittings £50-60

  • LOT 323

    An antique Pierre Nicolo antique violin, some faults in later case £50-60

  • LOT 324

    An antique ladies vanity case including some silver topped faceted glass jars £50-60

  • LOT 325

    A double ended glass scent bottle with white metal fittings £30-40

  • LOT 326

    Book: Five volumes of Familiar Garden Flowers published by Cassell and Company Ltd with coloured plates £20-30

  • LOT 327

    Freshwater Aquaria by Reverend Gregory C Bateman AKC £5-10

  • LOT 328

    The Land and the Book by W M Thomson 1870 £10-20

  • LOT 329

    A South Bank Exhibition 1951 Festival of Britain catalogue and A Ritual and Illustrations of Freemasonry twinned with The Book of Martyrs by John Foxe £20-30

  • LOT 330

    Nine books relating to the adventures of Asterix £20-30

  • LOT 331

    Thirteen Ward Lock & Co. illustrated guidebooks, mostly relating to West Country £20-30

  • LOT 332

    Twenty Observers Guides of mainly natural history interest £20-30

  • LOT 333

    Three stamp albums relating to artists £10-20

  • LOT 334

    One stamp album relating to aircraft £10-20

  • LOT 335

    Two stamp albums including Russia and America £10-20

  • LOT 336

    Three stamp albums of mixed international stamps £20-30

  • LOT 337

    Three stamp albums of mixed international stamps £20-30

  • LOT 338

    Three stamp albums of mixed international stamps £20-30

  • LOT 339

    One stamp album of first day covers from Cyprus and Turkey £10-20

  • LOT 340

    Two stamp album of Royal Wedding 1981 and Commonwealth £10-20

  • LOT 341

    Two stamp albums of Silver Wedding 1972 and Royal Wedding 1973 £10-20

  • LOT 342

    Two stamp albums of Australia and Canada interest £10-20

  • LOT 343

    One stamp album of Silver Jubilee 1977 £10-20

  • LOT 344

    Two stamp albums: New Zealand and one other £10-20

  • LOT 345

    A stamp album including Tanzania & German East Africa 1915-1922 £50-60

  • LOT 346

    Approximately sixty three first day covers of various themes £20-30

  • LOT 347

    Assorted quantity of stamps including eight albums £30-40

  • LOT 348

    In excess of 150 first day covers including 1951 Exhibition and a quantity of loose stamps and postal ephemera contained in a tin £30-40

  • LOT 349

    Twenty five books on mostly natural history including New Naturalist £30-40

  • LOT 350

    Original painting of girl by Barry Leighton-Jones size 33" x 15" £50-60

  • LOT 351

    A framed harbour village scene by Colin Richardson overall size 37" x 28" £30-40

  • LOT 352

    An unframed oil painting of Polperro harbour by H E Butler size 20" x 12" £20-30

  • LOT 353

    A gilt framed woodland scene indistinctly signed overall size 22" x 28.5" £30-40

  • LOT 354

    Pair of framed pencil and watercolour pictures, signed & titled 20" x 14.5" £30-40

  • LOT 355

    A framed wash of fox and rabbit by T M Richardson SR 1784-1848 overall size 15" x 13" £20-30

  • LOT 356

    Pair of framed Star Wars limited edition prints with certificates of authenticity overall size 18" x 22" £10-20

  • LOT 357

    Eight framed paintings by local artist Harold Muchmore largest approx 40" x 28" £30-40

  • LOT 358

    Two antique leather suitcases largest measures approx 22" x 14.25"

  • LOT 359

    An Adana printing machine with accessories £30-40

  • LOT 360

    A WW1 brass naval searchlight diameter of glass lense approx 9.5" £100-200

  • LOT 361

    Quantity of Far Eastern white metal items including a cruet set £20-30

  • LOT 362

    Quantity of Masonic items including two silk ribbons and medals £20-30

  • LOT 363

    Quantity of costume jewellery including two silver spoons, a silver locket and mixed coins £20-30

  • LOT 364

    Quantity of costume jewellery including four Stratton compacts £20-30

  • LOT 365

    Quantity for costume jewellery including four pieces of Caithness millefiori glass silver jewellery £20-30

  • LOT 366

    Quantity of watches and cufflinks including two Birks mens watches, one boxed £20-30

  • LOT 367

    Quantity of ladies watches twinned with small antique yellow metal memorial brooch a/f and other jewellery items £20-30

  • LOT 368

    A quantity of costume jewellery £10-20

  • LOT 369

    Silver backed dressing table set comprising of mirror and two brushes £20-30

  • LOT 370

    A 9ct gold ring twinned with an 18ct cameo brooch a/f £25-35

  • LOT 371

    A yellow metal cased watch with 9ct gold back £20-30

  • LOT 372

    An Aga Khan commemorative Africa medal £20-30

  • LOT 373

    Framed George III coin dated 1799 and commemorative stamp Tennessee 1766 £10-15

  • LOT 374

    Quantity of mixed coinage £10-20

  • LOT 375

    Quantity of mixed coinage twinned with some House of Tudor stamps and postcards of Napoli £20-30

  • LOT 376

    A small quantity of sixpences, a small quantity of costume jewellery including a white metal bracelet, seven threepence coins, a silver napkin ring and a silver enamelled brooch £10-20

  • LOT 377

    A silver Albert chain with fob, 46.9g £20-30

  • LOT 378

    A jet necklace a/f twinned with other costume jewellery items and an art deco silver ring £10-20

  • LOT 379

    An antique tripod with brass fittings £30-40